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Thursday Thoughts

1. My mom and I had Molly to ourselves ALL WEEKEND and I LOVED IT! I miss her! I think she also enjoyed being the star of the show now that she’s a big sister 😉


2. This past weekend I drove up to Castle Rock (a town, not just a rock) and met up with Sierra for an 8-mile run. It was so nice to have someone there with me! I don’t know if I would have survived those hills without her!


3. After almost two years, I finally got new running shoes! By the way, I paid for these with one week’s paycheck from being a Beachbody coach! Now I know you can’t live off of that (yet 😉 ) but having that extra money is vital for me right now! Molly likes them too.


4. I just can’t ever get over this view. If you’ve never been to Colorado Springs (and most people haven’t…) you MUST. It’s gorgeous.


5. My accountability group this month is using an app called My Challenge Tracker and I LOVE IT! It is so motivating to check in every day and try to keep up my streaks! Only ten more days of our Health Bet challenge and then the OCTOBER GROUP STARTS!!! If you’re interested, leave a comment, send me a message, or go ahead and fill out an application!


6. My coach has started offering Zoom calls (like a live meeting) every Sunday morning at 6:30am MDT. I know it seems crazy early for a Sunday but 1) I’m already up and 2) I LOVE getting to connect with my team and get some mentoring in! I am so thankful for finding such a supportive team and community. These gals have my back every step of the way! Now don’t worry, we’re not a “you can’t sit with us” type of group – we would LOVE to have you if this is something you’re interested in! If you could ever imagine yourself coaching, or are curious at all, send me an email ( or leave a comment. I’d be happy to answer your questions!


7. Addie and I need these matching jammies. NEED.


8. Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!

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Thursday Thoughts

1. This year is my first time participating in a Fantasy Football League and can we first please note that my mascot is Andy Reid? Love him. Also, I have NO IDEA what any of this information means. It looks positive though…


2. Speaking of football, I’m running a free community group on Facebook where we’ll share healthier recipes, football-inspired workouts, and motivation plus just chat football and fitness! I’ll have it open all season if it turns out to be a hit! Just click here to join in the fun!


3. Guess who’s going to Dallas next weekend?! THIS GIRL!!! My larger Beachbody team has a conference that weekend and I’m so excited to see some of my teammates and have a BLAAAAST!

4. This book came up as recommended on Amazon (I was searching for a book about ghosts that I heard about) and I’m kind of super tempted to read it. I’m sure I’ve read it before since I used to be OBSESSED with The Babysitters Club, but who doesn’t love some nostalgia?


5. Omg is anyone else ready for FALL CLOTHES!? I can’t actually buy any (especially since I just had to order a new pair of running shoes…) but I certainly can look!


6. My Beachbody Coaching team is doing a Behind The Scenes look at who we are and answering all your questions! If you’re curious at all about what we do, let me know and I’ll add you in! There’s tons of great info and you get to know who we are! And don’t worry, zero pressure to join unless it’s something you WANT!


7. Guess who is coming to spend the WHOLE weekend with me?!?!?!?



8. Have a great Thursday!


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Thursday Thoughts

1. MOOOOLLLLYYYYYY!!!!!! This past Saturday, my mom and I drove up to the Boulder area to visit my niece Addie and Molly! (and my brother and sister-in-law…). And I get to see Molly AGAIN this weekend for Addie’s dedication! Well, she won’t be at the dedication, but hopefully she’s invited to the after party. She is slowly taking an interest in Addie, especially now that Addie tries to touch Molly’s fur! (Molly loves anyone touching her).


2. I’ve decided to keep up with having low-carb days two days a week, but cut out calorie counting and see how I like that. For low-carb breakfasts (net carbs = carbs – fiber) I’ve been making Shakeology pancakes, but this week I mixed things up and made a Shakeo mug cake! With 2 T of almond butter, of course <3


3. I saw this stuffed Dory at Walmart when I was waiting around for my prescription to be filled and at first I thought – Addie NEEDS this. Then I thought… well, I need this too! Luckily, I’m poor so no stuffed animals came home with me.


