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All The Posts I Didn’t Write

Did you know that many bloggers will start a blog post or write down an idea and then never finish writing? Did you know that many of us have a small stockpile of unfinished posts sitting on our computers or in our drafts that never came to fruition?

Sometimes this stockpile is where I go when I need an idea for a post, but most of the time they sit there, unfinished because I lost the train of thought or inspiration for the post. Today, I thought it would be fun to share with you the titles of all those posts (mind you, these go back to late 2014) as well as to see if there’s something, in particular, you’d want to know more about.

A side note: this list is also really just a small section of all the posts I didn’t write since many were deleted! I’d often go back and delete ones that I’d changed my mind about or didn’t like after looking back over them.

All The Posts I Didn’t Write:

Ordered from most recent to a long, long time ago… 

Get Out Of The Starting Gate

What It Means To Live In The Moment

Your Thoughts Aren’t Always True

Real Tips To Improve Self Esteem

Why I Put My Life On The Internet

Create Your Vibrant Life 4-Week Group

I’m A REAL Life Coach!!!

Learning How To Set Boundaries

Do More, Be More

On Monetizing Your Fitness Blog

Calorie Counting Is Out

Exercise Guilt

The Gift of Singleness

Calligraphy for Beginners

When God Tells You To Slow Down, Listen

ChaLEAN Extreme Review

Asking For Help

Cookbook Review: Fixate

Creating A Day Of Rest

How Do You Refuel?

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

Most of these posts will never see the light of day, but a few of them I may go back and see if I can become reinspired to write them or something similar. However, I’d also like your opinion!

If you had to choose one or two of these topics, which would you most want to read more about? 

How To Use Hootsuite

Have any of you heard of Hootsuite before? It’s a website you can sign up for, sign in with you social accounts, and then set up posts to go out automatically! It’s really helpful for my challenge groups since I post in them twice a day. This way I can set up all my posts ahead of time, and then spend my day-to-day time focusing on commenting and talking to them in the groups.

It’s also great if you’re a blogger or sharing anything on social media – no need to worry about forgetting anything and it’s great if you’re on vacation as well.

First and foremost – make an account! (and no, I was not contacted by Hootsuite to do this post, I just use it so much I wanted to share!).


Once you have that set up and you’re at your “dashboard,” click publisher to see everything that you have set up to publish already, or you’ll be able to see what you set up as you go.

hootsuite 1


I also just noticed one of my tabs says “Cerner Cover Letter,” no, that’s not my cover letter. Haha not applying for a job there. Editing one for a friend! 

Next, to set up a post, click in the compose box at the top of the page.

hootsuite 2


Here is where you add your social networks!

hootsuite 3


Choose the social media outlet that you want to use…

hootsuite 4


…and once you signed in, then choose where you want it posted for Facebook. You have to be an admin of a group to set up a post through Hootsuite in that group.

hootsuite 5


Once you have those set up, you can go ahead and type out your message. You can also schedule your post by clicking on the small calendar icon, and then choosing the date and time.

hootsuite 6

Once you’ve got that done, click schedule and there you go! When you’re in the “publisher” area, you can see all the posts that you’ve already scheduled, in chronological order.

hootsuite 7


And there you go! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.


Have you ever scheduled posts before? 

What’s your favorite social media outlet? 

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