Thursday Thoughts & WINNER!

Hey everyone! Who’s excited that the week is almost over! Lucky me, I have plenty of work to do today… I had nothing left to do yesterday morning so I e-mailed my supervisor. I immediately had one person in my office and two phone calls. Luckily I just took the first assignment I got and could tell the others that I didn’t have the time to finish their assignments before I left. Gotta get as much out of my last week, I guess! However, they are all taking me out to lunch today! I’m so excited! Haha although slightly freaked out because I don’t love all the attention being on me, especially in the workplace.

Well, time for this week’s Thursday Thoughts! So many!


1. One of my baby carrots looks just like a bunny! I find it ironic – bunnies eat carrots! It also reminded me of when Chelsey had a heart shaped carrot. I wonder what I’ll find in the next bag…

photo 1

2. I set my alarm for 4:10am on Saturday morning. It hurts me just thinking about it. I have to be out my front door by 5:15am to run up to the start (3.7 miles away) of my group run, and then I’m dropping off when we pass by my house near the end of the run. By lopping off that mileage I’m saving about 45 min of run/water break time, plus waiting for my cousin’s run to finish, plus driving back home. I have a 1:35pm flight and I want to make sure I’m not running around like a mad woman trying to make it while also exhausted and sore from my LONGEST RUN EVER! Pray for me…

photo 2

3. I’m running the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K in Kansas City on Sunday! Okay, well run/walking. I don’t want to injure myself by racing it the day after 15 miles! My dad is running it, and my friend Bailey! I love this event and I’m so happy to be able to do the 5K this year, especially since I don’t think I’ll be doing the 10K in Chicago (I’ve done it the past 2 years!).

photo (14)

4. CHELSEY IS BACK!!! Okay, so I’m going out of town now, aaaand I’m pretty sure she’d rather be on vacation. But I like this girl, and texting with her, and eating huge amounts of froyo with her. So I’m excited about her return.

5. Speaking of blog friends, Ashley sent me this card because it made her think of me and my brother’s dog, Molly! How cute is that?!


6. I made french toast for dinner last night. Random, yes. Delicious, Yes. I’d had veggies in my breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack and I was hard core craving some bread. Totally hit the spot. Served with apple sauce, some almond butter and cherries.

photo 2

7. I did my 7 mile race pace run yesterday morning and it went waaaay better than last week. Still hard, but much, much better. I was so hot (temperature-wise, ha) afterwards that I dunked my face/head in the water fountain in this picture… While several people were standing at that bus stop. I hope I didn’t frighten anyone.

photo 3

8. Many of these thursday thoughts already show up on my instagram throughout the week. If you want to be "in the know" before anyone else, you should follow me on instagram. All the cool kids are doing it. You can find me at peaceloveoats.

photo 1 (1)

9. My brother and sister-in-law are getting their floors re-done. They had to move all the furniture out yesterday. Molly’s world was turned upside down.

photo 3 (1)


The winner is…..  MOLLY @ Heart Sole & Cereal!!!


Congrats Molly! I’ll get you in contact with Chobani to get your CHO!!!!

And thank you to all the entries – I had a really fun time reading through all the AMAZING things that have happened to all of you in the last year!


What’s your favorite breakfast for dinner meal?

Do you have a favorite race or yearly event you always go to?

36 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts & WINNER!

  1. runningthewindycity

    I’ve never had french toast for dinner but I love pancakes or oatmeal if I’m in a time crunch!

    I always run the Detroit Turkey Trot. I think I’ve run it the last 4 years?? I’m always in Michigan so it works out and people dress up in crazy costumes because the Thanksgiving Day parade starts after the run.

  2. blondebostonian

    I always run a 5k race in Albany, NY every Spring. It’s a women-only race and the money go to women’s charities. It’s also a pretty elite race. Ethiopian and Kenyan runners are always there, and Joan Benoit Samuelson runs it every year with her daughter. Pretty friggin’ cool if you ask me.

  3. Ashley

    Haha that carrot makes me laugh!

    I love waffles for dinner! My grandparents gave us a waffle iron for our wedding, and it’s seriously one of my favorite gifts!

  4. Sara

    Good luck with your 15 miles Saturday! I have 16 on the schedule…longest run I’ve ever done. My plan is to be up early and get it done before it gets too hot 🙂

  5. jessielovestorun

    My goodness, 4:15??? Good luck w/ the 15 miles ((Even though your a rockstar & probably don’t need it)).

    I love waffles for dinner, or some sort of egg omelet. Pure deliciousness 🙂

  6. halfhealthyadventures

    This past year I did my first half at Disney for the princess half! Now I’m obsessed with their races and how fun they are and how happy everyone else is too! Constume making is the best part!

  7. Tina Reale (@tinareale)

    Gotta say that I’m so stinking excited to meet you and Chelsey in October! And cheer you on at the race! Good thinking on not racing the 5K. You gotta stay healthy for one of us to run Chicago. 😉

  8. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I used to hate breakfast at dinner — I would actually skip dinner at the dining hall in school when that’s what they were serving and have EasyMac instead haha — but I’ve come to love it. Pancakes would have to be my go to brinner item because, let’s be real: I could happily eat pancakes all day every day.

    I’ve only run the BTN Big 10K once since, you know, it’s only be held once, but I definitely plan to continue running it as long as they have it. Hands down the best and most fun race I’ve ever been a part of!

  9. molly @ heart, sole & cereal

    AHHHH so excited 🙂 i literally just jumped off my couch in sheer joy. i <3 blogging.

    and that carrot is so funny. i love when food looks hilarious.

    i can't wait to hear how your 15 mile run goes! i'm super nervous about mine too since it's the longest i've ever run. can you believe how close we're getting to the race?!

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