BBC Week 2–Workout Roundup

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend, I’m writing this ahead of time, so I don’t know if I am or not! Ha, let’s hope so. Anyway, this weekend was the end of week 2 (of 8) of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, and the end of the first of four phases! I liked this phase a lot because we did a lot with dumbells, which is helpful for balancing out each side. I also loved workout C, which was about building balanced leg strength (something I really need to work on!).

Alright, let’s take a look at last week’s workouts. I didn’t workout on Sunday, so a few days got shifted around:

Sunday Monday – Workout A (strength) plus 20 minutes of steady state cardio

Monday  Tuesday – Cardio intervals (on the BBC plan)

Tuesday Wednesday – Workout B (strength) plus 20 minutes of steady state cardio

Wednesday Thursday – Cardio intervals (on the BBC plan)

Thursday – ZUMBA! 50 minutes elliptical and incline walking…

FridayREST DAY Workout C + 10 min elliptical + 10 min rowing

SaturdayMuddy Monk 10K! 50 minutes easy elliptical/biking/walking

As you can see above I had to back out of the Muddy Monk 10K. My IT band flared up after running 4 miles on Tuesday and did not improve in the slightest. I knew even attempting it would be stupid so I chose not to run it. Not going to lie, I was frustrated and upset. But that’s life, right?


Here is a look at next week’s workouts:


Sunday – REST

Monday – Workout A + Cardio intervals

Tuesday – Cardio + Core workout

Wednesday – Workout B + 20 minutes steady state cardio

Thursday – Cardio + Core workout (Zumba only if my IT band is better)

Friday – Workout C + Cardio intervals

Saturday – ??? depends on IT band or REST

Sunday – REST

I’m excited to try the workouts in this phase because we use pulsing reps… I don’t think I’ve ever done this kind of workout before so it will be interesting to try! I know they’re very effective in strength classes I’ve taken!

And just so I don’t leave you all hanging, here’s a sneak peak into my weekend…

photo 369542

PROM DRESS! Awkward closet selfie… I had to show Kelsey after I bought it since she was very involved in my dress search…


What’s the best thing you did this weekend?


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Chocolate Oat Bran & BBC Week 1

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all having a good weekend! Mine is going well, although I have to say my throat is not so happy – still not showing much improvement although I did get it checked and at least it’s not strep! Just have to ride it out I guess… obnoxious.

You know what makes up for it though? This AMAZING Chocolate Protein Oatbran I’ve been eating since spring break a few weeks ago! I made it every single day while I was there and I’m FINALLY sharing the recipe today! First though, let’s take a look at last week’s workouts and then what I have coming up for this week. As you all remember, I started Best Body Boot Camp at the beginning of last week and so far so good! My only complaint – my legs are SO SORE! Haha it makes running harder (as does my throat) so I ended up skipping out on a LOT of running/cardio this week.

Sunday – Workout A (strength) plus 20 minutes of steady state cardio

Monday – Cardio intervals (on the BBC plan)

Tuesday – Workout B (strength) plus 20 minutes of steady state cardio

WednesdayCardio intervals (on the BBC plan) REST DAY (my throat needed it)

ThursdayRest Day (maybe a yoga class or zumba…) ZUMBA! + 15 min elliptical

Friday5-6 mile run Workout C + 10 min elliptical + 15 min incline walking

SaturdayWorkout C (circuit style workout) “REST DAY”

As you can see, I still managed to get 5 official workouts in, including all three strength workouts for boot camp. I put “rest day” on Saturday in quotation marks because I spent 4 hours Friday and 6 hours Saturday on my feet walking around tying to find a dress for an event I’m going to. No luck, but I was exhausted and my feet hurt. Hence the bonus rest day on Saturday. When I got home I only had about 2.5 hours until I needed to leave and meet up with Lindsay to watch the Michigan game, so I took those hours to lay down. Throat + shopping + unexpectedly waking up at 4am three days in a row was not conducive to a workout. Haha it was conducive to watching Once Upon a Time/attempting to nap.

