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Garden of the Gods


May 25, 2012 by Katie

Happy Friday everyone!!! Today is my last day in Colorado Springs! After lunchtime, I’ll be heading north to Denver to spend the evening with my friend, Maddie! Then Saturday morning I’m on a plane back to Chicago!

I love being here in Colorado Springs, especially now that the weather has been great! The last two times I’ve been here were January and March, and it was definitely chilly! I wish I had a day or two more to get in some hiking! I did, however, manage to get in a short hike on Wednesday.

Our house is very close to one of the reasons Colorado Springs is so famous: The Garden of the Gods!

photo 1 (5)

I hoped in the car and headed down there for a quick afternoon hike! I ended up on a trail that took me around 1.75 miles of the park, and up about 171 ft in elevation. Not too much, but it was nice and I was glad I didn’t have any problems with the altitude. It was a great time to just enjoy the scenery.

I started out in the area with some of the most famous large red rocks. This area has sidewalks and is easily accessible to any visitors who aren’t looking for a real hike. There were plenty of people out!

photo 2 (6)

photo 3 (5)

photo 4 (3)

While I was there, I saw several people climbing the side of these huge rocks! It looked so cool, definitely something I would want to try someday! (After plenty of practice on walls…).

photo 5 (2)

After that section of the park, I headed off on the trail! The higher I got, the more gorgeous the scenery! I only ran into one pair of hikers, so it was a nice, solitary hike. There were, however, plenty of “gifts” left from horses! When I was younger, we went on the trail ride through the park, which uses these hiking trails!

photo 1 (4)

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (4)

photo 2 (5)

photo 3 (4)

In this picture, the last one I took during my descent, You can see the clouds coming in over Pikes Peak! I love this mountain, and this place!

photo 4 (1)

I also filmed a quick video at one point along the hike. I meant for it to be longer, but after a few attempts I discovered I’m not good at speaking. I am meant to write, not film vlogs…

Unfortunatey my internet here does not work well, so I can’t get it to load… Trust me, you aren’t missing much.

I’m sad to be leaving, I love it here so much! I also love how active I can be here: great places to walk, bike and hike! No wonder Colorado is the healthiest state!


Where is your favorite place for outdoor activities?

Do you like taking hikes (or walks) alone?


  1. I love Colorado! My family always vacations there – it’s so beautiful! My parents are hopefully going to buy a ski house somewhere in CO, they’ve been looking for years! I don’t hike alone much but I love to hike in general.

  2. I think Colorado is my all-time fav place to go hiking. The scenery is simply too breathtaking not to take advantage of it!

  3. I love hiking out west, it’s so beautiful there! Especially arches

  4. Wow it looks SO gorgeous there!!! I’ve never been to Colorado but I’d love to visit!

  5. I’ve been there!!! I LOVE Garden of the Gods!! My sister used to live in the Springs, and she took us there. SO gorgeous. Love, love. :)

  6. It looks so beautiful! It must have been such a nice hike. I want to visit Colorado so badly ! Enjoy!

  7. Irina @ Chocolatea Time says:

    How beautiful! I’ve never been to Colorado but it’s definitely on my to-do list. Wow, if I lived out west near such a location I would basically live outside!

    Glad you had a good vacation!

  8. I’m actually from the Springs and I’m glad you like it here! It really is gorgeous and perfect for outdoorsy people. I feel really lucky to be able to live in such a great state!

  9. Gorgeous photos! I LOVE visiting CO!

  10. Cate says:

    I have never been to Colorado, but desperately want to! I have only heard great things! Lucky you that you get to spend time there!

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