Thursday Thoughts

1. Hey friends! How are you today!? I’m a little rough this morning… I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t stop debating whether or not to go to Beachbody Summit this year. I already bought my ticket and my hotel, but I haven’t paid for travel yet. Of course, that price just keeps going up and up, which is making this decision harder and harder! Neither option is a 100% good choice so I’m really struggling but also need to decide ASAP! BAH.

Edited: Ticket purchased!!! Hopefully I sleep well tonight… 

2. In more fun news, our first grade gets chicken eggs from 4-H every year to learn about how to incubate eggs and how they hatch and become baby chicks. Guess what? They just hatched! I got to see them in the process but here’s a picture of them all cute and fluffy!

3. This past weekend, I went to Omaha with my friend Maddie! I was surprised that it was a little more “hip” than I anticipated, but it’s definitely SMALL! We had a good time though!

4. The funniest part of our trip was the fact that our Air BnB was directly across the street from a correctional facility… no joke. This was in DOWNTOWN Omaha. We were dying. It’s not a Maddie/Katie trip without something like this happening.

5. One afternoon I saw TWO Harry Potter bumper stickers! Big day.

6. Can we talk about the fact that it’s snowing? We’re supposed to have graduation outdoors on Saturday morning… I have a feeling we’ll be on to plan B.

7. How cute is this!?!

8. Happy Thursday!

Your Turn!

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever stayed?

Do you have stickers on your car?