Friday Blog Love

In the spirit of Meg’s High Five Fridays, I’ve decided to make today’s post about some of my favorite blog posts over the past week or so! I read a lot of blogs (whether I comment or not!) and I’ve read some great posts so I wanted to share them with everyone!

Annette basically rocks my socks, which is why she’s on here twice – She wrote a great post about Fitspiration and one of the quotes really hit home with me:

She also wrote about 3 ways to reduce stress instantly. Um, they work. I tried the laying on foam roller with your arms out one and it totally worked.


Lindsay wrote a great post about how often the healthy living blogger world misses the mark. Many girls try and be perfect or appear to be perfect, when in reality no on is perfect and we shouldn’t be trying to strive for that.


Cait sent me a link to her t-shirt store where she sells running shirts meant to motivate and inspire people to reach their goals, no matter how impossible they may seem! They’re really cute!


If you want to be jealous of the Zooma race and how much fun Kelsey had, as well as laugh at all her fantastic pictures, check out this post. I certainly wasn’t jealous or anything…

crop in kelsey zooma


Meg wrote a great post about how we shouldn’t use the term “cheat” or “cheat meals.”


Chelsey reminded us of making sure to appreciate all the little things in life that make us happy.


Tessa wrote about deciding to take a blogging break, for many reasons. Although so many good things can come from the healthy living blogging world, it’s not always a great influence. It’s important to step back and make sure it’s not taking over your “real” life, especially for people like me who do it as a hobby!


Cullen’s first birthday party. Enough said. And Emily’s wonderful tribute to her adorable little boy.


Finally, Lindsay wrote a great post about un-glorifying the busy and about things that we should focus on in our lives.


There you go, some seriously good reading for you this week! Have a great weekend everyone!


Did you read any of these posts? What did you think?


What were your favorite posts from the week?

25 thoughts on “Friday Blog Love

  1. Meg

    AHHHHH Thanks baby!!!! You should TOTALLY link up to my post today 🙂 you are wonderful, thank you for the support. These are ALL wonderful posts. And thanks for giving me a shout out! Wow! Finally a POSITIVE comment lol just kidding. I got a lot of good comments, but some AWFUL ones. OH WELL. Life goes on and we just need to remind ourselves of ALL the GOOD 🙂

    I really liked Lindsay’s post and I should go read Tessa’s….

  2. Chelsie @ Balance, Not Scale

    I read SO many inspirational blogs this week, it’s hard to narrow them down!! I’d say that Jessie Loves to Run, the Homeostatic Mindset by Lauren, Running With Spoons by Amanda, and Colleen’s Lunchbox Diaries were at the top of my list this week!!

  3. kelsey

    thanks YO! And I’m SO HAPPY you cropped yourself into that pic bc that means I don’t have to do it.

    I GET TO SEE YOU ALL WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I love Emily’s blog so much. Cullen is painfully adorable, and his first birthday party looked so lovely. This was technically posted last week, but Brittany from A Healthy Slice of Life had a fantastic post on the problems in the HLB world similar to Lindsay’s ( I always appreciate it when bloggers have the guts to call out the tendency in the HLB world to get caught up in striving for perfection. It’s definitely something I think tends to be problematic around here (not *here* here as in your blog, here as in the HLB world), and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

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  6. Cait the Arty Runnerchick

    aww, thank you SO much for adding my running shirts to the list and I’m glad you liked them! I gave you some more thanks on my post today too. 🙂 Looks like I have more awesome posts to read about…thanks for sharing and hope u’re having a happy Friday!

  7. Lia

    Awesome! I love these. It’s so great to be directed to posts of interest that I/we might not have otherwise found. Have a good weekend, stay warm!

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