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June 8, 2012 by Katie

Today is a big day.



Today is my bestest friend’s birthday.




My bestest DOG friend, that is!

Today, Molly turns one year old!!!!


Since my brother and sister-in-law bought Molly from a breeder, we know her exact birthday, which is today: June 8th! Please be sure to mark this in your calendars for future years.

I still can’t believe how much she’s grown! She was SO TINY when they brought her home last July! I realize these photos are a biiiiiit excessive. But I love this dog. And you should too.



photo (43)


photo (16)

photo (17)

photo (58)

photo (36)

photo (11)

photo (34)

photo (21)

photo (26)

photo (33)

photo (42)

photo (44)

photo (56)

photo (3)


photo (55)

photo (73)


Do you celebrate your pet’s birthdays?

Anyone you know have a birthday today?!


* Congrats to Michelle at Better with Berries for being the ONLY one to guess whose birthday is today! Haha no prize though…


  1. Excessive pictures of dogs is definitely an okay thing to do in my book. Charlie’s birthday is guessed – he was found on the street and they guessed he was about 8 months old at the time, so they gave him the birthday of April 22nd!

  2. I can never see enough puppy pictures. I celebrate my dog’s birthday each year by buying her a Coach collar, but they stopped making them – maybe she’ll have to upgrade to Louis Vuitton this year. ;)

  3. Awww Happy Birthdayyyy! I love to look back at the pictures of my dogs growing up! (:

  4. Happy Birthday to Molly!! What a cutie :)

    Our dog, Kona, is turning five next month and my 2 year old daughter could not be more excited…she’s already planning how we’re going to get him a birthday hat and a cake, and some dog bones!

  5. Happy Birthday to Molly! You’re her Aunt, right? If so, I think she is the most loved dog niece in the world!

  6. Aw, Molly is SO cute; I love all of the puppy pictures!

    My pug was adopted from his shelter, so we use his adoption day as his birthday since he was a stray.

  7. Happy birthday to Molly!!! She is adorable :D

  8. Happy birthday to a very cute puppy! (and me ;) ) enjoy the day!

  9. oh my goodness I literally oohed and awed at all these pictures. So cute, so cute. Happy birthday to her.

  10. Michelle says:

    I knew it had to be Molly, because I get just as excited about Meeko’s birthday! :-) Since Meeko was a stray, I don’t know her exact birth date, but I decided it was July 14th (Bastille Day!) when I got her, and we always celebrate!

    Tell Molly that Meeko says Happy Birthday!

  11. aww i LOVE all the photos! she is just too stinkin cute. happy birthday molly!!!

  12. Awwww, she’s so cute!!! It’s amazing how much they change in one year. And YES, I def celebrate my dog’s birthday. At a bakery near my house they make dog birthday cakes (that look exactly like the human ones)– I haven’t bought him that, but they say they sell them to a ton of people!

  13. lol omg your too funny! She did grow so much in a year! I celebrate my kitt’s bday, though he really isn’t a kitty. This year on 9/1 he will be 3 years old!

  14. Emily says:

    She is the cutest dog EVER! xo

  15. Annie says:

    Sqeeeeee!!!!! I think I almost kissed/hugged/snuggled my monitor just now!

    Um, if you want to include Molly in all future posts, I’m okay with that. ;-)

  16. verena says:

    It’s myyyyyyy birthday too :D *21*

    thanks for your nice posts every day. It’s like saying hallo to a good friend! Keep on writing!
    best wishes from germany!

  17. Meg says:

    PRECIOUS! I LOVE THIS! Happy Birthday Molly! xo

  18. Oh it was my birthday yesterday! How fun! We could have celebrated together! haha
    He is so adorable! I love all the pictures! So cute!!!

  19. carol says:

    Happy Birthday Molly! She’s a real beauty.

  20. This post absolutely killed me. I’m so excited about the absolute adorableness of these pics. (Hello, my name is Laurie and I am crazy dog-obsessed). Happy birthday to this sweet little girl!!

  21. What an adorable dog! Since you’re such a healthy eater, do you feed Molly certain foods as well?

  22. fitnessgall says:

    Omg, the one with the green frog hat – adorable!

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