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  1. Physical Therapy–by Allison


    December 18, 2013 by Katie

    Happy Wednesday! I may have mentioned this before, but I’m participating in the Elf 4 Health challenge this winter, and as a part of that challenge we signed up to swap guest posts with another challenger! I hope you enjoy Allison’s post today, and be sure to check out my guest post on her blog. If you want to see the other swap posts, you can find the link up on Elle’s blog!


    I am Allison from AllisonInWellnessLand and I am a Physical Therapist. I started my blog a few months ago to start sharing my passion for living a healthy lifestyle through eating good for me foods and exercising to keep my body in the best shape possible.

  2. Discovering New Blogs


    November 13, 2012 by Katie

    Hey everyone! I hope your weeks all started off well! So, I called it yesterday – a few short minutes after publishing my post I decided that Monday needed to be a rest day. My whole body was just asking for a day off. Although I was super tempted in the evening to hit the gym, I knew I needed to stick to studying. So I did what any normal girl would do: I had a dance party. It took about 10 minutes, 1/9 the time it would have taken me to walk to the gym, workout, and walk back. And it was way fun.

    I’ve always liked Blink 182 (thanks to my older brother), but I’ve developed a sudden and passionate love for some of their upbeat songs, so as soon as one came on, I turned it up and went crazy. I hope whoever lives below me can’t hear me jumping around…

    Also, I had my first real physical therapy appointment yesterday! I’ve never been to a PT, so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but it went about how I expected. She assessed me by having me walk, and then stretching and feeling my hip and leg…


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