Here is what I have coming up for this week:

april 7th

Sunday – Workout A (strength) plus 20 minutes of steady state cardio

Monday – Cardio intervals (on the BBC plan)

Tuesday – Workout B (strength) plus 20 minutes of steady state cardio

Wednesday – Cardio intervals (on the BBC plan)

Thursday – ZUMBA!

Friday – REST DAY

Saturday – Muddy Monk 10K!


Saturday is the Muddy Monk Double Down 10K/20K, which I’m nervous about since I haven’t actually been running too much recently, but I know it will be fun which is the whole point. It’s a 10K course and while you’re running you can choose to either stop at 10K or do the loop a second time for 20K. Obviously I’m only doing 10… but it’s a fun concept plus I LOVE trail races so it should be fun.

Now, what I know you were all waiting for – the recipe!

photo 1 (11)

Chocolate Protein Oat Bran


1/3-1/2 Cup Oat Bran

1/2 cup milk (I use almond milk)

1 cup water (+ more if necessary)

1 tsp psyllium husk (optional)

1 T cocoa powder

1 scoop protein powder (can also use 3 egg whites or 1 whole egg)

1 packet stevia (2 if using psyllium husk)


Heat oat bran, milk and water on stove until it’s partially cooked (still plenty of liquid left). Mix in stevia, cocoa powder and psyllium husk. If using the psyllium husk, after a minute or so it will significantly thicken your oat bran. I often add a bit more water at this point so there is enough to help mix in the protein powder, usually about 1/4 cup. Add in protein powder and mix until at your desired thickness. Top with PB/AB and fruit, and serve!


If using the psyllium husk, it does give it a bit more of a “weird” taste, which is why I add an extra packet of stevia. Why do I add psyllium husk? Well, personally, it helps with my digestion, plus I like the bonus volume. You could also use flax or chia seeds instead if that’s what you have, since those are great sources of Omega 3s. Mess with mix-ins and toppings – this is a pretty basic recipe that you can do anything with!


Do you workout much when you have a sore throat/cough? How do you handle it?

Ever have chocolate for breakfast? What flavor oat bran would you invent if you could make any flavor?

Best Body Boot Camp Review

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I hope you all have had a good week, and that those of you who celebrate Christmas are gearing up for a great long weekend! I am SO EXCITED For today to be OVER! I have my last final tonight at 6pm (seriously, could we drag this out any longer??) and then it’s home to finish packing, get some sleep and head to KANSAS CITY in the morning! Who wouldn’t be pumped for 8 hours in the car with this face?:


Granted, she’ll probably look more like this:


Basically, I’m excited. Just ready to go home and enjoy my last ever winter break! I do, however, have a serious hurdle to get over before I go home: I am sick. Legitimate fever last night, couldn’t sleep, want to die, whole body hurts, sick. I have 4 things I have to do today and they all sound daunting: walk Neville (my goldfish) to my brother’s apartment so they can take care of him while I’m gone for a month, pick up a prescription, pack, and go all the way down to school to take a final. I’m really hoping I start feeling better… Right now I’m going to try and go back to bed… Wish me luck!

So I mentioned on Sunday that I’d do a final re-cap of Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp this week, so here we go!


From Tina’s Site:

The Best Body Fitness site focuses on all around health and wellness. I firmly believe that a body treated well and challenged to achieve new heights is our own, personal “best body”. Stronger or leaner may be a side effect, but the focus is on a healthier and happier you through living a fit lifestyle. I want to extend that goal and motivation to all people, while also showing that fitness can be FUN. Enter Best Body Bootcamp!

Bootcamp is an 8 week program, broken up into 4 phases, each lasting two weeks long. For each phase we are given 3 strength workouts: A, B, & C. We do them in one week, and then repeat them in the second week of that phase. She also gives us up to two cardio workouts a week. These are some of my favorite because I can make up my own HIIT workouts, but I prefer following ones that she’s put together. Finally, the 6th day of the week is cardio of choice or an extra rest day, and the 7th day is a rest day.

