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WIAW–Last Day as a 24 Year Old

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes, I loved reading all of them! I had a great birthday, but more on that another time. Today is Wednesday, which means another WIAW post! If you’re new to What I Ate Wednesday, head over to Peas and Crayons to find out what it’s all about, and to see the other participating blogs!

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

Today’s WIAW comes from Monday, my last day as a 24 year-old! I started off the morning with my current favorite breakfast: 2 eggs over easy on a sweet potato! I top it with hot sauce from Trader Joe’s and Monday I also sliced and steamed 2 big carrots and mixed them in the last of my Tzatziki sauce from Trader Joe’s.

photo 1 (10)

While doing some studying for the MPRE, I snacked on a handful of walnuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds, and a dark chocolate Hershey Kiss.

photo 2 (8)

For lunch I was dying to try this gluten free Chicken Noodle Soup I found at Whole Foods!

photo 3 (7)

It was really good! I added about 1/2 cup of peas to add some extra veggies to the soup, and had a piece of Udi’s bread on the side.

photo 4 (6)

I had a doctor’s appointment to get some stiches out (I had 2 moles removed last week – Go get your skin checked!!!) and then I had to pick up some crafts and prizes for Girls on the Run. Since it was so cold I grabbed a Mista (café au lait) on my way to the dollar tree. (p.s. EVERYTHING is a dollar in that store! I was amazed at what you could get for a DOLLAR!)

photo 5 (7)

While the girls were running their practice 5K, I had a KIND bar. Then I had half a banana (unpictured) after practice on my way to the gym.

photo 1 (9)

When I got home I realized I forgot to turn the crockpot to warm (it was on high…) so the chicken in my chicken soup was a little overcooked. But it smelled amazing!

photo 2 (7)

Crockpot Chicken Soup


1 bunches celery (stalks?)

8 medium carrots

1 onion

1.5 cups steamed peas

1 quart chicken broth

2 chicken breasts

2 cups water

seasoning: rosemary, thyme, anything! (I used rosemary, thyme, and red pepper flakes).


Put chicken breasts in bottom of crockpot. Slice celery and onion and add to pot. Peel and slice carrots and add to pot. Pour in chicken broth and water. Add seasoning. Cook on High for 5-6 hours. Turn of and stir in peas as well as break up chicken breasts. I used a 2 prong fork and another big fork.

photo 3 (6)

I had to have a bowl right away! It was so good since I was still freezing from being outside, even after being in the gym for an hour for my workout!

After dinner I had some of the halloween candy I got from a bulk store! Is it weird that the peanuts were my favorite part?

photo 4 (5)

Later on I had some Yogi Tea…

photo 1 (11)

photo 2 (9)

And I also sliced up a Honeycrisp apple to munch on! I like dipping the apple slices in my warm tea… Yes I’m special.

photo 5 (6)

So there you have it! My last day as a 24 year old. I think the Halloween candy was pretty key in there. Loooove candy corn!


What’s your favorite Halloween Candy?


What’s your favorite cold weather food?

Happy Birthday To Me…

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday to me,

Happy Birthday dear meeeeeeeeeeeeeee,

Happy birthday to ME! Yay!

Did I not mention it’s my birthday today? Haha, well it is! Things have been so busy for me that I’d forgotten it was coming up!

Well, today I am 25 years old. 1/4 of a century. I’d like to say that it has all gone by so fast, but really, I kind of feel 25. Granted, I am no where near where I’d imagined I’d be at this point in my life. When I was younger I always thought I’d be married by 25, and having children when I was 27/28. Or at least have a job… HA.

I guess law school tends to put things off in life? Just a different path than I imagined, but I don’t believe in regrets or mistakes in life, everything we’ve been through makes us who we are and I can’t wait to be older looking back on this part of my life… hopefully it will make sense then.

But in 25 years I feel like I’ve done quite a lot. Most of it has been spent in school… but beyond that I’ve played tons of sports, spent many summers at camp, gone on sailing trips and lived on boats, had many different friends, gone on some great trips with my family and then with college friends, moved across the country alone for college, got a degree in marine biology, finished 2 years of law school, ran a marathon and kept a fish alive for over 2 years. Ha, had to throw that last one in there.

