WIAW–Clean Out The Fridge

Hellooooooooo from Kansas City! My flight yesterday went very smoothly and I am home with my family! Well… with my parents since my older brother isn’t coming home for Thanksgiving and my younger brother moved into his own apartment!

Anyway, I’m sure you all have traveling and cooking to get back to, so let’s get on to What I Ate Wednesday! If you are new to WIAW, head over to Peas and Crayons to see what it’s all about and find other participating blogs!

Peas and Crayons

This week’s WIAW is from Monday, and shows my attempt to clean everything out of my fridge before I left! I decided to sleep in on Monday and do my workout later, so breakfast was a sweet potato, two eggs and some sliced bell peppers (sriracha added after photo).

photo 1 (4)

Then I was off to class! For snacks, I had a Health Warrior Chia Bar, which I’m loving right now…

photo 2 (3)

And then a banana on the way home! I knew I was going to make lunch when I got home but my stomach was growling and I just couldn’t wait a whole hour!

photo 3 (3)

For lunch, I cut up two chicken sausages from Trader Joe’s and sauteed them with spinach and eggplant.

photo 4 (1)

And a Dark Chocolate Hersey’s Kiss for dessert!

photo 2 (1)

After lunch I read a few blogs, and then went to run some errands. One of them brought me near my froyo place, so I stopped in! When she checked off my sheet, I saw I hadn’t been in for weeks!!! Blasphemy! (for new readers, I won a year of free froyo!).

photo 1 (5)

After errands, I stopped by my brother and sister-in-law’s to see this gorgeous face!

photo 3 (4)

After hanging out with her a while and then taking her to the park, it was time for the gym! However I was feeling a little hungry so I snagged a brown rice cake (thanks lauren…!) and topped it with some salsa. I only ended up eating about half because it was more filling than I expected.

photo 5 (3)

After my workout, I headed home and showered and then made some dinner! It will look very familiar…. This time I sautéed two chicken sausages with eggplant and bell peppers! Haha thrilling, but delicious.

photo (4)

I ended the evening with some strawberry protein ice cream. Perfection.

photo (5)

Do you eat weird meals to clear out your fridge before traveling?

Are you a snacker or do you prefer just three big meals?

42 thoughts on “WIAW–Clean Out The Fridge

  1. Eating 4 Blanace

    That sweet potato for breakfast looks so good! I eating some grapes right now waiting for my butternut squash to cook in the microwave. I’m so hungry! Haha. 🙂

    None of your combos look strange to me. Just delicious!

    I’m definitely a snacker. I’ve tried the three-a-day thing. Epic Fail.

  2. Angela @ Health's Angel

    I’m definitely a smaller meals with snacks in between kind of person. I won a box of those Health Warrior bars (coconut!) and I can’t wait to try them. I’ll probably have one this afternoon.
    Eggplant is a veggie that always forget about, even though I love it!

  3. molly @ heart, sole & cereal

    i am super jealous that you got home without a hitch but i’m glad i have lots of blogs to keep me entertained on my delayed flight. i love those chicken sausages – which reminds me, i have some in my freezer that i want to eat. i definitely do weird meals to clean out my fridge. typically i just start throwing everything in sight into either a scramble, a salad, or toss them between bread and call it a sandwich. some combos work better than others, lol.

  4. Chelsie @ Balance, Not Scale

    So jealous of your froyo for a year!! I would be overjoyed just to have froyo near me, none-the-less win some weekly for 52 weeks!
    I love tossing together fridge left-overs. However, my Dad and I tend to just let the other person know that our fridge left-overs are up for grabs if we’re going away or aren’t going to be able to finish them before they go bad. Wait. Nix that. That’s what my Dad does. 😉 I don’t often go away, and so sharing isn’t really necessary.

  5. Lindsay @ Running the Windy City

    I definitely clear out my fridge before I leave. I always tell myself not to buy so many veggies/fruit on weeks I know I’m going out of town but I always end up with too many.

    I totally agree about the brown rice cakes being surprisingly filling! I bought some to eat before runs but switched to the white rice cakes because they were lighter and easier to eat pre-workout.

    Have fun with your family and happy early Thanksgiving!!

    1. Katie Post author

      yea, I was expecting it to be more like the white rice ones, lol which are practically like air!

    1. Katie Post author

      Haha sadly I don’t get too creative with it, mostly because I don’t go every week (I only get it once a week)

  6. Courtney

    That froyo looks yummy. 🙂 I don’t often go on trips long enough to have to clean my fridge out completely, but I usually put together more snack-ish/sampler meals during that time – whatever works!

  7. Lia

    I’ve been thinking about Sweet potatoes for a while, now. I think this is a sign for me to get some in my belly. I do try to clean out my fridge before I leave, but that is usually the time I come up with my most elaborate and tasty dishes, strangely enough. I think it is because I’m trying to think of the best way to use as many things as possible and I come up with new ways to bring flavors together. I love the “clear out the fridge” time. I need meals, but I also snack if necessary. I like meals to be smaller and lighter, so to some it is considered snacking, I just consider it lots of meals hehehe

  8. GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I always make sure to clean out my fridge… The other day I ate mussels… Just mussels, nothing else, cause they were in there and just needed to be consumed, LOL! They actually weren’t bad by themselves 😉

    Oh and I am totally a 3 meals girl, no snacking for me!

  9. Emma @ Barefoot Baker

    Haha I totally did this today too–I actually ate leftover vegan shepherd’s pie for breakfast! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

    By the way I am doing a sunwarrior giveaway on my blog, I would be so thankful if you promoted it!

  10. Devon @ Health in Equilibrium

    I kind of love clean out the fridge days. I end up making (random, but) wicked omelets, salads and stir frys. And I’m TOTALLY a snacker! I can’t handle only a few big meals. Snacking keeps my energy up, plus I just love food, so having it more often works for me 🙂

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