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Word Of The Year {New Year Resolutions & Intentions}

A couple years ago it started to become a trend to have a word for the year. Rather than just setting resolutions that are goal-oriented, like “I will lose 15lbs” or “I will travel to 5 states,” having an intention, a feeling that you’re striving for, makes you less likely to quit when things get difficult.

So what’s my word?

I was doing an exercise in intention setting this past Fall and part of that exercise included choosing words that describe how we want to feel. One word stuck out to me that day and I decided that it would be my word for 2016, and hopefully beyond.



Having or showing great life, activity and energy; very bright and strong.

That is who I want to be; that is the life I want to live. I know I have always wanted to feel vibrant, I think many of us may feel the same. I know I already put myself out there in an attempt to live this way without putting a word to the feeling. But now I have some solid to hang on to, a word that I can picture in my mind to keep me moving forward rather than feeling like I’m running in circles.

Yesterday I was going through some notebooks and an old, folded piece of paper fell out of one. I picked it up and saw it was a “To Do List,” but rather than being a daily list of things I needed to get done, it was a list of things I wanted to pursue in the near future.

To Do List

  • Become fluent in French
  • Pursue Beachbody Coaching full time
  • Change at least one person’s life through coaching
  • Write and publish a book
  • Have an Etsy shop as a creative outlet
  • Be a friend who makes people feel good about themselves
  • Adopt a dog
  • Be able to donate 10% of my income
  • Become a Christian mentor
  • Feel fit and strong with energy
  • Give back to my family
  • Become a skier again
  • Feel confident in my clothing (both body & style)
  • Have a clean and comfortable home
  • Pray every day

One thing I’ve learned about setting intentions and goals for myself is that I need to set those that I can control by my own actions. We cannot control other people and we cannot control all the circumstances in our lives, but we can control ourselves and what we choose to do and how we choose to act and think. All of these “To Do” items are things that I know will make me feel vibrant, so finding this list was like a reminder from the Universe that I’m on the right path.


So how do you decide what little actions you want to do throughout your day, week, month or year to get to your intentions?


1. Imagine the life you want to live.

Sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes and really imagine the future. Where are you? Who are you with? What kinds of things are you doing or creating? And most importantly: How do you feel?

2. Think about what you need to add.

Why don’t you feel that way now? Think about what actions or thoughts you’re doing in your life that are holding you back from that feeling. What can you add in to get closer?

For example: if I want to feel strong and fit and have energy, I know I need to consistently exercise and that I need to do strength and functional movements so that, in my daily life, I feel strong.

Another example: if I want to feel closer to God, I know I need to dig into his word and have a faith-based community.

3. Start with baby steps.

Let’s take the exercise example. If you are someone who rarely works out, starting up an every day, or twice a day type of program that pushes you to your limits might be too much. When you do an 180 on your actions and life, you will most likely mentally rebel, resent the activity, and quit.

Start with smaller things. Workout 3 days a week for a month. Then add in another day for the next month. Add in vegetables for a couple weeks, start cutting back on sugar. Just don’t go all or nothing, or you’re more than likely to end up back where you started.

4. Keep a visual.

When things get hard, it’s easy to forget why you started in the first place. Keep a quote or a vision board somewhere that you will see it ALL THE TIME. Remind yourself every day of why you’re working hard. Change isn’t easy, it takes work and dedication, but the results are worth it.


Take some time to really think about what you want. Don’t get dragged one way or another by your friends or family, or even society. Be true to yourself and search for joy that outlasts your circumstances.

Do you have a word of the year?

Do you like setting intentions, or do you prefer big goals?

Staying You Amongst The Resolutions

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 6.41.41 AMI’m sure you hear it all around you: everyone claiming that 2016 is going to be the best year yet, that they have big new years resolutions and big changes that they want to make. But if you’re like me this year, you’re feeling a little lost in the midst of all this grandeur and hype.

Sure, I have dreams and goals – but I’ve been working on them all year. I’ve been growing and changing, setting goals and creating habits, and focusing on how I want to feel and how to get there all year long. Basically, I’ve been working and personally developing my butt off all year long and *gasp,*

I don’t have any New Years Resolutions.

I know, I know! Wasn’t I supposed to give you a motivational speech with a long list of all the things I want to do in 2016? Wasn’t I supposed to inspire you to dream big and make huge changes in your life?