A great part about Tina’s Bootcamp is how flexible it is. At the end of each workout document she sends out she includes modifications for each move depending on if you want to make it easier, harder or do it at home without gym equipment.

Another thing I love? The accountability. There is a facebook group where we can all ask questions and encourage one another. I find myself checking it all the time! We also are each sent a google document where kept track of 2 goals per week and our workouts. You earn points for filling out the form and can win prizes, including a cash prize at the end. Here’s an example of one of my weeks:


I enjoy participating in the bootcamp for both the accountability and it’s a great way to mix up my workout routine. I don’t always love the workouts (as I mentioned in previous posts, the circuit/burpee phase was not my favorite) but that’s okay, because I modified it for myself. Then there are other phases where I learn new techniques that I absolutely love! Plus, it’s only eight weeks so I feel like the constant change in phases makes time fly by!

If you’re interested in participating in the next phase of Bootcamp (ALL NEW workouts – she doesn’t recycle!) then visit THIS SITE for more information. It’s only $25 for 8 weeks and part of that goes towards the $$ prizes at the end.

The next round of bootcamp begins January 7th and registration closes on December 31st! If you have more questions, check out the FAQ page.


Have you ever followed an organized workout plan?


Are you a part of an facebook group pages that you participate in a lot?

BBC–Week 6

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! I have a very busy weekend, but everything planned is a lot of fun and I get to see a lot of people, so it’s alright by me! I’m also excited because this upcoming week is my last week of classes and they’re all make-up days for the days we missed over the semester for holidays. In other words, several are cancelled because the teachers didn’t need the extra day!


This past week was week 6 for Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp, which means we only have 2 weeks and one phase left! As I mentioned last week, I’m editing the workouts for this week. Although I’m following the general plan of 3 days of strength and then cardio/intervals, I’m not really doing the workouts… As I said before I’m not a circuit/burpee fan so if I’m dreading the workout then that just doesn’t make it fun for me. Am I being a baby about it? Yea. Am I okay with that? Yea. Right now I have too much stress to not look forward to my workouts!

Anyway, speech over. Here were my workouts this past week:

Monday – 20 minute elliptical warm up, then a full body strength workout. I love making up my own strength workouts while I’m at the gym. My only rule is that I do supersets, which means I do exercise A, then exercise B, then back to A for set 2 and so on until I do 3 sets of each exercise. That way I’m not sitting between sets, much more efficient!

Tuesday – 50 minutes of cardio on various machines. This included a .5 mile run after which I decided not to run for 2 weeks… ugh.

Wednesday – 30 minutes of upper-body supersets with cardio mixed in. To keep my heart rate up, I did 10 minutes of warm up on the elliptical, then after each superset I jumped back on for 5 minutes. Did 30 minutes total on the elliptical.

Thursday – Spinning! I needed to workout super early Thursday so I could shower and then walk to my PT appointment at 7:30, so I figured the 5:45am spinning class would get my butt out the door. Unfortunately afterwards my PT told me spinning is doing no favors to my IT band… So no more of that.

Friday – REST

Saturday – Yoga Sculpt at Core Power Yoga. I’ll talk more about this when I re-cap my weekend, but I went to a sculpt class since I’d gone a few times last year thinking it would be fun. Oh it was fun, and ROUGH! Haha I am so sore this morning!

Sunday – ?? Haven’t decided! As I’m writing this I kind of want to just go get some school work done since I’ve done zero this weekend before the events I have to attend later. So today might be another rest day, or I might try and work in some long walks. Either way I think I’ll be taking it easier, I just want to move a bit to help with my soreness.


Here is my workout plan for next week:

Dec 3 workouts

We got the FINAL PHASE from Tina a few days ago and I’m really excited about it! This phase includes several tabata style workouts, and I love that because you only have to do the move for 20 seconds (with 10 seconds rest) a few times. For some reason it seems so much more manageable to me if you just have to push it for 20 seconds and then you get a break!

