Chicago Rock N Roll Expo

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend! I’m guessing that most of you are reading this after I’ve already finished the Rock N Roll Half! Let’s hope I survived and it wasn’t too hot! On Friday afternoon I got to check out the expo, which I was really excited for since I’ve never been to a race expo before! I always just picked up my bib at a running store.

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The expo was in McCormick Place, which is a huge convention center south of the loop in Chicago. I left from work early and then met my cousin there, who is also running. Before she arrived I went through to get my bib and “swag bag” and then headed over to the Brooks area!

They had contacted me to let me know about the gait analysis they were doing for runners! Brooks had a huge area set up in the expo with tons of fun games for families. I found the gait analysis area, introduced myself, and was led up to the top of this bus!

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They had me run on a treadmill barefoot and taped it with an iPad. It immediately went up onto a screen where he looked at my running form. I found out that I have a mid-foot strike (good) and that I overpronate on my right foot. I realize I do this because my hips are offset and my right leg is slightly further down than my left.

Then he went over a couple Brooks shoes that would be good for me and wrote up my “prescription”

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They even sent me the info from my analysis, along with pictures, to my e-mail!

Here are all the shoes they sent me in the e-mail that would work for my feet and stride:


After getting my gait analysis I went and looked at their shoes and tried on the pure connect, which he suggested. Very cool shoes!

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I’d also really like to try the Ghost, since they seem a little more similar to the shoes I currently wear, with more heel support.

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Once you walked out of the games area, and before entering the rest of the expo, they had a ton of their gear set up! Ahhh I was so tempted! The shorts looked adorable, and pretty comfy!

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After going through the brooks area, I met up with my cousin and we circled around the expo. She worked in PR and works with companies who do things like expos and told me if they aren’t giving away something for free, they aren’t taking it seriously. Haha, it was great to walk around with her. We picked up a few goodies but a lot of things had gluten or soy so I didn’t get much. We actually had a fun time because she’s allergic to soy so we’d scoff whenever someone used soy in their product. Haha all in good fun.

We even saw some of the old contestants from the Biggest Loser!

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I LOVE this show! Haha

Well, if you’re reading this before 8:30am central time, say a prayer for me because I’ll definitely still be running!

Oh, and before I go, Molly wanted to say hi!

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Do you have any Brooks gear?

Have you been to a race expo?

35 thoughts on “Chicago Rock N Roll Expo

  1. Ashley (@MyFNFDiaries)

    how fun! i hope your race is going/went well this morning!! let me know how it goes. i have the Brooks Ghost 4s and absolutely LOVE them! they’re easily my favorite running shoe i’ve ever had. the support and cushion is awesome, but they still feel pretty lightweight and they are wide enough for my wide feet. 🙂

    1. peaceloveandoats Post author

      It went well but it was HARD. Definitely a mental game. And I think I’m going to look into the Ghost for my next shoe, I’ll have to get a new pair during training because I know the ones I have will hit 500 miles before the marathon!

  2. Army Amy

    Some people don’t like expos because they are a hassel. I like ’em, though. They get you pumped for the race and sometimes you stumble on a great deal or cool new gadget. Sounds like the Brooks thing was informative. I want to do it too!*

  3. runningthewindycity

    The gait analysis looks cool. It’s good they had you run barefoot too. I did one where I ran in my old shoes which correct my overpronation so I was told that I didn’t overpronate. So wrong!

    I hope the race went well!! It was hot this morning but not too sunny!

  4. molly @ heart, sole & cereal

    i’m definitely reading this late, so i am pretty sure you’re finished. congrats girl! i love brooks stuff and would LOVE to have my gait analyzed. i’ve actually been thinking i am going to to before i get my next pair of shoes to see if it helps my hip pain. jealous of that expo – it looks awesome!

  5. Sara @ Nourish and Flourish

    I hope you rocked the race this morning! (I’m sure you did!) 🙂

    I’ve never owned Brooks, but I’ve heard great things. I’m a loyal Asics Kayano wearer (on my 5th pair!), but I’ll need to buy a new pair in about a month, and I have an urge to mix things up a bit. 😉 How cool that you saw The Biggest Loser contestants!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and congrats! xoxo

  6. Anna Lynn

    I have a pair of Brooks and I love them. They look a lot like the ghost 4 model but I’m not 100% certain. They support my feet so well! I learned I need a stability shoe after having my gait/running video-ed (word?) as you did. So glad I went with their suggestion as my time and comfort have improved tremendously!

    I hope your race went well! I can’t wait to hear all about it. I recommend lots of rest, fro-yo, and Molly time today!!! Enjoy 🙂

  7. Emily

    What an awesome expo! That Brooks foot analysis is sooo cool. I definitely need to do something like that before I get my next pair of shoes.
    Good luck!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  8. Luv What You Do

    That looks as cool as the Chicago marathon expo!!!
    I am a huge fan of Brooks! I’ve been running in their Adrenaline for years (like 7) and just switched to the Cadence, which are incredible! Looking forward to hearing about the race. I’m still so sad that I couldn’t run it!

  9. Irina @ Chocolatea Time

    I wish I stopped by to do the running evaluation! Grrr I’m mad at myself now. I love Brooks…I used to run in the Ghost but now run in the Adrenaline. I want to transition to the more minimalist shoes but I have a very low arch so the lack of support may lead to disaster 🙁

    Hope your race went well! I was very thankful for the water stations, ice, and CLOUDS!!

  10. Beth

    I would totally recommend trying out the Ghosts! They’re my favorite. I had 3 pairs of Ghost 3s, 5 pairs of Ghost 4s, and I’m on my first pair of Ghost 5s. I have loved every pair.

  11. marylegare

    I had a pair of Ghost 4s, in froggy green. Hahaa! They’re good shoes. Not a lot of cushioning though. I usually go with Asics for cushion and stability. I usually run between 5 to 17 miles in a single run, so I need a shoe that cooperates for long periods of time. I recommend the Ghosts. I’ve never tried the Pure line, but I know a lot of runners who love them. I’m nervous about going minimal. I don’t really want to “feel the pavement”. I’m not a car. I don’t want to hug the road! But you never know, they could be perfect for you!

  12. Sarah

    I’ve been to a few race expos but this one seems pretty incredible! I love that you got your gait analyzed- I’ve always wanted to do that although I know I’m an overpronater with flat feet. But I’m a mizuno lover at heart 🙂

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