Well, I’ve learned that big changes and leaps rarely stick. I need small goals to get to my big ones; I need to work daily on little habits and take little actions towards my dreams to make them happen. I still have big dreams, but I’m taking mine day by day rather than year by year.

I want to be a good friend. I want to be a light. I want to be able to express myself creatively and I hope to inspire others by doing so. I want to love and be loved.

I want to grow my inner joy so that, no matter my circumstances, I feel right and good in this mess of a world.

I work on this joy every day – by growing my relationship with God, by reaching out to friends, by motivating and inspiring others, by being true to myself no matter what “society” thinks, by forming positive habits, and by doing the tough stuff to get to the good.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 6.42.00 AM

But most importantly, I am grateful for all the things that I have. Each New Year isn’t just a time to look ahead, it’s a time to reflect on all the good in your life: the people, the blessings, and the experiences you’ve been given.

So if this year you don’t have any big changes or resolutions you want to make, don’t feel lost. Be grateful for what you have and use each day to grow your inner joy. Just keep being you. Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 6.42.08 AM

And don’t fret – if you do have big changes in store for 2016, I’m so ready to help you get there. More inspiration to come in the New Year!


Do you have big resolutions this year? 

Do you feel good about where you’re already going? 

Healthy Happy Holidays


I loooooove the holidays (so does Molly), but let’s be real – they can be pretty stressful as well. It’s a season where everything around you screams BE HAPPY, but what if you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed?? For this holiday season, my teammates and I are putting together a Healthy Happy Holiday Challenge to help you take a little to focus on YOU during the holidays and keeping some balance and sanity in your life.

Does that sound like something you’d be open to? Because I’m so ready for it.

It’s easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone else, or pleasing people by going to every holiday party, or eating ALL the food, and then forgetting about yourself. Or, if you’re struggling with any kind of eating issues, the holidays can bring on a whole new set of stressors and problems.

Let’s stick together this season and create a little community of women who are just like you. We get you. We are here for you. This group is your safe space to share, to learn, and to just breathe.

Healthy Happy


The Inspire Joy Healthy Happy Holidays Challenge starts November 30th (so you can enjoy Thanksgiving to the max!) and will run for 21 days, up until December 20th.


  • A real food nutrition plan and workout strategy that’s customized to fit YOU.
  • 30 days of Shakeology, a whole food superfood supplement that will boost your energy and immune system and help you manage your sugar cravings!
  • Seasonal recipes and meal plans: think healthy comfort food, crock pot creations, holiday Shakeology treats, skinny cocktails.
  • Membership in our private Facebook community to share your journey with women on a similar path.
  • 21 days of online support and daily check-ins in our private FB group.
  • Weekly one-on-one email coaching


  • Access to our resource vault with recipe e-books, meal planning strategies, and all the information you need to feel successful and prepared.
  • Tips for self-love, balancing the holiday parties and get-togethers, sticking to your goals while traveling, reprioritizing your time to get your sweat sesh and sanity saving “me-time”  in.
  • LIFETIME access to future challenges and my email check-ins. When you make me your coach, I am yours as long as you need me!

Let’s put the focus on the actual reason for the season — instead of freaking out about our workouts, nutrition, and body image. 

click to apply button


How much does this cost?

Shakeology packages start at $130 – it’s an investment in yourself.

Why is Shakeology required?

Shakeology is my personal no matter what. I believe in this product 110% because it has transformed my own health from the inside out. I require that my clients drink it everyday while participating in a Challenge because I want to reserve my time, energy, and love for women who are willing to match my own level of commitment to results and wellness! It’s made from whole foods, has no artificial anything, and the superfoods are sustainably sourced from small farms all over the globe.

I drink it every single day and haven’t been sick in almost a year. I think it’s extra important to use Shakeo during the holidays, when our bodies and immune systems are stressed, sugar is everywhere, and we don’t always have control over our nutrition! You’ll be sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs, no matter what.

You can learn more about what’s inside Shakeo here, and read my my coach Anna’s amazing review here.

If you want to order sample packets before you commit, email me at and I’ll hook you up!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you decide that Shakeo is not for you, you have 30 days to return your bag for a full refund — even if you drank it all! The experience of the Healthy Happy Holidays is yours forever.