I’m also traveling to Charleston, SC on Thursday evening this week for a wedding on Saturday, and then coming back on Sunday afternoon. I don’t know what my plans are on Friday yet, so if I can work in an at-home version of Workout C from Boot camp, that’s great. Or I might try and take a class for fun because I think they have a barre class studio on the roof of a building! And if I don’t workout? That’s okay too.

Saturday I know I’m going to Jazzercise with my friend Amy Lee. We went for a little over a year together about 4 times a week and loved it. I miss going with her! Then Sunday I know I’ll be booked so I’m calling that a rest day so I can focus on enjoying my time there and not worrying about exercise.

I’m excited! It will be a busy week but hopefully a good one!


What’s your favorite exercise class?

Do you try and plan workouts when you travel, or do you take off?

BBC–Week 5

Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a great holiday weekend. I’m heading back to Chicago today and back to reality… Not super pumped about that, but oh well. What can you do? I’ve had a great time here at home, especially just the down time which, if you follow me on istagram, you’ve seen a bit of!

Pizza and movie night with the family:

photo 2 (7)

Doing some school work at my favorite local coffee shop: photo 3 (7)

I also loved having access to a CAR! It’s amazing just being able to hop in the car and drive around and run errands, leaving my bags in the car and not carrying them everywhere! Oh how I miss that…

While I was home over Thanksgiving I managed to get in a workout every day, although I took a much more relaxed approach to it. Here are my workouts from this past week:

Monday – Workout A from Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. This phase of bootcamp includes weeks 5 & 6, and the workouts are in a circuit format. I, however, am not a huge circuit fan, especially when the workout contains a total of 9 minutes of burpees… I did the workout but I replaced the burpees with other things. I was feeling exhausted that day and jumping jacks were enough for me between strength moves.

Tuesday – I had an early physical therapy appointment and then headed to the gym for 40 minutes of cardio before getting ready to head to the airport.

Wednesday – I almost took the day off, but ended up heading down into our garage to do an upper body weight workout that took me about 35 minutes, plus 5 minutes of warm up, including jumping jacks, high knees and jump ropes. We only have dumb bells at my house, but I got in a good workout.

Thursday – Thursday I ran the Turkey Trot 5K with my dad! We ended up finishing in 28:31, which was a PR for my Dad, AND he got 3rd place in his age group!!!!

Friday – I was feeling antsy so I headed to the gym Friday morning for some cardio. I did about 50 minutes, moving around to different ellipticals and walking on the treadmill.

Saturday – I got a new pair of shoes!!! So I had to try them out on the treadmill in case I needed to return them. I ran a mile on the treadmill (LOVED the shoes, more on that later) and then did some full body weights for about 35 minutes at our gym.

Sunday  – REST DAY

As you can see, I only did one prescribed bootcamp workout for the week. I have to say I might do the same next week. I’ve looked over the other workouts and they require a lot of specific gym equipment, which is not easy for me the way my gym is set up. Tina does provide at-home options if you don’t have the machines, but honestly I have a busy week coming up and I know I feel more comfortable about going to the gym if I just do my own thing with weights. Haha this is not the week to jump out of my comfort zone and take the extra time to figure out new things.

Here is my workout plan for the upcoming week:


I’m either going to do the prescribed boot camp workouts or just do regular weight workouts for Workouts A, B & C. For Saturday, some friends of mine are doing another race out in Schiller, called the Schiller Chiller. I had intended to do the 10K since I have 7 miles on my training plan for that day, but I haven’t run more than 3 and I don’t know if my IT band could handle 6. I’m not even sure if I should do the 5K since I already have such a busy weekend, so we’ll see what happens with that…

Well, I’m off to do one last quick load of laundry and pack up! I hope you all have a great Sunday!


Do you like boot camp style circuit workouts?

What’s your favorite workout when you’re having a hectic week?

Anyone else traveling today?