Things I’m Loving Lately

I think it’s time for another post about things that I’m enjoying in my daily life right now! Everything below I purchased myself except for the Skoop Protein Powder & a few Fabletics items – but my review for that is 100% honest. Enjoy!


1. A few weeks ago Skoop  sent me a package with their protein powder and a few other products to try out. Their plant-based protein powder is called B-Strong and contains 160 calories, 16 g of protein and 6g of fiber and a complete profile of amino acids. It also contains prebiotics to help your gut absorb nutrients.

Skoop Protein Powder

I put protein powder in my oatmeal every morning to give it some extra staying powder so I did the same with Skoop. I can definitely taste that there is protein powder in there (mostly based on texture) but it actually mixes a lot better than I anticipated and it’s really grown on me – I’m going to be sad when the bag is empty! One thing I love about the company is that a portion of their proceeds goes to a national nonprofit called the Chef Ann Cooper Foundation, which works to put fresh produce and nutritional education into schools. Seeing as I now work at a nonprofit, I appreciate that they donate!


2. This week is the third week in the past month that I’ve made this for my work lunches… It’s so easy and delicious, except in mine I don’t use onion, I add in broccoli, and I use ground beef instead of italian sausage:

spaghetti squash casserole


3. Fabletics contacted me to send me an outfit for review – but let’s be honest, I was already a huge fan and spending my own money on their products.Every month you have the option of getting a whole outfit for $50 (your first month it’s only TWENTY FIVE!), or opting out for that month. I love how inexpensive the clothes are but they are SUCH GOOD QUALITY. Seriously, it’s a big win-win situation. If you’re interested, you can sign up here.


4. I got this candle about a month ago and I’ve already burnt through the whole thing. It smells amazing and I am obsessed.



5. About a year ago I told myself I’d buy new riding boots when I got a job. Well… a year later I finally saw that a pair I’ve been eyeing went on sale at Nordstrom so I took the plunge! In love:


6. I’ve been listening to these for a few months now but I don’t know if I ever mentioned them on the blog. There’s a church that has an app called Elevation Church where you can listen to their sermons for free and I love them!

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 6.15.29 AM

7. My 2 month Piyo program ended and I was in serious need of a break from Piyo workouts so I’m back on the TIU weekly workout plan band-wagon! I’ll be sure to do a review of Piyo soon!

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 6.15.53 AM

8. This Quote:


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What is something that you love right now? 

Have you ever tried Fabletics? Or Tone It Up? 

What is a favorite recent purchase? 

26 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Lately

    1. Katie Post author

      I really, really needed a new pair though, for over a year. Haha definitely justifies the purchase.

  1. Lia @ Luscious Living

    Those riding boots are sweet! Good choice! Also, it is VERY cool that Scoop donates. It always makes me feel better about spending money on something that isn’t super necessary, but something I enjoy, when I know that it gives back in some way. That’s good to know. I wonder if they sell in stores or only online.

  2. Sam @ PancakeWarriors

    Way to pick up a great pair of riding boots – love! Elevation church is actually based out of my area – it’s insanely popular – glad you were able to find the app! The quote has to be my favorite thing you posted – amazing!

    1. Katie Post author

      Yes, I’ve done a little research on the church and the pastor. It seems like the sermons are quite a spectacle! Haha although I do love the message.

  3. Angela @ HonestlyAngela

    Those boots are perfect! I have never tried fabletics, but I ordered an outfit for the first time a couple days ago. I have heard so many good things about their workout clothes so I can’t wait to get it!

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