Worst case scenario: You have fun, make new friends, end up in better shape than you were before, and have more confidence and energy. Ummm why not just go for it?

I already have a Beachbody program, can I still join?

Absolutely! I share your obsession with home workouts and I’d love to be your coach 🙂 And being part of a Challenge will help you stay motivated and makes the process so much more fun! Go ahead and fill out the application and let me know where you’re at!

**To protect the integrity of my business (and honor the hard work of other coaches), I only accept new clients who are not already working with a Beachbody coach.**

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Assume The Best Intentions

Last week I attended a training in which we were asked to be open about our truth right at that moment – that we needed to create a “safe space” where people can speak without feeling like they are going to be judged or attacked. One of our rules for the discussion was to assume that everything someone says is said with the best intentions.

Don't assume! #quotes

I got that phrase, “assume the best intentions” stuck in my head for the next couple of days and started to apply it to my everyday life. I know a lot of us tend to put our own personal histories or our current emotions into what other people are saying to us: perhaps my friend suggests I read an article about prayer and then all the sudden I think she’s telling me that I’m not good enough or not doing enough, or trying to prove she’s better than me. But guess what? She probably just liked the article and thought I would too.

We often jump to the worst assumptions when it comes to a lot of people, especially close friends and family because of the history we have with them. But usually, our assumptions are wrong and making negative assumptions only harms your relationship, causes you stress and creates more tension.

So next time someone says something to you that might cause you to feel defensive or offended, take a second to think it over: “what would that mean if he/she was saying it with the best intentions?” Remember what happens when you assume…


What do you think about this rule? 

Do you tend to be defensive or take things the wrong way? Do other people do it to you? 

3 Steps to Finding Your Motivation

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready for the week! I was inspired to write today’s post after doing a podcast with Lifestyle Accountability a couple months ago. Good thing I finally got around to it now…


Three Steps to Finding Your Motivation

Whether you’re going after a fitness goal, working your way towards a degree, starting a business, or simply changing small habits in your life, these Three Steps to Finding Your Motivation can easily apply.

1. Find Your “Why?”

It’s hard to work for a goal unless you have a good reason behind it. WHY do you want to cut dairy out of your diet? WHY do you want to finish graduate school? WHY do you want to run a half marathon?

Imagine yourself completing your goal. How do you feel? What about your life has changed? When you find that feeling that you’re striving for, you’ll find your “Why?”

For example: Whenever I have a race coming up and I’m in training. It’s not always rainbows and kittens. When I’m slugging my way through a tough long run I try to imagine that I’m in that race. How does it feel to be running the last mile? How does it feel to cross that finish line? Accomplished, proud of myself, confident and (usually…) having fun. That’s my why.

AZ 18

2. Start Small

A lot of people start really strong and dive in head first, only to feel overwhelmed and quit soon after. We’ve all heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” You may feel frustrated and want to change something RIGHT NOW rather than having it take 3 months, 6 months or a year. But what’s worse? Achieving your goal in a year or quitting a month in and not achieving it at all?

By using small steps to slowly make your way to where you want to be, you’re engraining good habits and not overloading yourself with new responsibilities or changes.

For example: you want to start a blog! Awesome. But don’t expect to have tons of followers and comments right away, or even within a couple months. First, get a free account and start writing. See if you like writing just for you. Then get a twitter, start interacting on social media. If you still like it, try to join some blogging groups. By taking it step by step you won’t feel like your new goal has taken over your life.

small steps

3. Find Support

We are social creatures – even those of us who call ourselves introverts need support from the people around us. Trying to get into shape? Find a buddy to workout with a couple times a week, or join a group fitness class and get to know the instructor or someone else in the class.

Trying to start a blog or a new business? Seek out a mentor, someone you respect who is already doing what you want to be doing. Making a dietary change? Discuss it with the people you live with, ask for their support and maybe organize a “gluten free” or “dairy free” meal together once or twice a week.

For example: when I was training for the Chicago Marathon, I certainly didn’t do it alone. I joined a running group here in Chicago, I had friends who I talked to about running all the time, I basically turned my cousin into my personal running coach (thanks Allie!), and even my family who didn’t quite “get” the whole running thing came out to support me during the race, which meant the world to me. Yes, I ran the race by myself, but I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support.

photo (90)


Do you have a goal that you are or want to work towards?

What are you tips to finding motivation and achieving goals?