The Gratitude Project

On October 24th, 2016, I challenged myself to writing down three new things I’m grateful for every single day. If you want to join me, feel free to leave what you’re grateful for in the comments or link here from your blog <3  xo Katie



  1. Spending “fun” time with my work team.
  2. A gorgeous hike!
  3. Mall time with Maddie


  1. Getting out of my comfort zone with a new group.
  2. A little piano time.
  3. Delicious coffee 🙂


  1. Getting to swim in the pool during the evening.
  2. Getting my project done only 45 min after work finished.
  3. A good morning workout!


  1. Not having to go into work.
  2. Lazy time.
  3. Being calm about dog sitting and living somewhere else all week.


  1. Getting to know Carey better
  2. A delicious breakfast
  3. Getting to explore more of New Orleans


  1. Being sad it’s the last day (means I’m glad I went!)
  2. Getting to know newer girls.
  3. Another good day at the convention


  1. Hanging out with everyone during the conference
  2. Being touristy with my team in the evening!
  3. Hanging out with Susie!


  1. The knowledge that putting myself out there always results in good things.
  2. Safe travels.
  3. Seeing my team!


  1. Being extra productive at work.
  2. A good talk in the afternoon.
  3. Not over-eating in the evening when it’s become a habit.


  1. Loving a new church.
  2. Running into an old friend at church!
  3. Lots and lots of Grey’s Anatomy 🙂


  1. Getting work done at Starbucks again.
  2. Chick-fil-a salads.
  3. Being productive but relaxing plenty as well.


  1. Two day weeks.
  2. Feeling good enough to go work on my own stuff after work.
  3. Trying the pink drink!


  1. Getting lots to do. Even though it was overwhelming, it makes me feel more needed at work.
  2. Seeing Lea again!
  3. Lunch with the lunch bunch.


  1. A lazy morning in Colorado Springs.
  2. Spending time with Addie before she left.
  3. My parents <3


  1. Fireworks with the whole family.
  2. Finding Molly (and weirdly enjoying walking around the golf course in the dark).
  3. Hiking the 7 Bridges trail.


  1. Having fun playing golf with my family.
  2. Addie loving me 🙂
  3. Seeing how much Addie loves the pool.


  1. My whole family being together.
  2. MOLLY!
  3. Having some quiet time.


  1. Air conditioning
  2. Seeing my little brother
  3. A wonderfully lazy morning.


  1. Decorating Bill’s office
  2. Walking around Wash Park with Lea
  3. Leaving early 😀


  1. A good (and quick) evaluation at work.
  2. Beautiful evening for a walk!
  3. A cute first grader who is so happy when she sees me!


  1. Running errands during the day with coworkers.
  2. A nice, relaxing morning routine.
  3. Getting to paint at work… #artsandcrafts


  1. Getting to see my friend Lindsay!
  2. Work going by quickly 😉
  3. Going to bed on time!


  1. Being okay with taking a rest day.
  2. Halo Top Ice Cream.
  3. Stephanie Meyer.


  1. My in-the-moment courage.
  2. New, welcoming friends.
  3. Paella.


  1. Eating a big breakfast without guilt.
  2. Being able to relax in CO Springs.
  3. My mom 🙂


  1. Being brave enough to say yes and go out of my comfort zone
  2. A cooler evening for sleeping!
  3. A great off-campus meeting at Starbucks


  1. Target (no explanation needed)
  2. Coworkers who are becoming friends
  3. Cute little kids.


  1. Having the courage and a safe space to share my truth
  2. Seeing SAMMY at school!
  3. No boss at work all week 😉


  1. Gorgeous weather and a good night’s sleep
  2. My favorite breakfast (gluten free pancakes!)
  3. A relaxing (not scary!) Sunday


  1. Being invited to Alex’s shower and seeing her again!
  2. Loving Alex’s friends
  3. Hanging out with Addie et. al.!


  1. Being able to recover from ABBA…
  2. Being able to say NO to something I really don’t want to do
  3. Netflix.


  1. Getting to see ABBA with Maddie!
  2. Making new friends at ABBA
  3. Seeing raccoons! So cool 🙂


  1. Never having to take care of those dogs again…
  2. A good church service
  3. Nice weather for dog-walking.


  1. Getting to babysit Addie!
  2. Exploring a new neighborhood (no matter how odd…)
  3. Learning patience


  1. Going paddleboarding for the first time!
  2. Seeing an ELK!!!
  3. Taking a day off of work 🙂


  1. Walking during lunchtime.
  2. Getting errands DONE!
  3. America’s Got Talent YouTube videos.


  1. Getting new dog sitting jobs (being trusted!).
  2. “Summer hours” at work.
  3. Light in the morning hours for running.


