WIAW–First Day of Internship!

Hey everyone! I hope your weeks all got off to a great start, and just think: after today you’re halfway done with a four day week! Yesterday was my first day at my internship and, not going to lie, I was really nervous! It turned out pretty well though; everyone was really nice and helpful, I was amazed at how many people were so welcoming and excited to have me! Although, I also have to remember my existence = less work for them! Haha

Today is another What I Ate Wednesday, and today it’s all food from my first day of my internship! If you’re new to WIAW, head over to Peas and Crayons to check it out!

Peas and Crayons

I hadn’t run in several days, so I know I wanted to start my day with a run! I got up early and headed out for a 4 mile run. I was really enjoying the run so I decided to turn it into 5! Unfortunately, I ended up finishing at 4.66 miles… I needed to find a restroom and the public ones were all locked, so it was time to head home. Haha, it happens. Another thing that happened? I broke my iPhone arm band! I was trying to see the time and it just snapped off!

photo 1 (13)

I finished the run in 43.14 for a pace of 9:16 min/mile. I was cruising!

photo 2 (15)

I’ve also decided to give myself a “Plank Challenge.” I’ve never pushed myself with planks, always being satisfied with 1 minute. I’ve decided that every day I’m going to add 5 seconds onto my plank! Let’s see how long this lasts…

photo 1

Breakfast was easy since I’d already prepped it: Overnight oats made with 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup flax milk, 1 container blueberry Chobani, 1/2 T chia seeds, and topped with blueberries and PB2 in the morning!

photo 2 (16)

I headed off to work, meetnig everyone and getting my computer set up. Before I knew it, it was lunch time! My supervisor and another supervisor took myself and two other interns out to lunch! I didn’t snap a photo since I thought that would be super awkward… But we went to an Italian restaurant and I ordered a chopped salad, which came with chicken, sweet corn, tomatoes, avocado and blue cheese. The salad was good, but super light on the toppings! Not too filling.

A couple hours later I had a KIND bar and an apple for a snack!

photo 3 (14)

photo 2 (17)

In the afternoon, I also got my ID! Finally I could go to the bathroom in the hallway without having to ask someone to let me back in! Haha.

photo 1 (14)

How official.

At 5 I headed home, however I didn’t make it there until a little after 6! The bus I took was so crowded and it moved ridiculously slowly! I’m going to take a different bus tomorrow and see if that’s an improvement. No way to I want to be squished on a bus like that for an hour every day! It was ridiculous.

When I got home I wanted something fast, so I microwaved a sweet potato, and then steamed some zucchini and eggplant, topped with marinara sauce.

photo 1 (15)

Afterwards, I made some pumpkin protein mix (1 T protein powder, vanilla stevia, cinnamon and canned pumpkin) with some PB2 mixed with cocoa on the side. I ended up having this snack x2, plus a little almond butter the second time! So good.

photo 2 (18)

So far I think the internship is going to be good, I already enjoy the first assignment I was given. However, I think I’m going to have trouble dealing with the 8:30am-5pm schedule. Basically I can’t run any errands or make phone calls to businesses that are only open 9-5… And I’m cut off from the blogging world and my personal life for the entire day. Oh, and that whole desk thing. But we’ll see how it goes, at least I love the people I work with so far!

How do you feel about the office lifestyle?

What’s your longest plank ever?

42 thoughts on “WIAW–First Day of Internship!

  1. Sabrina @ Nutritiously Sweet

    It is soo true! Office life makes it hard to get certain things done like doctors and such. Good luck tho with your internship 🙂 My plank! I honestly have no idea!!! Maybe a min and 1/2? Now I must check!

  2. Jen @nutcaseinpoint

    I live your work outfit!

    Speaking if planks, i have an awesome drill for my boot camp class this week: plank Indian runs! Everyone lines up, then they get down and plank. The last person gets up, runs to the front and gets in a plank. The new last person follows… And so on. I’m way too excited to do this 🙂

      1. Jen @nutcaseinpoint

        everyone is planking in a line..then the person planking at the end of the line gets up, runs to the front and gets back down to a plank…then the new last person planking gets up and does the same. i am terrible at explaining!

  3. IHeartVegetables

    Haha the office lifestyle is my world! I don’t mind it! I can get up and walk around and stuff a lot so it’s not bad 🙂

    I love that pink cardigan! So bright and fun!

  4. In Sweetness and In Health

    Oh boy it will be interesting to see how much I miss the freedom of my schedule when my internship starts in July haha. Awesome job with the plank! I should start doing them more often. The longest one I’ve ever held was 2 minutes…but I can’t always do it.

  5. pjsandyogapants

    Being at a desk all day and having to work a tight schedule definitely gets me down sometimes…but I need we have to make a living somehow! I’m sure you’ll get in a good groove soon 🙂
    Also, I’m going to see how long I can hold a plank; I never thought about it before.

  6. Ashley (@MyFNFDiaries)

    i’m so glad it went well!! i’m sure it’ll be an adjustment, but once you get your schedule and routine down after a few weeks, i’m sure you’ll be just fine. 😉 how long is the internship again?

  7. Emily @ Perfection Isn't Happy

    Welcome to the real world ;). Just kidding, I totally know how you feel. My first few weeks of work were ridiculously hard and I hated the schedule. I learned to schedule appointments and take care of things during lunch — and sometimes I had to go in a little late if I had an appointment in the morning. I also hated being behind a desk, which is (among other reasons) why I quit my job. Since this is an internship, it will give you great experience and let you know if this is the type of environment you want to work in or not!

  8. Alex @ therunwithin

    Eeek! Looks like you have your hands full, this makes me worried because I feel like I will be the same way. But hey, we all have to enter the real world at sometime!

  9. Michelle

    I’m glad your first day of your internship went well! My best friend is in law school and starts her internship in St. Louis next week.

    I love your plank challenge idea! Maybe I’ll join in 🙂

  10. blondebostonian

    I’m glad your first day went well! I always feel like a little kid on the first day of school when starting a new job. Getting used to the 9-5 is tough, but you’ll get used to it and get really efficient at doing life things before/after work – it forces you to.

  11. Cate

    How exciting to start an internship! Glad your first day went well! 🙂 Adjusting to a work schedule from a school schedule is different, but you eventually figure out a way to get in errands and stuff, it just takes getting used to.

  12. Hannah R.

    You look great and so legit in your office attire:) I don’t think I could handle the office life everyday. Sitting at a desk working doesn’t sound fun to me (sitting all day reading blogs and watching youtube videos on the other hand…;) My longest plank is a little over 4 min. that was a couple years ago. My husband and I had a contest and I won! I’ve been adding planks back into my workouts lately and I’m loving it.

  13. Irina @ Chocolatea Time

    Congrats on finishing your first day of the internship successfully! I had a verryyy hard time adjusting to the 8-5 schedule as well. In fact, I’m still having a hard time creating a routine for myself! Oh the real world sucks…haha

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