Currently: October

A look into my life, currently:

Current book: The Amber Keeper by Freda Lightfoot


I’m only a couple chapters into this one, so I’m not quite sure about it yet, but based on the description I’m hoping it gets really interesting!

Current music: I just created an 80’s playlist on Spotify so I’ve been jamming out to that for the past week. It always makes me smile! 

Current guilty pleasure: Halo Top ice cream! It’s soooo good and high in protein but low in calories! No, it’s not the same as ice cream, but I love it!

Current nail color: Smokin’ Hot by Essie. My friend texted me to see if I had this color and after I pulled it out I kept thinking, this could be cute! So that’s what I’m sporting this week! 

smokin hot - grays by essie

Current drink: Regular hot coffee! It’s cooling off here in Chicago (or at the very least it’s freezing in my office) so I’m back to hot coffee instead of iced. Not quite the same… but it doesn’t leave me shivering at my desk :)

Current food: All the types of squash! Now that it’s fall, squash is back in season and back at Trader Joe’s! I love just chopping up squash and roasting it, or using spaghetti squash as a pasta alternative. So good!

Current wishlist: Fall clothing! I’ve been on a clothing purchase freeze, which shall continue indefinitely since I still seem to be struggling with my budget, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pin everything, right?

Current triumphs: Slowly getting back into running! I used to be quite a runner, even running the Chicago Marathon in 2012, but I took a looong break for a while there. I’m trying to get back into it, and now am hoping to run 2 times a week, then bump it up to 3. But I’ve been running 3 miles once a week and I love it!


Current blessing: I got to visit my best friend from college and her baby boy a few weekends ago and it was such an amazing blessing! Now when she sends me photos I’ve actually met him and know what he’s like! He is the happiest little baby!


Current excitement: My BIRTHDAY!!! Okay, it’s a few weeks off, but I’m going to Denver for my birthday to visit my BFF, Maddie, along with my brother, my sister-in-law, and MOOOOLLLLLYYYYYYY!!!!!!!


Current mood: Feeling pretty positive! I’ve been doing well with not putting so much pressure on myself this week, which has actually helped me be MORE productive.


Your turn! What’s going on “currently” with you? 

Link Love #46

Another week, another round up of my favorite posts and articles! There were so many this week, it was hard to choose! Haha so I included most of the ones I saved. But first, I want to just say to take a minute and appreciate something beautiful about your day.

I know most people don’t love Mondays (I feel ya) but every day is a gift, and to remind ourselves it helps to find beauty in that gift. I get to see the sunrise every morning, and every single morning it’s different. I might fill my instagram feed with way too many shots of this view, but I just can’t help it. It’s my favorite way to thank God for each morning.

What do you love to see every day?



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Thursday Thoughts

1. Oh hey there! Happy October! Did you know this is the best month of the year? It is! Not only is fall wonderful, but I was BORN this month! right?!

2. I have a new addiction. This app called Word Brain. Seriously, if you don’t have time to waste, don’t get it. But I love the mental challenge!

3. Guess what!? I have a new running buddy! My cousin Allie asked if I’d take her dog, Nora, on a run this week. Isn’t she adorable!? Yep. Pretty cute running buddy.

4. Um. I’ve been trying to avoid Quest Bars for the past couple weeks (because they’re $$) and then this happens. REALLY!?

5. I’m kind of hitting a stalling point with my 100 books in a year goal. I’m at 75, which is pretty much on target, but other things (see #2 above…) keep distracting me. I’m taking a little reading break. Although if you have any AMAZING suggestions, please send them my way!

6. So there’s this app called Dog Monitor where you can set up your computer or iPad and watch your dog. My friend did it for her dog and obviously I synched my phone as well so I could check in on him. It’s pretty wild… *sarcasm*


 7. Ehhh nothing else exciting to say this morning. I’ve been “off” the past couple of weeks. Clearly I need ot take my own advice. Blog post forming in my mind… Haha. I know, you’re DYING of anticipation.

8. Have a GREAT Thursday! This was too cute not to share:


Did I just hear a collective “awwww?”

If you have a pet, would you want to watch and see what they do when you’re gone? 

Share something YOU’RE thinking about! 

Link Love #45

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend, I did! Guess what? I actually spend about 2 hours watching TELEVISION. I know, who am I? I went from TV obsessed growing up, to no TV at all for almost the past year, and now I’m freaking out that I watched The Voice. I started watching a couple clips on YouTube, because I love it when it’s someone amazing and everyone is shocked, and I thought, why not just watch the show and see how this all actually works? So I did. And it was lovely. Haha, time wasted: check!

Also got in plenty of other things, like church, a run, two other workouts, running errands, hanging out with friends, and getting a little work done too. Hope you had a great weekend as well!

P.S. I don’t know if it’s the onset of Fall, but all the blogs I read were all about food last week!

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 6.10.19 AM


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The Power of a Positive Mind

We’ve all heard it before: “your thoughts control your life,” “positive thoughts for a positive life,” and so on and so forth.

But have you ever really tried it? Have you ever put in the time and effort, every day, to change your negative thoughts into positive ones?

Because when you do, it works.

proverbs 31 25

When we let negative thoughts into our minds we are only putting limitations on ourselves. The thoughts that you let into your mind create the energy that you put out into the world.

This doesn’t mean you can just have positive thoughts and then sit back and wait for your life to happen. You have to consistently take action on behalf of your dreams, putting yourself out there in a BIG way.

You have to believe that your dreams are possible if you want them to come true. To go through life “working” for what you want but not really believing it will happen is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else is going to believe in you?

It’s not easy, to switch from a negative mind to one of belief and optimism. But you can do it. Every time a negative thought pops into your head, take not of it. Then learn ways to turn it around and yell your truth back at it to push it away:


“I will never be able to save enough money.”

“I will become financially stable.”

“I just won’t ever reach my ideal body like those girls.”

“I will follow this program, my nutrition plan, and feel amazing in my body.”

“Why would anyone want to be with me?”

“I will meet my best friend, my partner, and the love of my life.”


See? You must believe and operate from the place that anything is possible.

Put your dreams, your positivity and your true beliefs out there into the world and it will rise to meet you. Your dreams are possible.