6 Tips For Creating Healthy Habits

A great deal of our life is dictated by our subconscious, rather than our conscious decisions. But creating new habits takes a lot of conscious decision-making and energy. It’s not about willpower, because that always runs out. You want to turn these everyday choices you make to be healthier into subconscious habits, and here are a few tips to do so!

creating healthy habits

Small Steps

Trying to change your entire lifestyle in one day or one week can be incredibly overwhelming. Start with small steps and add IN healthy habits. Don’t think of it as deprivation!

Use Triggers

When you do things like have a cup of cofee or lemon water every morning and then workout out after, you’re setting a mental trigger so that eventually it will be a habit you don’t think about. Coffee? Check. Time to workout!

Do It Early

If your habit can be done in the morning, I highly suggest doing so! The earlier you can get it done during the day, the less stress and anxiety you’ll feel about getting it done and the less likely other things will get in the way.

Make a Visual

I am definitely a visual person, so putting up quotes or using an inspiration board can be helpful. It’s a visual reminder that these small daily steps will get you to how you want to feel.

Make It Convenient

If it’s not convenient, it’s likely going to fall to the wayside. For example, meal prepping makes eating healthy convenient, as does keeping healthy snacks in your bag so you don’t reach for something else! Or working out at home as opposed to dragging yourself outside to commute to the stuido or gym every morning.

Make It Fun

If you don’t enjoy your workout, or don’t like the food you’re preparing, or whatever it is- you will eventually start to feel deprived of daily fun. Choose things that you LIKE to eat or LIKE to do, that way you’re having a little fun with it and making it easier to stick to your goals!


In an effort to help women stick to their health-related New Years resolutions, I’m going to be running a Free, 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge!

clean eating challenge

The challenge is run through a facebook group and you’ll get access to:

+ Daily checkins for accountability

+ Daily informational and motivational posts

+ A “Prep Guide” to help you meal plan and set yourself up for success

+ A group of women who are all in this together

+ Simple tips for whether you’re used to “clean eating” or you’re a beginner

+ Flexibility to make the program fit YOUR goals

If you’re interested in joining, shoot me an email at peaceloveandoats@gmail.com! 


What habit would you recommend to help people stick to goals?

Did you start the New Year with resolutions? 

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