Sometimes it’s nice to look back at how you’ve changed over the years, and all the great things you’ve accomplished, and what better day to do that than a birthday?

For your entertainment (okay, for mine) here are some birthdays from the past:

1 Year:

Monday, October 22, 2001 (Image #7)

7 years (?? Kindergarten):

Monday, October 22, 2001 (Image #6)

Absolutely No Idea:

halloween party (resized)


photo 3 (5)

Oops! How did that get in there…?

16 or 17 years old (dress as weird as you can ice skating party…)


19 years old (in Savannah):

21 years old:


24 years old:

photo (36)


Has your life timeline gone as you imagined?

25 feels old but I don’t even feel like an adult yet… Anyone else?

Dark Places–Book Review

I hope you all had a great weekend! I did, a good and very busy weekend! I was taking care of Molly this weekend, which tends to take up a lot of time, and then I also had blogger book club AND a trail 5K in the burbs!

The 5K was pretty much a blast. It was the Thriller in Schiller, it’s inaugural year, and it was a Halloween-themed trail run out in a forest preserve in Schiller, IL. I ran the race with Kelsey, Lindsay, Emily and Alyssa and it was so much fun I couldn’t breath because I was laughing so hard!

Alyssa was a referee, I was a runaway bride (took your suggestions!) and Kelsey, Lindsay and Emily were Cone Heads.


(pictures by Lindsay)

The trail was… well I wasn’t sure it was even a trail for a good  bit of it! We were basically just running through the woods: over and under trees, through ravines, and even over a river! It was beyond hilarious with all of us in our costumes and we ended up really kicking butt: 37:10!!!! Hahahahahaha NOT. Despite our less than stellar time, it was so much fun.


Unfortunately my IT band was really bothering me during the race, just a mile into it, so I’m not so happy about that. Luckily I had some hilarious cone heads running into tree branches to distract me…

Saturday (the race was Sunday), I had book club with some other Chicago Healthy Living Bloggers. This was our third time getting together, last two:

MWF Seeing BFF

Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

The event was hosted by Diana out in Oak Park, and I LOOOOOVED getting to go out to Oak Park! I’d been there once before and I not so secretly wish I lived out there. It’s a beautiful neighborhood with several Frank Llyod Wright homes (which we got to walk around and see!). I just miss the neighborhood feel!

We had a ton of great fall-themed food (I made Chocolate Covered Katie’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cups but with sun butter) and I loved getting to see everyone.

The book for this month was Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. I read another one of her books, Gone Girl, so I was excited to read this one.

Libby Day, a woman who’s mother and two sisters were murdered when she was only seven years old, and Libby somehow survived “The Satan Sacrifice of Kinnakee, Kansas” by fleeing the house in the snow, losing a few fingers and toes but saving her own life. She testified that her brother, fifteen-year-old Ben, was the killer and he has been imprisoned ever since.

The novel follows Libby as she realizes she’s out of money and begins to re-visit her path because the Kill-Club, a secret society obsessed with solving notorious crimes, offers to pay her for information. As the story unfolds, Libby realizes that the evening her mother and sisters died may have not gone as her sever-year-old self believed.

One thing I loved about this book was that Gillian switched back and forth between present-day Libby and the story of the murders. She used the same technique in Gone Girl, but it made the whole story so much more interesting. I realize the story line is a bit dark, but we wanted to choose something spooky for Halloween, and honesty, who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? This book definitely kept me interested and I finished it in just a few days. I actually liked it much more than Gone Girl and was constantly kept guessing as the story evolved.


So far I’ve only gotten a couple link-ups or reviews from readers (um maybe because I gave you 4 days warning…), but your more than welcome to still send one in. Check out reviews of Dark Places from these awesome bloggers:

Don’t Look Down

Ready Set Feast

Accidental Intentions

Next month our book club will be reading The Sweet Life In Paris, by David Lebovitz. If you’d like to participate, just read along and send in your review or a link to it online before Monday, December 3rd.


Have you read any of Gillian Flynn’s novels?


Have you ever ran a trail run or in a costume?

