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Thursday Thoughts


January 29, 2015 by Katie

1. Happy Thursday! I have had a pretty good week! Busy but good! I got to skype with Meg, who I haven’t really been able to talk in ages. We met at the Healthy Living Summit in Boston about two and a half years ago. She’s a registered holistic nutritionist now with her own business so she was sweet enough to give me some advice with my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis!

2. Speaking of talking to people on my computer, Monday night my small group decided to do a Google Hangout because of the snow (two girls live about an hour to and hour and a half up north). It was my first google hangout and I had way too much fun with the draw and stamp feature…

It Can’t Hurt To Try


January 28, 2015 by Katie

Before we get to today’s What I Ate Wednesday, I wanted to reach out to any of you who might need a change, a way to mix things up for a month, or a new challenge in your life. If you’ve been reading recently then you know I became a Beachbody Coach just over a month ago and with that has come a considerable amount of personal development. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone in ways I never imagined and it has given me so much confidence and empowerment, which I never imagined finding. I thought being a coach would be all about helping others! I had no idea how much it would help me as well.

One big thing that I’ve learned from the past month is that it’s okay to fail. Not only is it okay to fail, but it’s GOOD TO FAIL. Did you hear that? Yep. When we fail we know we’re trying something new, we’re testing our limits. When you fail, you get back up, try again and maybe make it a little further the next time.

Finding “Your People”


January 27, 2015 by Katie

For a majority of my life I’ve felt like I needed everyone to like me; I would change myself to fit into someone else’s mold of what they were looking for, but eventually it falls apart because, trust me, it’s stressful trying to be someone you’re not day in and day out. I wanted to be perfect, I wanted women to want to be friends with me and I wanted guys to want to date me.

I’ve learned in the past few years that people who like the “fake” me aren’t the people I need in my life. Instead of finding friends and then figuring out who…

Over Your Oats #11


January 26, 2015 by Katie

Life A Life Lesson How Multitasking Is Ruining Your Mind and Mood How Working A Job You Hate Is Worse …
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Game Changing Snacks: Wasabi & Soy Sauce Trail Mix


January 23, 2015 by Katie

I’ll be honest, I might have recipe page here on the blog and I might LOVE grocery shopping, but I …
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Thursday Thoughts


January 22, 2015 by Katie

1. Thank you for all your sweet comments on last week’s Thursday Thoughts and my “thought” about having Hashimoto’s and adrenal fatigue. It’s definitely throwing me for a loop because some days I’ll feel great and others I’ll want to crawl under my desk and sleep all day… Haha but who doesn’t want an extra nap?

2. KNOCK ON WOOD. I do not want to jinx it, but can we discuss the weather this winter?? At first I just thought I’d had a more positive outlook on life, but no, no.

WIAW – Mixing Things Up


January 21, 2015 by Katie

A couple weeks ago I showed you what a day looked like while on the 21 Day Fix, and then I ate the same meals for like 3 weeks… When it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Haha, well I decided to mix things up last week and give you another look at what I’ve been eating. Thank you to Peas and Crayons for hosting the link-up!

What I Ate Wednesday Button

I’ve been adding in a lot more fats and, per my doctor’s recommendation (i.e. this was recommended specifically for me and my personal health so consult your doctor before significantly changing your diet), I’ve cut out all grains for a few weeks.

Without grains I have really been missing oatmeal (helloooo blog title!) so I tried out a recipe I found online for paleo oatmeal. Not exactly the same, but it works for now! Before breakfast, and after my morning workout, I had my SHAKEOLOGY! I know, I’m obsessed. But now that I’ve drank the cool-aid I just don’t get why everyone wouldn’t want to try it (pssst if you don’t like it you can return the empty bag for a full refund!) Haha okay, anyway, I had my shakeology with some spinach blended in and coffee in my new french press! SO fancy.

Book Reviews Galore!


January 20, 2015 by Katie

Okay, so last week I promised some speedy book reviews – just a few quick thoughts of my own plus the synopsis from Goodreads – so here we go!


Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond

I really enjoyed reading this book! Although it’s a little “teen romance” it’s surrounded by a very intriguing mystery and plenty of suspense. I loved the fact that it was an inside look at working at a circus, and although set in current times, to me it felt like it could have easily been 50-100 years ago.

“A ballerina, twirling on a wire high above the crowd. Horses, prancing like salsa dancers. Trapeze artists, flying like somersaulting falcons. And magic crackling through the air. Welcome to the Cirque American!

Over Your Oats #10


January 19, 2015 by Katie

Life How To Reach Your Goals 10 Verses on Goals A Desire for More Things Successful Women Do Every Day …
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Thursday Thoughts


January 15, 2015 by Katie

1. As many of you may have seen, I published my list of books read in 2014 on Tuesday. You know what I realized? I wrote book reviews for less than a third… oops. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some “speedy” reviews for you (my quick thoughts + description from Goodreads).

2. It is finally consistently snowing in Chicago!!!! You might think I’m crazy, but as much as I dislike our Chicago winters, the one thing that I do like is the snow. It’s just so pretty, and at night it sparkles and makes everything feel a little magical. And I don’t have to drive or dig a car out of it, so nothing about it interferes with my day!


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