Grapefruit Chia Seed Cocktail

I’ve posted several recipes on this blog, but never have I posted a cocktail. Well, today that changes, and all in honor of my good friend Nicole!

Why? Because Nicole is having a BABY!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!

I met Nicole at Health Living Summit in 2013 when I asked to join a group in sharing a room and her group kindly included me! Little did I know they’d be some amazing friends that I ended up visiting in Phoenix last winter!

A few bloggers and I decided to link up and throw Nicole a “virtual baby shower.” Her three favorite things are pizza, brownies and cocktails, so all the recipes are for one of those three.

cocktail 2

Now let me be honest – I didn’t actually make up this recipe. My dear friend Sarah did and she is pure genius. She loves drinks with chia seeds so after putting them in various kinds of juices, she eventually came up with this lovely recipe (yes – she is allowing me to post it :))

cocktail 3

Chia Seed Grapefruit Cocktail


1/2 T dry chia seeds or 2 T pre-soaked chia seeds (in water)

1/2-1 cup grapefruit juice (depends on how strong you want it ;))

1.5 liquid ounces of vodka


Directions: Add ice and chia seeds to glass. Pour in grapefruit juice and vodka, then mix thoroughly. Enjoy! Haha so simple!

cocktail 1

This may sound completely insane, but I promise you it was delicious. She loves it, I love it, everybody loves it! It’s also good without the vodka if that’s your thing…

cocktail 4



Congratulations Nicole!!!!

Boozy Red Velvet Hot Chocolate from Ari’s Menu
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White Pizza with Bacon, Basil & Tomatoes from Eating Bender

Have you ever invented your own cocktail? 

Have you ever had or been to a baby shower? 

don’t worry – over your oats will be back tomorrow! 

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