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BBC–Week 3


November 12, 2012 by Katie

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a restful weekend and are ready for a new week.I had a pretty good weekend: Girls on the Run 5K, trip to Whole Foods with my sister-in-law, a couple movies, a walk with my brother and Molly, food-prep for the week and some solid procrastination…

photo 4 (14)

And guess what? Only TEN DAYS until Thanksgiving!!! How crazy is that?! Haha kind of scaring me now that I know how much work I have to get done. Oh, did I mention I forgot that I have a test tomorrow? Awesome.

So it’s time to re-cap last week’s workouts and take a look at this week. We are on Week 4 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, which has the same layout as week 3.

Here were my workouts for week 3:

Monday  – workout A plus intervals A. I LOVED this workout because we used a technique called ladders, which means you do 1 exercise with 5 reps, rest, then 6 reps, rest, 7 reps, rest, 8 reps, rest, 9 reps, rest, 10 reps. Then move on to the next exercise. It was fun!

Tuesday – BLAH. Lol that’s how the whole day was. I found out that morning that I’m all twisty and need to see a physical therapist (appointment is today). I did 20 minutes on the elliptical hoping I’d get into the mood to workout as I got warmed up, but no. I was so done. I wanted out.

Wednesday – Workout B plus 25 minutes on 2 different elliptical machines.

Thursday – 50 minutes on various cardio machines. BORING. I would have swam, but Thursdays are such a busy day for me that I’d have to be there super early and our pool tends to be busy really early. I don’t handle lane sharing well.

Friday – Workout C (ladders again!). No elliptical because my knees were bothering me.

Saturday – Girls on the Run 5K! I jog/walked it with one of our girls who needed a running buddy and luckily I held together alright! I also walked a total of 4 miles to get to and from the school.

Sunday – 45 minute walk with Molly and my brother, then 35 minutes on various cardio machines plus some ab work.


Notice a lot of elliptical on there? Yea… me too. I finally figured out why it’s so boring though: I can’t zone out! When I’m running my mind wanders, but for some reason that just doesn’t happen on the elliptical. My brain is there for every grueling moment.

Here are this week’s workouts:


I’m leaving Tuesday and Thursday somewhat open since I don’t know how things will go with the physical therapist today. Obviously I’m praying that she’ll magically cure me so I can run again… But more likely I won’t be running and I’ll do elliptical or swim.

Also, I never really took a rest day this past week (I considered Tuesday’s failed attempt a rest day) so I have a feeling one of these days (possibly today…) I’m going to decide to make a rest day and the push back the rest of my workouts. Whatever works, just have to  be flexible!


Can you zone out on the elliptical?

What do your workouts look like for this week?


  1. MizFit says:

    Im so not the one to ask these days as Im LONGING FOR AN ELLIPTICAL in my domicile :-)

  2. I hate the elliptical…I am so uncoordinated that I can never fully get in the groove and enjoy it like I can with running.
    Molly is probably one of the most photogenic dogs I have ever seen…so cute!

  3. i’m definitely with you on the elliptical. i hate it! i cannot zone out either (probably because i’m worried about falling) and i have no idea what my fine line is between enough resistance to make it a good workout and so much resistance i can’t do it. rather than spending some time to figure that out, i just quit and run instead. i probably need to give my knees/legs a break because i know i’m setting myself up for an injury but i can’t help it. given the choice i’d always rather run!

    • Katie says:

      Trust me, I’d rather be running too, especially with these intervals!!! The B intervals this week are SO PERFECT for running, it’s killing me!

  4. I don’t care for the elliptical either for the same reasons I think. Boring. HOpe the PT appt goes well today!

  5. Do you have an ArcTrainer at your gym? For some reason I find it much easier to zone out on that than I do the elliptical. It’s a good low impact workout too!

    • Katie says:

      No, we don’t, just 3 different kids of ellipticals, bikes and the stair master. I’d actually never heard of an arc trainer until someone mentioned it on their blog!

  6. You should introduce some intervals to the elliptical if you haven’t already, some speedy or high intensity ones; it will make the time go faster the more you switch it up! :)

  7. I’m not really a fan of any stationary machine, but I find that the elliptical isn’t terrible if you’re constantly switching up the drag or tempo.
    I find that either you either need to have your mind constantly occupied or not occupied at all. And I find that I can only clear my mind when I simulate running (super low level, but high tempo and not holding the handles). It might help to try it this way?
    I hope your appointment with your PT goes well. Can’t wait to hear. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the best!! Ooh. Maybe you’ll get to use the electrodes. Those are my favourite! ;)

  8. The elliptical is super boring to me too! I would rather run, but if my knees aren’t working for me, I have to hop on the elliptical.

  9. sounds like some great work and planning. Have a good monday!

