Weekly Workouts Demystified

Happy Monday! I know you are ALL excited for this Monday (unless you don’t live in the U.S…) because you have either a 2 or 3 day week before the holiday! I’m supposed to have a 3 day week because we technically have school Wednesday, but I always ignore that and take Wednesday off because my teachers always end up canceling class that day anyway. Turns out I have one teacher who insists on having class… hmmm guess I’m missing it! Good thing it’s only 50 min long though, not missing much.

On Friday I have you all an introduction to how to use Picmonkey, but many of you asked more questions about using PicMonkey, specifically how I make my weekly workout pages. These definitely take a little more creativity and effort, but I think you all can handle it! Let’s just hope I can explain it well…

We’ll start with this one:

workouts 11-5

First, you need a white background. I have NO IDEA how everyone else does this, but I made a blank paint document and saved it as “white” and re-use it every time.


Then I go to Picmonkey and upload it as an image:


Then I choose my background for each day of the week. For this I click on the overlays icon:


Then, for this particular week, I chose geometric shapes for my background. After picking a shape, I move it to where I want on the page, and then I choose a color.


I do the same for each day of the week, and then it’s time to add text! This is basically the same as geometric shapes, but you type in your text, adjust the size, then choose a font and a color:


And there you go! It’s pretty simple, but it takes a while to get the hang of it enough to do it quickly.

For the other weeks, I just got creative with the other Overlay options, like pieces of paper and buttons.


If you’re in the US, when does your holiday begin?


Any other questions? (PicMonkey or otherwise!)

72 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts Demystified

  1. Eating 4 Balance

    I loved your tutorial on PicMonkey last week! And this one is great too. So simple, but really, if your hadn’t showed me, I would never have thought to do this! 🙂

    My holiday begins Wednesday. Apparently a lot of my friends get off Tuesday because their professors cancelled class. Unfortunately all of my Honors classes are on Tuesday and, as one teacher put it, he doesn’t like to “waste” our money. AHH… Please waste my money!! 😀

    1. Katie Post author

      Haha I considered going home Tuesday and just skipping my class, but I decided to be good…

  2. Ashley

    Wow I’m surprised you have class, that professor has no holiday spirit. My holiday from school starts Tuesday night since Wednesday school is closed but I have work Wednesday so I guess Wednesday after 5 my vacation begins lol.

    Thanks for the pickmonkey tutorial. I am new to using it and could use any help I can get lol.

  3. Karey @ Nutty About Health

    Great tutorial! I use Picmonkey for a lot of my images too. I usually start with a blank document in Photoshop… not sure if there’s a way to start with a blank canvas in Picmonkey either. lol

    My holiday starts Thursday… Thanksgiving brunch out with my family, then going to go see my husband’s side for a bit. Still doing schoolwork M-W since I go online at the moment. 😉

    1. Katie Post author

      Picmonkey really should have a blank document to start with, but I guess they assume people only use it for their images?

  4. Lia

    Oh, that looks pretty easy. Cool, thanks! I just get Weds off, though I was given priority to take more time off if I wanted to. I’ll be gone almost all of December, so I figured I’d stick around for Thanksgiving. Enjoy your easy week!

  5. Erin @ Loop Looks

    So far it looks like PicMonkey has the best overlay options! Definitely using this next time I need to add arrows or such to my photos.

    My holiday starts with me leaving work early on Wednesday to get my hair cut! I can tell it’s getting too long when the waviness looks more ridiculous than cute.

  6. Tina @ Best Body Fitness

    Awesome. Especially the part on how you get the blank background. I didn’t even think to do that obvious step. I always create a collage and don’t add picture and just use the background color to make a blank canvas. It’s definitely unnecessary extra steps and a pain to make work. So thank you for the heads up on the blank image!

    1. Katie Post author

      No problem, just a little creativity! I work so much with paint and picmonkey that it just made sense to me!

  7. Larissa

    Can I just say I love you?!?! Thank you sooo much for posting this. I have been wanting to make these cool workout templates for so long 🙂

  8. Katie H.

    Thanks for this! I’ve been playing around with Picmonkey since your first post on it, and was trying SO HARD to figure out how you got a blank white background. Now, I kind of feel like saying, “Duh!” to myself 🙂

  9. {Moni} @ Moni Meals

    Hi from Moni-FFA!
    Wow! This is great. THANK YOU! Can you help me with this one question though that I have? You see,I am super slow! :)….
    but is pic monkey available if you do not have a MAC and it is not an app for an i-phone either, correct? I tried and had no luck finding it. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you and I LOVE YOUR Site!
    Great tips and I have to get on this as I am a trainer and chef and could do SO much with it. 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      I don’t have a mac, it’s just a website, not anthing that you download. And I don’t believe there’s an iphone app, again, just a website!

  10. Tamara

    Brilliant! I spent 2 hours last week trying to figure out how to make a plain background. Ended up giving up and doing it all in Pages (very inferior to PicMonkey).

    Thanks so much for sharing this (in hindsight!) very obvious way to do it! Sometimes it’s so easy to try and make life complicated….

    You rock!

  11. STUFT Mama

    You are AWESOME for sharing this! And this might be a very dumb question, but how do I make a paint document? I don’t even know how to do that. Ugh.

  12. Kelly @foodiefresh

    You can also choose a square overlay and lay it over any photo so that you can’t see the photo at all. Then save it as “white” or “blank” as I usually do. Then upload it anytime you need a white background. This saves you from having to use two different programs.

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