Fluffy Egg White Oats

Don’t lie. You know you’ve been jealous.

My giant, fluffy oats. Overflowing over the bowl.

photo (58)

They look good, right?


Well. I’ve been asked numerous times as to how I make them. I got the original recipe from Julie Go Lean and thought that directing you all to that was enough. However, I’ve realized that I’ve made quite a few changes to her recipe to better suit my tastes and it’s time that I show you how the magic happens.

Brace yourselves.

Egg White Oats – A Tutorial

First of all, this breakfast is not for someone in a hurry. It takes me about 15 minutes to make (and that’s with my amazing practice) and at least 15 minutes to eat. There are some things that you can prep the night before to make it faster, and I’ll let you know those as we go along.


For Oats

1/3 C Oats (I use TJ’s gluten free oats)

1/3 C milk (I use unsweetened flax by Good Karma)

1/3 C pumpkin or butternut squash (I use Libby’s pumpkin)



1 packet stevia

3 egg whites (9 T liquid egg whites)

1/4 tsp corn starch or xantham gum (I’ve never tried corn starch!)

For Sauce

1 T PB2

1 T protein powder (I use Sunwarrior Vanilla)

1 packet stevia

1/2 T unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 T ground flax


The very first thing I do is microwave 3/4 C water for a minute and 30 seconds. Then I add 1/3 cup oats to that and let it sit. This you can do the night before and let the oats soak overnight. If you do this, be sure to add some cinnamon and that will add some great flavor.

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Then I move on to making the “Sauce” so it’s done beforehand. This is also something you could do the night before. In my sauce I add 1 T Sunwarrior Vanilla Protein Powder, 1 T PB2, 1 packet stevia, 1/2 T unsweetened cocoa powder and sometimes I’ll throw in 1/2 T ground flax for health purposes. Gotta counter-balance that cocoa powder.

photo 1

Then I mix it all up with water, slowly adding the water and mixing it in. Usually I’ll add a bit of milk at the end, you could also do only milk. And remember, this is just my favorite combination. You could do only peanut flour, only protein powder or any other sauce combination you like.

photo 4

Once you’ve got your sauce made up, set it to the side. Now, pour your oat and water mixture into a LARGE saucepan. I first made these with my normal oats saucepan and… I burnt my hand. Things were overflowing. It was a mess.

Add 1/3 C of almond milk (or any kind of milk) and turn on the heat to get the oats cooking.

photo 5

Add a dash of cinnamon and vanilla (okay, a TON of cinnamon. I go a little crazy)

photo 2 (2)

Meanwhile, add 3 liquid egg whites (I use 9 T) to a bowl and then add either 1/4T of cornstarch or xantham gum. The key here is that they are egg whites!!! I once used a brand that tried to make the egg whites look yellow, and it did not fluff up!!!!

photo 1 (3)

Now, beat the egg whites until they form peaks, or for about 3 minutes (don’t forget to keep an eye on your oats!!!). Here’s how it looks when you start:

photo 3 (3)

Not ready yet.

photo 5 (2)


photo 1 (2)

Then add 1 packet stevia (or other sweetener) and some more cinnamon on top, and mix it together. Doesn’t that look so cool?!?

photo 2 (1)

Now, all this time you’ve been keeping an eye on your oats, right?!?! I told you this wasn’t easy! When the oats are almost cooked, add 1/3 cup pumpkin (gotta have our veggies). And yes, my stove is dirty. I debated cleaning it before photographing all of this, but I was hungry.

photo 3 (2)

Once you’ve added the pumpkin, take your oats off the heat and add the egg whites. Oh dear lord it is dirtier than I realized.

photo 4 (1)

Mix them in!

photo 5 (1)

This is paining me to look at my stove in these pictures. You all better appreciate my embarrassment so you get this recipe today rather than next week…

So now put your oats back on the heat, but turn it down to low and just keep mixing! You can take a 10-15 second break every once and a while, but be sure it’s not burning on the sides! Keep mixing!

photo 1 (1)

At this point I think if you kept mixing and mixing, it would all cook down a bit. But I am not patient, I’ve been at this for way too long, and I’m hungry. So I serve them up nice and fluffy! Look how much there is!

photo 2

The perfect breakfast. Well, for me at least!

photo 3 (1)

Please let me know if anyone gives this a try and has problems with my directions!

**Edited to Add: 

I was asked about calories in this breakfast, so I thought I’d share – the protein content is insane!

Using all the brands that I use (listed in the ingredients) the totals for sauce and oats come out to be: Calories – 308, Carbs – 35 g, Fat – 7 g, Protein – 32 g


What is one of your favorite breakfasts to make?

Would you spend 15-20 minutes making breakfast on a school/work day?

58 thoughts on “Fluffy Egg White Oats

  1. rhythmofmymind

    Those sound amazing. I have to make them next weekend! I would spend time during the week before work or school but I want to get it down right before I do that lol.

    Question did you use xanthan gum instead of cornstarch? I have both so I am just curious as to what works best.

    1. peaceloveandoats Post author

      232 for the oats and 76 for the “sauce”. That’s using Good Karma Unsweetened Flax milk, Sunwarrior protein powder, and Libby’s canned pumpkin. Total: 32 g of protein!!!

        1. Katie Post author

          They’re really fluffy, so I have no idea how they’d hold up in the fridge overnight or with re-heating. You can try, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  2. Jasmine

    The first time you said you made these, I hopped on over to Julie’s site and made them that morning haha and they are amazing! Thanks for the picture tutorial! I need to make that sauce!