  10. Hey Katie! Your questions are perfectly timed because I was just planning my week in workouts last night. I’ve never run a half marathon, so I actually start training for that this week: 2 mi-run, 2.5 mi-run, and 3 mi-run on non-consecutive days with yoga thrown in for good measure (and to prevent injury). :)

    • Katie says:

      Definitely do the yoga, I think I’d have way fewer issues with injuries if I’d kept up with yoga. Good luck with training!

  11. Good luck with physical therapy! I get bored on the elliptical, too. However, I find switching forward and backward for a certain amount of minutes helps make the time go by!

  12. Oh hello, Molly! My workouts are going to be on the treadmill this week. I have some miles to cover!!

  13. Lia says:

    I hope The PT appointment goes well, I really do!! I think the “zoning out” thing comes with repetition and time. I couldn’t, for the life of me, zone out when I ran on the treadmill. I hated it! I could with the elliptical because, I believe, I had done a lot more time on it than on the treadmill. So, perhaps with time, the elliptical will become a new zone out spot for you too.

    My workouts, well, I’m trying to attend more yoga classes during the week (I teach, but have been doing less demoing in my classes due to a sensitive wrist), sprints at the gym at least 2ce a week this week, and I’m eyeing to start a dance class or two at the Old Town School of Folk Music, via Bethany’s suggestion over at Accidental Intentions. My good friend also went there, I found out, and she said it is just the best environment to learn and grow. That will probably start in January though when my evenings open up.

  14. I’m actually a pretty big fan of the elliptical as far as stationary cardio machines go, but that’s mostly because I can read while ellipticalling. It’s a little easier to read on a stat bike for me, but I can’t read at all on a treadmill and that definitely contributes to my treadmill aversion. I have to have something to distract me during an indoor workout or else I go nuts, and usually music isn’t enough entertainment.

    • Katie says:

      I never try and read on machines because I don’t have a kindle or nook, and trying to read a real book and keep it open to the right page is a mess! Haha I’ve tried…

  15. Christina says:

    I am not a fan of the elliptical because I dont like that gliding feeling.

  16. CaitlinHTP says:

    10 days until thanksgiving? are you serious!?!?!?

  17. I most definitely can’t zone out on the elliptical but I’ve found its more tolerable if I can watch Netflix on my phone. It definitely makes the time go by faster.

    Good luck today at your appointment!

  18. I’ve been doing a lot of elliptical workouts lately too because of my knees, and I find it really boring as well! Luckily I’ve been able to amuse myself by watching X Weighted on tv, since it’s always on at 6 am when I go, but it only makes it slightly more tolerable for me. I’d still WAY rather be running. :P

  19. I totally zone out on the elliptical if I have a good book or magazine. Same with the treadmill. I don’t love watching TV on the treadmill though–it seems to make it slow down? Maybe b/c I hate commercials? Only if it’s a show can I handle it. Hah.

  20. Kierston says:

    I do enjoy my elliptical workouts :)

    Hope all goes well at the Docs today!

  21. I can usually zone out pretty well on the elliptical, as long as I have music or a tv. If it’s just me, silence and a blank wall in front of me, I can last for about 5 minutes before I feel like I’m dying of agonizing boredom.

    • Katie says:

      Haha that sounds awful, at least I’m not staring at a wall! I have people watching a few big TVs (well… playing CNN and ESPN…)

  22. Love having an elliptical in our home gym however it’s making squeaky noises and jumps off the track so I’m going to have to call service on it. UGH!

    When I do elliptical, I blast the music but it is hard to zone out.

    Wishing you a great workout week! Mine started good with workout A (upper body for me) and spinning. And of course I always try to start the workouts with 10 min. of dancing.

  23. Sorry about your aches and pains, I bet it’s residual from the marathon. I hope you get your kinks worked out with your PT. I don’t use an elliptical, but I workout on an Arc Trainer almost every day at the gym. It’s like an elliptical, but the motion is more of a circular rotation as opposed to the tight forward/backward motion of an elliptical. Ellipticals also make my knees and ankles hurt. I can zone out pretty easily if I have a good playlist, and the arc trainer is fun, so if my playlist is packed with high energy jams, I can bust a move during my workout. I’ve been known to get a little too dancey… =) My workouts are all standard for this week. Cardio every day in the form of Arc Trainer, but I might throw in a running day or 2 to prepare for my Thanksgiving 5k.

  24. i love your new graphics! they are so cute! good luck on your workouts this week!

  25. Yoga has done WONDERS for me when worked into my workout routine! The best part is there are so many options and varieties depending on how you feel that day.

  26. […] WIAW comes from Monday, which turned out to be a busy day! I decided to skip my scheduled workout and take a rest day, so my morning started with some devotions and […]

  27. Hillary says:

    Are you a GOTR coach, too!? :)

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