Sleep During Finals?

Hey everyone! This morning got up bright and early to go for a run, and now I’m about to  head out to the ‘burbs for a doctor appointment, and then rushing back into the city to take my LAST EXAM!!! AHHHHH!!!! SO READY TO BE DONE!!!!!

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And yes, bright green shirts are appropriate when you leave 30 min before sunrise…

While I’m doing that, I thought YOU all could do some “studying” and maybe learn a thing or two about the importance of sleep!

We all know the phrase “all-nighter.” For those of you who’ve been reading for a while, can you imagine me pulling an all-nighter?

No? I didn’t think so. My face here: “don’t make me do it!!” And yes, I had a child’s Zoo shirt. Freshman year of college, come on people work with me.

Aaaannny way. We all know that sleep is important, but it’s ESPECIALLY important during finals, because without sleep our brains don’t function and problem solve as well (at least mine doesn’t…) and no problem solving = not so great exam.

Frugaldad send me this infographic to share with you all about how important sleep is! So many good facts, check it out! While I spew all knowledge about the Clean Air Act out onto an exam… Can we trade? Please? No? Okay…



What about you?

Did you (or do you) pull all nighters in college?

How much sleep do you need to function well?

10 thoughts on “Sleep During Finals?

  1. movewellwvu

    Thanks for posting about getting good sleep! I always try to get at least seven, and during finals week my motto definitely is “You either know it, or you don’t” and so I never try to stay up late cramming. We’ll see how that strategy worked when grades come out!

    Hope your finals went well!

  2. Irina @ ChocolateaTime

    Finals were always rough on my sleep-schedule, and eventually I learned (the hard way) that the less sleep I get the worse I do on an exam. I used to blame it on test anxiety but now I understand that the “anxiety” was actually my body physically crashing and shutting down in those crucial minutes during the exam.

    Hope you got all your sleep and kicked a** on those finals!! I’m a Chicagoan myself and I wanted to officially say hello 🙂

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