  3. BaileyA

    I’ve tried the original egg white oats recipe in the past and couldn’t finish the bowl! Not a fan. Your innovated recipe looks more appetizing. I think I’ll be giving them another shot.

  4. Maggie @ Running on Fro-Yo

    Yummmmmm these look so good! They are SO hugeeeeee. I really admire your dedication to your oats though, because these look like hard work! But I would still probably make them on school days if I wasn’t super busy, I sometimes make pancakes and they take about the same amount of time I would imagine! I can’t wait to try these now 😀

  5. Michelle

    Wow, I can’t believe how voluminous those get! I’ll have to try it sometime. On a weekend though 🙂 I normally spend about 5 minutes making breakfast, so I make sure to make something quick. But on Fridays I’m a little more relaxed about when I get to work so I’ll spend a little more time.

    P.S. Love that sparkly nail polish!

  6. mindrunningwild

    Not going to lie, I’ve ALWAYS wondered how you made your oats so awesome. I don’t know why I’ve never put anything in my oats before. I’m so strange; I always eat them plain- no toppings and no mix ins, no sweetener. I think it is nearly time to experiment…

    1. peaceloveandoats Post author

      I’ve got a lot of oat recipes – check them out! And I used to eat my oats completely plain as well, even made with just water! I’ve learned so much from blogs… haha

    1. peaceloveandoats Post author

      They are pasteurized egg whites, so they’re safe to eat without cooking them. However, they do cook a little when I put them in the oats and mix them for several minutes.

  7. Vanessa

    This oatmeal looks amazing! I’m previously tried making egg white oats but the egg white always ends up cooking into little egg white chunks. Definately will try your super beat egg white oatmeal. Looking fricken fantastic! Thanks!

  8. Nikki

    If I make these and then let them sit in the fridge until completely cooled, will the firm up? I like my oats dense, but also want that volume!!

    1. Katie Post author

      I honestly don’t know. But if you want dense and volume, you just have to make more. It’s physics! Feel free to email me with any more questions!

  9. Nikki

    New question. If I were to add the beaten egg whites at the very beginning of cooking, would I lose volume?
    I just made my first oatmeal with eggs today, but tried a recipe using the whole egg for a ‘custard oats’. It turned out good, but I feel like it would have been even better if I could have let the egg cook even more to firm up more – and this recipe did put the egg in right away…
    This recipe is haunting me and I feel I ought to make it tomorrow!! Can’t wait… especially since I JUST got some xanthan gum for the first time a few days ago! YEEEEE! I may consider switching in banana for the pumpkin… or not… we’ll see what I’m in the mood for!

    1. Katie Post author

      I’ve only ever done this one as described so I’m not sure! You’d probably lose some volume but it’s worth giving it a try!

      1. Nikki

        Well, I’m gonna make this for dinner tonight, so I’ll let you know how all goes! One more thing, if you catch this comment before I make it… is it really a whole 1/2 Tbsp. Xanthan or is it 1/2 tsp. It just seems like a LOT! Hahah, I’m actually eating oatmel for lunch right now too. Usually have it twice a day! Was gonna do this one for lunch, but forgot to put the ooats and water in pot to soak first (I like to do this as the oats seem to cook faster and stay chewier this way (for the old fashioned kind that is).

  10. Nikki

    OOOk. Back to give my review. I made this last night (without the sauce).
    I actually bumped the oats up to a half cup as I could see once I had beaten the egg whites that the proportion of egg to oats was not going to be close enough. I still found that to be the case in the end. I think I would have preferred 2 egg whites with a heaping 1/2 cup oats. I cooked my oats in only 1 cup water – a 1:2 ratio oats:water, to ensure more density of texture. And I didn’t use any milk – just water.
    I felt like I had to cook it all for a looong time once I added the eggs to get them to cook.
    In the end it tasted like eggs. Perhaps it could have used more pumpkin, cinnamon, stevia (I kept adding more and more cinnamon and stevia). The texture was very wet and fluffy… so if you like fluffy – you will LOVE this. I personally like dense and chewy and thick, so I cooked for a long time, stirring lots, and then spread it all out on a large plate and stuck it in the freezer for about 10 ish minutes to cool completely, which really helped it thicken. Unfortunately, it lost a LOT of volume by doing this.
    Since I found it lacking in flavor, and really didn’t want to add more stevia (I know it’s natural, and not bad for you, but I still like to limit added sweetener that is not a whole food) I mixed in some homemade applesauce and that was very good. I am sure the sauce would have totally negated the need for this for sure!
    All this is NOT to say that this is a bad recipe. (Heck, I CAN’T say that, as I didn’t follow it completely). It just shows how varied preferences are for oatmeal…. (and mine vary from time to time still).
    Thank you Katie for inspiring new ideas still for more oatmeal creations. Apparently there are more than 3,459,339, 487,387.0098 ways and counting to make oatmeal. And I love getting ideas for things I haven’t yet thought of….
    I usually eat oatmeal in some way twice a day every day.

  11. BnL

    Hi Katie,
    I hope that you are having a lovely day!
    I am currently setting up a company which will be selling high protein products. We would like to share delicious recipes with our clients on our website and, if possible, we would love to use your recipe on our company’s website. We would translate the recipe into Polish, include the oats’ picture from your blog and include a link to your blog. We are currently finishing building the website but would be happy to send you a draft of the finished recipe for your approval before it goes life.
    Please do let us know if this sounds fine to you 🙂
    Many thanks and have a lovely day,

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