I ran a half marathon!

Not to brag or anything, but…



Okay, okay. So maybe I’m bragging a little. But if we aren’t proud of our own accomplishments, then who is going to be?

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Yesterday morning I had my mind set on running. I knew there would be snow, I knew there would be wind, and I knew it would be cold. You’ve heard me say many times before that I would (and have) chosen the treadmill over bad weather anytime. But after one too many treadmill long-runs, I kind of felt like a fake. I mean come on, everyone else is out there braving the elements, and I’m just jogging along on a treadmill in the gym? No more.

I could have waiting until the afternoon when it had warmed up a smidge, but I like to get my runs over in the morning. I also could have waited until Sunday, when the temps were supposed to reach 47, but I had set my mind to accomplishing this and I wasn’t going to make any more excuses.

I knew I could do it. I just wanted to prove it to myself.

I started off my morning with the pre-run fuel I used on last week’s 12 miler: a slice of Udi’s bread with 1 T of peanut butter and half a banana. Deeeelicious. I was out the door 40 minutes later, all geared up and ready to go.

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Yes, I look like a tard. But I’m okay with that. I had my CW-X running tights, a t-shirt, a long-sleeve t-shirt and a nike pull over. On my head I wore an ear band AND a hat (the hat doesn’t completely cover my ears) and I also wore some waterproof gloves and put hand warmers in them!

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Another fun thing? I got these great new socks from TJ Maxx:

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I’ve never bought real running socks before, and these were AMAZING! I totally understand spending a little more (granted, these were about $7 for 3 pairs…. which isn’t actually more than a lot of normal socks). I also had on my new Camelbak pack and brought along a new fuel I found called Sharkies:

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These were actually pretty tasty! The whole package is 140 calories, and I started to reward myself by eating one every mile after a while (I started out by eating about 3 at 45 minutes in). However, I didn’t realize how many were in there! I had them stuffed in the inside pocket of my tights, and since my hands were so numb they were hard to pull out. I thought I’d about finished them, but by the time I got back I still had half of them left! They are either super amazing (my last run I needed at least 100 calories) or I was just so focused on braving the elements that I didn’t realize I felt tired at all.

Once I headed outside for my run I was immediately greeted by the one thing that I did not plan for: Slush. I had to tip toe my way through a back alley and a parking lot to get to the street and start my run, and didn’t realize that wouldn’t be the last of it! There was slush EVERYWHERE! I was hoping it was cold enough that the snow wouldn’t melt, but it was 33 degrees when I was running… plus all the foot traffic and cars resulted in some serious slushy puddles during my run. Let’s just say both my feet were soaking wet by 3 miles in…

Although it was windy, cold and wet, there was one great thing about my run (when I managed to look up), it was GORGEOUS. The first part of my run took me near the Lincoln Park Zoo and it was so pretty I had to take a picture:

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Then, during the last 3 miles of my run, it started to snow a light and fluffy snow. It was so beautiful that it made me grin and power through those last miles!

My final time was 2:11:50 for a pace of 10:03 min/mile. Definitely slower than my previous times, but that’s expected when you have to stop and find a way to get around giant slush puddles for a good bit of your run!

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I had a serious runner’s high when I got home and was so excited about my run! I still can’t believe that I technically ran a half marathon. It just seems so unreal! I feel like I need another person there with me or something and then I’ll really believe it.


Have you ever done something but just can’t really believe it happened?


How do you feel about snow? Love it or hate it?

45 thoughts on “I ran a half marathon!

  1. Michelle

    You go, girl!! I haven’t even gotten out of bed to do my long run today 🙂 I just went outside and thought, “definitely a treadmill day” because of the wind, but you have me rethinking things.

    That is so awesome that you powered through all of those elements and even finished with a smile on your face. AND an awesome time! You should be proud of yourself!

    1. peaceloveandoats Post author

      My trick with the wind is to try and plan my run so that I’m running into it for the first half, and then have it behind me for the second half! It feels so good to hit that turnaround and have the wind helping you! And no shame in pausing for an awful gust… haha sometimes I stop, turn my back, and wait for it to end!

  2. Ashley @ My Food 'N' Fitness Diaries

    way to go girl!! 🙂 you absolutely should be SO proud of yourself! i’m personally just not a fan of snow. i’m from AZ, so i love the sunshine and warmer weather. snow IS pretty to look at, but i’m not a fan of driving or running in it. way to brave the snow and cold!

  3. Maggie

    Amazing work on the run!! I can’t imagine running in snow..I freak out if its below 40 degrees! I like snow but North Carolina didn’t really get winter at all this year so I probably have another year before I see any!

  4. kilax

    Awesome!!! I love that feeling after a long run! I have never tried hand warmers! I should sometime. And that is a steal for those socks! I have seen pairs over $10 each!

  5. afterdinnerdance

    Congrats! I just completed a running goal of my own – running 30 minutes without a walk break. It sounds like nothing to most people, but it was a huge accomplishment for me! I’d love to run a half some day in the future 🙂

    1. peaceloveandoats Post author

      That’s awesome! That was my goal my senior year college when I’d go out on runs every once in a while. I’d make a playlist that was 30 minutes long and I’d try not to walk until it was over!

  6. Cheryl Madliger

    CONGRATS! I had a similar moment after my first half — I’ve only done one — and I didn’t really realize how cool it was at the time! Even though you get a medal after most races these days, I usually toss em in a bin in my closet with a bunch of my junk. That one I hung on my door, where I could see it and be proud of myself for a while! YAY FOR YOU!!

  7. Lesley

    Great job on your half. I am doing one at the end of March, it will be my fourth, and I am super excited! You definitely should be proud!! 🙂

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