Best Body Boot Camp–Week 1

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! Molly and I sure are…


Now that I’m doing Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp, I’ve decided I’m going to use my Sunday posts to re-cap my week’s workouts, and then post what I’ll be doing the next week. As I said, it’s important to schedule your workouts, so this is a great way for me to know what I’m doing each week, reflect on the past week, and give you all some good ideas!


Monday – Monday’s prescribed workout was a full body strength workout and an interval cardio workout. I started off with the intervals in the treadmill and had a blast busting them out, I hadn’t done them in ages! I stayed on for an extra 6 minutes to hit 3 miles.

The hardest move for Monday’s strength was the Scorpian. I couldn’t do it! Well, I could do it for about 4 reps and then would proceed to fall off, my arms shaking like jello… Need to work on this one.

Tuesday – As I mentioned in my Thursday Thoughts Post, Tuesday I went for an 8 mile run. We were told to do 40 min steady state cardio and planks… I just extended that a bit. I knew I couldn’t get in my long run this upcoming weekend and I hadn’t this past weekend so I thought it was a good day to get it in. Unfortunately it really aggravated my IT band…

p.s. Holy DOMS – my legs were sore when I woke up!

Wednesday – Wednesday’s workout was Workout B with Intervals B. I did the intervals on the elliptical since that didn’t seem to bother my knee. Then during the workout I had to modify a few things, like the back lunges, that were bothering my knee and because I didn’t have a bosu ball.

Thursday – Thursday’s workout was again 40 minutes of cardio and planks. Since my IT band was bothering me, I decided to keep to the elliptical… omg I almost died of boredom. Somehow I survived 40 minutes on that thing, thanks to Jillian Michaels podcasts. May or may not have laughed out loud a couple times.

P.S. again, holy DOMS! My shoulders got more and more sore every time I woke up during Wed night/Thurs morning!

Friday – Switched my rest day to Friday… mostly because I just never got myself to the gym. Lesson learned – go ASAP when I wake up or I won’t go…

Saturday – Full Body workout C with intervals. This one was fun and it felt like it went by pretty quickly!


Here are this week’s workouts:


Pretty much the same, except I’ll decide when the weekend comes which day I’ll do my long run. I also might just do it on one of the 40 min cardio days, or on Friday I’m running with a friend so I might switch that around too. The key is to be flexible!

Have a great rest of your weekend!


Anyone else following some sort of workout/training plan?


Anyone wear a good Halloween Costume this weekend?!

Friday Blog Love

In the spirit of Meg’s High Five Fridays, I’ve decided to make today’s post about some of my favorite blog posts over the past week or so! I read a lot of blogs (whether I comment or not!) and I’ve read some great posts so I wanted to share them with everyone!

Annette basically rocks my socks, which is why she’s on here twice – She wrote a great post about Fitspiration and one of the quotes really hit home with me:

She also wrote about 3 ways to reduce stress instantly. Um, they work. I tried the laying on foam roller with your arms out one and it totally worked.


Lindsay wrote a great post about how often the healthy living blogger world misses the mark. Many girls try and be perfect or appear to be perfect, when in reality no on is perfect and we shouldn’t be trying to strive for that.


Cait sent me a link to her t-shirt store where she sells running shirts meant to motivate and inspire people to reach their goals, no matter how impossible they may seem! They’re really cute!


If you want to be jealous of the Zooma race and how much fun Kelsey had, as well as laugh at all her fantastic pictures, check out this post. I certainly wasn’t jealous or anything…

crop in kelsey zooma


Meg wrote a great post about how we shouldn’t use the term “cheat” or “cheat meals.”


Chelsey reminded us of making sure to appreciate all the little things in life that make us happy.


Tessa wrote about deciding to take a blogging break, for many reasons. Although so many good things can come from the healthy living blogging world, it’s not always a great influence. It’s important to step back and make sure it’s not taking over your “real” life, especially for people like me who do it as a hobby!


Cullen’s first birthday party. Enough said. And Emily’s wonderful tribute to her adorable little boy.


Finally, Lindsay wrote a great post about un-glorifying the busy and about things that we should focus on in our lives.


There you go, some seriously good reading for you this week! Have a great weekend everyone!


Did you read any of these posts? What did you think?


What were your favorite posts from the week?