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BBC–Week 4

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a good weekend! Mine started off pretty awesome with a girls night with some friends, and then turned into an incredibly lazy day due to said girls night… but today I’m back at it!

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I’m glad you all enjoyed my picmonkey tutorial on Friday, I kind of threw that together at the last minute but now I’m glad I did! I also got many other questions about picmonkey after doing that, so I’ll turn this into a series, maybe three posts? Tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll share with you all how I make my weekly workout schedules, which is the topic of today’s post!

As many of you know, I’m participating in Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp!



This week was the fourth week, and the second of the second phase. Bootcamp is split up into 4 phases, each 2 weeks long, which means that we repeat the workouts for 2 weeks. I love that we do this because I like having a little consistency, but then switching it up after 2 weeks. This phase was definitely my favorite, and I know it will be better than the next one… I’m legitimately not excited for the next phase (LOTS of burpees every single day – I think I might adjust this a few days or I’ll be dreading the workouts).

In phase 2 we did ladders, where we did a set of 5 reps, 6 reps, and so on until we got to 10, and then we did isometric holds, which involved doing 5 reps, holding for 5 seconds, 5 reps, and so on. I’m more of a weight lifting girl than a circuit workout girl so I loved it!

Here were my workouts from this week:

Monday – REST DAY. As I said last week, I knew I’d end up taking an early rest day. I hadn’t taken a real one last week and I was exhausted! + PT appointment

Tuesday – Workout A + 3 miles!!! My physical therapist said I could try running if I did a run/walk, so I did that for almost 30 minutes, running for 4 minutes and walking for 1. I hit 3 miles but my knee started hurting right before. It was nice to get 3 min though!

Wednesday – Cardio. I mixed it up between several cardio machines and 1 mile of running. My knee started hurting though at the end of the mile 🙁

Thursday – Early morning workout B before my PT appointment. Also ran 1 mile during the appointment while they filmed me running (I’ll learn more about that next week).

Friday – Semi-rest day. Didn’t do an official workout because I felt worn out by all the PT appointments AND workouts. But I did walk to and from our Girls On the Run final celebration (pizza party!) which was just under 4 miles.

Saturday – Workout C + elliptical. I almost didn’t workout, mostly because I was falling back into old patterns of over-eating, hating myself and laying in bed. Sounds fun, right? Well finally I told myself to snap out of it! This isn’t me anymore! So I put on some walking gear and headed outside, and ended up at the gym! I’m so glad I did because I felt soooo much better getting in my workout.

Sunday – I’m considering heading OUTSIDE to attempt to run. I haven’t gone outside because I don’t know when my knee will act up and I’ll have to stop, but I soooo want to run outside, so I’m thinking of coming up with some sort of out and back and different directions course so I’m never far from home…


So there you have it! Last week was a crazy busy week for me, and I think I let the stress really get to me. Can’t do that anymore! I’m exciting for this upcoming week, especially Thursday’s Turkey Trot 5K with my dad! Although honestly I think he’s going to kick my butt at this point. I’ve barely hit 3 miles in the past few weeks and I don’t know how my knee will hold up. Then there’s my dad who’s breaking out of his 4 mile route and getting up to 6 miles!!! Go Dad! Haha so we’ll see how this goes. Perhaps he’ll have mercy on me…

Here are next week’s workouts:

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I’m not sure if I’ll get in Wednesday’s workout B, so I’m planning to attempt to get it in either Wednesday afternoon (I fly home in the morning) or Thursday afternoon (we do Thanksgiving around 6pm), but either way it’s about being flexible and spending time with family! And I fly home mid-day Sunday, so I figured that would be the best rest day.

And before I leave you all, I had to mention: I’m officially into Christmas music. Try it, trust me, you’ll love it. And there’s a Glee Christmas station… enough said.



Does stress cause you to fall into bad habits?

Anyone else traveling for Thanksgiving?

Have you started listening to Christmas music?