4. I started reading a book that I found on Amazon (it was recommended based on books I’ve liked) called In The Land of The Long White Cloud by Sarah Lark. It’s been such a good book but it was taking me SO LONG to read! Finally, I looked at some reviews and realized it’s 659 pages long! #kindleproblems

5. This weekend, during my long run, I saw that a TON of hot air balloons coming up from the ground. Turns out there was some sort of festival for Labor Day. The photo barely captures it, but they were so pretty!


6. I am LOVING my Health Bet group! It’s the first time that EVERYONE has checked in every day – apparently money is a great incentive! I’m already planning my October group, so shoot me a message if you’re curious about joining us next month!


7. My anxiety has been a little overwhelming lately and yesterday I was just about to lose my mind. I forced myself out the door, into the car, and off to the Garden of the Gods, which is my favorite place to walk/run/hike. Sometimes a little time outdoors and away from the real world is all you need.


8. Have a great Thursday!

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Where do you go when you just need a break from life?

Have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon? Would you?

Thursday Thoughts

1. Today is a very important day. No, not just the first day of September, but the day the Hogwarts Express leaves for school! Sadly, I was not invited… again. You’d think I would have gotten past this by now. But no, never.


2. I’m co-hosting a complimentary 3 Week Yoga Retreat Group that you can do from the comfort of your own home! Yes, it’s totally FREE. All you’ll need to do is sign up for a free account and you’ll get a 30 day trial of Beachbody On Demand, where our three weeks of yoga workouts will be! We’ll also have a Facebook group where we’ll post check-in’s, motivation, health & fitness tips, and journal prompts.

If you’ve ever wanted to try yoga, this is the time to do it! Plus, when you’re at home, you can do yoga in your PJs, laugh all you want, and not worry about anyone else watching. Click here to sign up!3 Week Yoga Retreat

3. This is my new favorite song. FYI. In case you cared. 😉

4. So I had my last ballet class from the 2-week trial and I’m so sad it’s over! I would have 100% signed up but you have to make a 6-month commitment (down deposit, more off if you pay more right away, etc), and since I don’t think I’ll be in CO Springs that long, I couldn’t continue. I LOVED the classes and the people! If you’re in the area, try out Springs Dance!


5. Awww my old apartment in Chicago! This came up in my Timehop app and it feels like a million years ago that I lived there. It was a good apartment, AND I could do my workouts at home! Haha proof that you can workout anywhere if you set your mind to it! 

6. I just finished The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson and it was so cute! I need to do some book reviews soon!


7. My trip to South Dakota was SO FUN! If you missed my post, you can read all about HERE!


8. Have a great Thursday!

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Thursday Thoughts

1. Well, this was a little late today! I had a busy morning, plus somehow accidentally sleeping in until 8am?? WHO AM I? But I finally got to sit down on my computer around noon, so here we are!

2. My mom came back out to her house in Colorado Springs this week (I’m staying here while I job search) and one of the MANY pro’s is getting to go to my favorite place for breakfast with her! Just can’t beat these views.


3. One of our neighbors has the most beautiful flowers in their front yard. Seriously, it’s like something out of a fairytale. I wish I had a green thumb but I’ve killed far more plants than I’ve managed to keep alive…


4. I have become completely obsessed with the show Hart of Dixie. It’s frightening. I think I like it almost as much as I liked Gilmore Girls. ALMOST. Well, maybe 75% as much.

Hart of Dixie

5. Last Friday I went on my first long run as part of my half marathon training (Denver Rock N Roll in October!) and it was the most GORGEOUS morning. I could not help but stop and take a million pictures.


6. I have been SO tired this week and just completely out of it. Not in the best of moods and just generally feeling down. I think part of it is the fact that I STILL haven’t found a job out here. I’m starting to lower my standards… Your self-worth definitely takes a hit (whether rational or not!) when you’re making just enough to buy groceries and pay… most bills.

7. Tomorrow, my friend and I are heading on a little road trip to… SOUTH DAKOTA!!! WHAT WHAT! Yes, you should be jealous. One of my goals in life is to visit every state and, with this trip, I’ll knock out Nebraska and South Dakota, plus we get to sleep in a tee pee, PLUS I’ll get to see Mount Rushmore! If you want to follow along, just keep up with me on snapchat! (kdubjd) or on my story on Instagram (@katiewheeler).

8. Have a great Thursday!


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