Testimonies from previous challengers:

“What I am most pleased with after this is that I was really healthy, but I still allowed for treats and still consistently lost a bit of weight without over-exercising.”

“I feel much healthier, less sluggish. My cravings for bad food have decreased as the days went on.”

“I am loving Shakeology! I have tried other protein powders and have been pleasantly surprised at how filling and tasty it is. The weekends have been the hardest time for me to fit in workouts but I love them and feel stronger and more balanced to run and prepare for the 10K that I signed up for.”

“It’s been hard to break myself out of the habit of being inactive and snacking on any carby sweet that comes my way. Knowing I would have to be accountable at the end of the day definitely helped through those moments when I was choosing to keep with the plan or not.”

“A few inches and pounds lost but the most exciting thing is that I feel stronger and more confident! My clothes fit better and my endurance has increased. I was brave this last weekend and tried on my summer shorts and swimsuit and was pleased at the results! My shorts that were snug last year were a little loose and I felt so much more confident in my swimsuit than I ever remember being. I am excited to keep working with the 21 Day Fix, drink Shakeology, and continue my healthier, more balanced lifestyle :D.”


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