Blend Retreat 2015

Ah Blend. By far my favorite blogger event I’ve been to, both this year and last. To be honest, I was nervous going in this year. Partially because I felt like I should have sold my ticket since money is tight and this seemed like such a luxury, and partially because most of my close blogger friends weren’t coming and I was nervous about not having that group with me again! But silly me – turns out this weekend was exactly what I needed. Not only did I make some new, amazing friends, but I also got the sunshine, fresh air and laughter that I didn’t even realize I was missing.

Blend is a blogger (or non-blogger!) retreat with mostly food & fitness bloggers. Blend means Blogger + Friend. There were 100 girls, plus our three amazing leaders who put the whole event together: Lindsay, Janetha & Lauren. This year Blend was held at Chautauqua Park, which is just outside of Boulder. I thought it was just a park, but they have a little neighborhood here with tons of lodges, a general store, a restaurant and soooo much more. And of course amazing hiking trails!

If I try to re-cap the entire thing I think we’ll all be here for hours, so instead I’m going to do a bit of a photo dump of my amazing weekend with blends:







Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 8.10.49 PM










IMG_7010 (1)



(some photos stolen from Lindsay & Lauren’s Instagram!)

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the sponsors of Blend this year. This amazing weekend would not have been possible without them, and it was so great to meet some of their reps at Blend!


Have you ever been to Colorado? 

Have you ever been on a “retreat” of any sort? 

Writing Process Blog Tour

Hey everyone! I hope your week started off well! A little bit ago, Ari, from Ari’s Menu and a good friend of mine, invited me to do the Writing Process Blog Tour, which invites bloggers to let readers in on some behind the scenes information. I thought, why not!?

When I sat down to answer the questions, I realized that my answer is completely different from what it would have been 3 months ago, a year ago, or two years ago. It’s always changing as factors in my life change, such as free time, inspiration, and what I choose to write about.

Let’s get started!

1) What am I working on?

Quality over quantity. My blog is almost three years old and for most of that time I thought it was so important to blog at least every weekday. Nowadays, I just don’t have time for that and I don’t always have that much to say. I’m learning that it’s okay to post 2-3 times a week and focus on writing better content. Also, my life is so much busier now than it ever was before. I was supposed to get this post done by yesterday, but I had an amazing weekend instead.

PicMonkey Collage

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This might sound corny, but my blog is different from any other because it’s just my voice, and no one else has my voice. Most of the time my posts are just the ramblings that are in my head; whether that’s a Thursday Thoughts post, or a more meaningful reflection post. Each post that I write is a reflection of what’s happening in my life at that time.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I started my blog because I wanted to write about my life and topics that other women could relate to in hopes that they might not feel alone. I wanted other women to feel connected, learn from my mistakes, and maybe smile every once in a while.


4) How does your writing process work?

BAHAHAHAHAHA. WHAT? I have no writing process.

As I said, it’s purely what’s on my mind. If I think of something I want to write about, I sit down and write it. Sometimes it will be days ahead of time and take a little more extra effort with graphics, photos or editing, and other times I’ll write it in the morning, hit publish and there you go! I went through a period of planning ahead and scheduling posts, but that just doesn’t fit my writing style right now


Now that you’ve heard from me, I’m passing the torch along to Emily from Perfection Isn’t Happy! Emily and I have been reading each other’s blogs for years and have gone through some very similar “quarter life crisis” feelings, which definitely gave us a connection. I’ve been lucky enough to see Emily not only a few times in Chicago, but also at a couple blogger events as well!



Why do you read certain blogs?

If you’re a blogger, what’s your writing process?

Did you do anything fun this past weekend?

Link Love

Happy Tuesday!

Now you all know that I write my blog almost every day, but I also read a LOT of other blogs (my blog roll probably shows about 15% of what I read). I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from the past two weeks with you, things that I saved for myself to go back and look at or things that I knew I’d want to give a shout out to. I hope you enjoy!

