Molly Says Hi!

Hey Everyone! I’ve had a long couple days, I had an out-patient procedure yesterday that required that I was sedated and that I didn’t eat all day Sunday… so fun. Since I spent most of the past couple days laying around I didn’t feel to much like throwing together a post. However, Molly really wanted to say hi to you all. About 7 hours of the past two days were spent hanging out at my brother’s with Molly… So she had lots to say.

First, she wanted to show you her squeaky snake:


Then, she wanted to show you her first taste of Jello. She likes to play with her food before eating it… Well, she actually only ate it when I walked towards her and she thought I was going to take it away (which I was going to do… smart dog).


Today, once I could eat again, I discovered the BEST SNACK EVER. Okay, well, it’s pretty good. Take 1 single-serving container plain Greek yogurt, add sweetener (I added vanilla stevia) and then mix in about a cup or so of frozen mixed berries. Um, yea. It was amazing. Feel free to eat with some PB if necessary. Always necessary…

photo 1 (1)

I also managed to make some food for lunches this week. I tried out a recipe I found on Healthy Tipping Point. It’s Caitlin’s Quinoa Crunch Casserole. The only difference was that I used zucchini instead of broccoli, since I had plenty from the farmers market! Although it was awful to have my oven going with the heat outside, the outcome was totally worth it!

photo 2 (1)

photo 3


Haha so there you go. My exciting couple of days. Back to the grind today!


Do your pets like toys? Molly does, but my friends cat refuses to play with them…


What’s your favorite casserole dish?

36 thoughts on “Molly Says Hi!

  1. afterdinnerdance

    🙂 Molly is too cute! My dog has more toys than any dog I’m pretty sure. If only I could teach him to put them all back into his basket. He will just take every single toy out until it’s empty. Especially when he wants to plaY!

  2. Ashley

    aww i just love molly. she is adorable! i love your greek yogurt + frozen berries idea! and that casserole sounds amazing.

    1. peaceloveandoats Post author

      definitely try the frozen berries, it’s amazing, especially in hot weather! And I had the casserole for lunch, so good with some marinara sauce on top!

  3. Erin @ erinberries

    My dog, Kirby, is obsessed with this hedgehog toy we got her. She will squeak that thing for HOURS. We also have a bat which we hook up to her collar and then call her “Batdog”. She doesn’t like that one as much. 🙂

  4. Danielle @ Two Love Birds

    I just found your site and love it! My dog LOVES toys. Her favorite part is destroying them, literally ripping them to shreds. We finally wised up and instead of buying actual dog toys (way too expensive for 2 hours worth of play!) and go to the Salvation Army and get old stuffed animals! We don’t feel too bad when she has fun ripping up a 50 cent stuffed whatever.

  5. Laura

    Oh my gosh! That casserole looks awesome!!

    I’ve been wanting to buy berries in bulk and freeze them! That snack sounds like the perfect reason to!

  6. elise

    im so obsessed with molly. so is kyle. i want a dog so baddddd….youre so lucky you can claim your brothers as your own 🙂

  7. Emily

    Aww…I hope you’re feeling better! I’m glad you were able to start eating again. The quinoa casserole sounds amazing!
    And Molly is beyond adorable. The pictures make me miss my puppies back home!

  8. Sara @ Nourish and Flourish

    I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend, Katie! If you have to be cooped up for a few days, who better to be by your side than Molly?! She’s adorable! I have a yellow lab who does the same thing with her food–whenever I give her a treat, she’ll nudge it around on the floor until her possession is threatened. Haha. Oh, dogs! 😉

    The Greek yogurt/berry mess looks amazing! <3

  9. kristle

    hope you are recovering well from your procedure! i made that casserole but couldn’t eat it because i made it way way too spicy 🙁 it was so disappointing, but i may just try it again when i get some eggs from my parents chickens.

      1. kristle

        yeah, i love being able to get farm fresh organic eggs where i know exactly where they come from! they also have a garden, so i save money on fresh produce during season too 🙂

  10. fitphilanthropist

    My fav casserole would probably be my mom’s broccoli rice casserole. It’s certainly not the healthiest, but it’s a Thanksgiving staple and I’m sticking to it!

    1. peaceloveandoats Post author

      My mom has a broccoli rice casserole! We call it Browns Rice. No idea why since she uses white rice, broccoli, and some kind of condensed Campbell’s soup…

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