Day TWENTY – 11/19/2016

  1. Tea for when I feel like mixing things up.
  2. Sunshine to calm me.
  3. A cozy warm home.

Day NINETEEN – 11/18/2016

  1. The kind man at the national park who told me all about the history of Florissant.
  2. Getting to take the time to go see the fossilized redwood trees.
  3. Having the time and energy to get work done at my favorite coffee shop.


Day EIGHTEEN – 11/17/2016

  1. Almond milk lattes.
  2. The first snow of the season.
  3. Comfy local coffee shops.

Day SEVENTEEN – 11/16/2016

  1. Having a great chat with Hadley.
  2. Almost enjoying my workout! Getting better!
  3. My adorable new phone case!

Day SIXTEEN – 11/15/2016

  1. Amy Lee for calling me just when I needed it.
  2. Being able to get in to see my doctor immediately.
  3. This is weird, but Walmart. I had to walk around to wait for my prescription and it was so relaxing.

Day FIFTEEN – 11/14/2016

  1. Meeting with my NEW BOSS and feeling excited about my job.
  2. Having people who are excited for me.
  3. The ability to give myself grace and forgive myself for bad choices.

Day FOURTEEN – 11/13/2016

  1. Safe and easy traveling.
  2. Having the freedom to just rest and relax on Sunday.
  3. My favorite comfy couch to relax on.

Day THIRTEEN – 11/12/2016

  1. Ella for being a great hostess.
  2. Muir woods for calming me down.
  3. Courtney for being fun and lifting my mood!

Day TWELVE – 11/11/2016

  1. Julie Parker for making a speech that reignited me passion for being a coach!
  2. Anna, for being my rock when I was a bit of an emotional mess.
  3. The opportunity and experience of the Beautiful You Inspiration Day in San Francisco!


Day ELEVEN – 11/10/2016

  1. That I’m able to go to San Francisco and meet some amazing women.
  2. My Mom for always listening and making me feel better.
  3. Sunshine today and having the time to take a short walk.

Missed a few! I give myself permission to mess up and jump back in! 

Day TEN – 11/2/2016

  1. Crisp Fall air and leaves during my walk
  2. Getting through my morning work without anxiety
  3. My comfy patagonia 🙂

Day NINE – 11/1/2016

  1. My family for wanting to give me help and advice.
  2. Christmas movies
  3. Easy access to medicine

Day EIGHT – 10/31/2016

  1. Being able to take a mid-day nap
  2. Having the opportunity for another interview
  3. My teammates for being pumped about Core De Force and getting me even more excited!

Day SEVEN – 10/30/2016

  1. Being 29 years old!
  2. Birthday brunch with my friends
  3. Getting to spend time with Alex


Day SIX – 10/29/2016

  1. Getting to do a live workout with Joel & Jericho
  2. Recognizing how far I’ve come with social anxiety
  3. Sarah’s engagement!

Day FIVE – 10/28/2016

  1. No-chip manicures
  2. Picking up with friends like I was never gone
  3. Meeting my friend’s baby!


Day FOUR – 10/27/2016

  1. My interview going well and being calm!
  2. The Timothy Study Alex suggested to get me back into God’s word
  3. Podcasts to teach me things and keep me sane during all the driving I do.

Day THREE – 10/26/2016

  1. Friends who are praying for me.
  2. My blog as a platform for my thoughts and creative energy.
  3. This view:


Day TWO – 10/25/2016

  1. A brother who loves to give interview advice.
  2. Caroline for sending me a sweet birthday gift!
  3. The fact that I have an interview to be nervous FOR!

Day ONE – 10/24/2016

  1. Chip & Joanna Gaines for being a great example of a Christian marriage.
  2. How the sun warms the house in the afternoon.
  3. The fact that I could go for a three-mile run this morning just because I felt like it.