Women empower one another


I am SO EXCITED for Chelsey! And so glad she’s been able to keep those girls growing for a whole 35 weeks! Can’t wait to meet them!


An interesting read for any calorie counters or anyone looking to lose weight: The Calorie Conspiracy by Brent at Fuel for a Healthy Life (he’s Ashley’s brother!)


A great post on how not everything we eat needs to be “Perfect”: The Bad Side of Perfection from Elise at Hungry, Hungry Hippie


Self Love.


I feel the same way when it comes to categorizing my blog as “healthy living”: Real Talk: On Healthy Living from Gracie at Girl Meets Life


10 Fundamental Health Tips from Amanda at Run to the Finish


Great post on HA from Ashley and her new healthy living lifestyle


This post made me realize that I focus on my fears way too much: Have You Forgotten Who You Are? from Heather


Saturday Mantra


Couponing 101 from Lindsay! I really need to work on couponing to save some money, and she’s got some great tips!


Tessa is back! I missed being updated on her life, especially since we were roomies and all!


And last but not least, my newest blogger crush, Carly! I LOVED her post about body image, and also wanted to share her take on intuitive eating and, on a funnier note, Girl Rules. Carly is funny, smart and definitely someone you should follow.


.be positive


What’s one of your favorite blogs right now?

Have you written a post you’re proud of recently? Or seen one you loved? Link up!

Link Love & Weekly Mantra

Hey everyone! Just popping in real quick to share some links to a few blog posts and articles that I really enjoyed this week, as well as a weekly mantra for you! I know I’ve been skimping on those, but I think I’ll be bringing them back for Fridays!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


Working to LiveA great post from a great friend about the pressure for 20-somethings (or anyone!) to either be seeking a degree or working hard on developing a career path. Sometimes it’s okay to work to live!


How Did We Overcome the Fear of Eating Fats: A vlog from the Purely Twins about incorporating fats into your diet, and how it’s not as scary as it may sound!


5 Years: Avoid if you hate all things gushy, but I loved this post from Heather celebrating her 5 year anniversary with her boyfriend and what she has learned about love.


Healthy Snack Ideas: If you ever have trouble trying to come up with good, healthy snacks from natural foods, here’s a great list from Laura!


Spirit of the Marathon II: A great review of the new Spirit of the Marathon documentary from Meghann. I’m going to have to see this now!


I also HIGHLY recommend checking out Bean Bytes from Lindsay and Clare’s Five Things Friday posts. They are two of my favorite posts to read all week because they both link up to some really great articles.


And this week’s mantra:



What was your favorite post to read this week?

Did you write a great post? Link up!

Good Things Come in Threes

All good things come in threes, right? So today I’m sharing some things I like in threes!


Three Shows I’m Loving:

Ready For Love – it’s a kind of spin off on the bachelor and, shamefully, I’m obsessed…

Dawson’s Creek – I never really watched it when it first came out, but Kelsey and Lindsay are fans so I watched all six seasons on Neflix. I just finished this past weekend!

The Ellen Degeneres Show – LOVE HER. And Sophia Grace and Rosie. Love.


Three Funny Pictures

photo 3 (5)

This is how we study for the Bar.





photo (1)

Shopping on the first day of Bar prep class… really??


Three Outfits

photo 2 (1)

Navy Dress: Marshalls, Boots: Forever 21, Cardigan: Old Navy, Necklace: Anthropologie

photo 2 (4)

Dress: Old Navy, Belt: Forever 21, Tights: H&M, Boots: Forever 21

photo 4 (10)

Dress: Kinzie via Macy’s, Shoes: Old Navy, Pete: Law School


Three Posts I Loved

What I Would Tell My 20-Something Self – I bookmarked this to read over and over and over again whenever I need it!

You Won’t Find Happiness In A Smaller Pair of Jeans – some great thoughts and so true!

Half Marathon MetaphorI could really relate to this post, so glad Clare opened up and wrote it!