Thursday Thoughts

1. Oh hey there! Happy October! Did you know this is the best month of the year? It is! Not only is fall wonderful, but I was BORN this month! right?!

2. I have a new addiction. This app called Word Brain. Seriously, if you don’t have time to waste, don’t get it. But I love the mental challenge!

3. Guess what!? I have a new running buddy! My cousin Allie asked if I’d take her dog, Nora, on a run this week. Isn’t she adorable!? Yep. Pretty cute running buddy.

4. Um. I’ve been trying to avoid Quest Bars for the past couple weeks (because they’re $$) and then this happens. REALLY!?

5. I’m kind of hitting a stalling point with my 100 books in a year goal. I’m at 75, which is pretty much on target, but other things (see #2 above…) keep distracting me. I’m taking a little reading break. Although if you have any AMAZING suggestions, please send them my way!

6. So there’s this app called Dog Monitor where you can set up your computer or iPad and watch your dog. My friend did it for her dog and obviously I synched my phone as well so I could check in on him. It’s pretty wild… *sarcasm*


 7. Ehhh nothing else exciting to say this morning. I’ve been “off” the past couple of weeks. Clearly I need ot take my own advice. Blog post forming in my mind… Haha. I know, you’re DYING of anticipation.

8. Have a GREAT Thursday! This was too cute not to share:


Did I just hear a collective “awwww?”

If you have a pet, would you want to watch and see what they do when you’re gone? 

Share something YOU’RE thinking about! 

Thursday Thoughts

Well hey there! Happy Thursday!!! Time for some more Thursday Thoughts and a look into my week:

1. Last night my small group met at Sarah’s apartment and everyone got to enjoy the company of Bennett. I always said I’m not a small dog person, but I love this little guy.


2. I’m glad (and well, not glad!) that so many people resonated with my post on Tuesday. If you ever want to chat, you’re always welcome to message me :) (

3. So I’m doing a 3 month strength program on Beachbody On Demand called ChaLEAN Extreme, and I just started the last month. She walks out in this outfit and I died. I had to take a picture and text my coach, Anna, who’s a few weeks ahead of me about this stylish top. 😉


4. Now that I’m thinking about it, that top makes me think of the Disney Channel movie, Zenon! Was anyone else a fan? My friend, Helen, and I loved this movie and the songs!

5. I went on a run Tuesday morning and it was GORGEOUS. The sunrise was just amazing. And then my phone died halfway through. On a new running path I’d invented. So I guesstimated my distance and ended up doing 3.5 miles, but it was so nice! And it forced me into some prayer time for the last mile and a half…

sunrise run collage

6. Yesterday, while walking after work with my friend Julie, we stopped at the Anti-Cruelty Society to look in the windows. I was immediately drawn to this guy. AHHHHH I want to adopt ALL THE DOGS. Sadly he would not be allowed in my building. I need to move. ASAP.


7. I AM SO EXCITED about this group I have coming up! The holidays can be SO hard when it comes to eating healthy, I know I certainly gain a few lbs by the time January comes, and just feel icky. I decided to jump the gun and set up a group where we can get started NOW to tone up, work on nutrition, and learn some good habits to put into place before the holidays begin. If you want to know more, send me an email at!

21 days of hallowlean

8. Have a great Thursday!

Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have.:


Are you an animal person? Do you have a rescued pet? 

Did you watch Disney Channel Movies growing up? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Oh look at me! I managed to get Thursday Thoughts up on a THURSDAY this week! I know, pat on the back for that one 😉

2. I am SO excited about my Free 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge that starts MONDAY! If you want to join in to get meal planning/prep tips, recipes, one on one coaching and the accountability of a group, send me an email at by Saturday! Make a commitment to yourself, for FIVE DAYS and jump start yourself into a better routine! (I need it!).


3. I have been feeling so worn thin lately that I’ve been trying to take some time to myself. Well, myself and God. I find that when I’m most stressed or exhausted, I’m not spending time in prayer or reading my bible. Remedying that TODAY since it’s rest day and I have plenty of time for a little reading.

4. LOVE this. Same for golden retrievers. Magic fibers of joy & love :)


5. Making some amazing new connections with women this week through coaching. Whenever I get frustrated with the business side, it’s so great to be reminded of WHY I signed up – to help other women who have struggling through the things that I have struggled with: eating restriction, over-exercising, lack of self-worth, binge-eating, anxiety, etc. I love connecting with people who I relate to and can help!

6. When I was at home I went through some old photos and found this one from my “Early Years” class (pre-preschool). Can you find me!?


7. Has anyone else noticed that it has started getting darker earlier..? I am not a fan… not. at. all.

8. Have a great Thursday!


Can you find me in that picture? 

What do you do when you’re feeling exhausted and stretched thin? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Um… Remember that time I forgot to do Thursday Thoughts? Yep. That’s my brain right now.

2. This past Labor Day weekend I was in CHARLESTON!!! I got to visit my friend, Amy Lee, and her adorable baby! Monday evening I went out to dinner with two of my other college friends that I hadn’t seen in ages. It was so cool to realize that although we’re very different now, we still have SO much in common – especially the important, big things in life :)

PicMonkey Collage

3. In college I used to take Jazzercise classes with Amy Lee. Her mom is an instructor (which is how we got into it) and so we used one of her mom’s old instructor DVDs to do an at home workout! I forgot how much FUN Jazzercise is!


4. Traveling again this weekend! I’m heading straight to Kansas City after work this evening (well, the airport first) for a wedding. It will be a quick trip but nice to see my family and all of our family friends!

5. More traveling info… On Tuesday I was up at 4:15 eastern time for a flight back to Chicago and then headed straight to work… arriving at 7:45 (I normally start at 9), but didn’t have quite enough time to go all the way home and back. So this was me – a tired and very unhappy camper. At least I got a lot of work done? (p.s. snapchat is the best. kdubjd)


6. ONE MORE TRAVEL THING! Haha. Since my flight was SO early, this was my view as we were about halfway back to Chicago. Not too shabby, eh? 


7. I am LOVING the strength training program I’m doing on Beachbody On Demand, but having this weekend “off” to do CIZE, Jazzercize, and go for a long walk was soooo nice. Sometimes you have to mix it up!

8. Have a wonderful Thursday Friday!


Have you traveled anywhere recently? 

What kind of workouts did/do you do in college? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Um can we discuss that I completely forgot to do my Thursday Thoughts post?? I kept thinking today was Wednesday, and then I saw some #tbt instagram posts and it took about 10 minutes to click…

2. I’ve decided for September I want to do a smaller accountability group with women who are really committed to trying something new, investing in themselves, and giving it their all. If you’re interested, send me an email at so we can see if this is a good fit for you.

fall back into fitness

3. Marathon season is coming up and two of the girls in my small group are training for the Chicago Marathon. It’s making me miss it!!! Not that I have time for that right now… plus strength is my goal… but still. I miss it a little. So much fun energy and sense of accomplishment.

4. Anyone notice something weird about this picture? No hands! I got a little tripod from Amazon ($20) for pictures and video and I love it! It even has a bluetooth “clicker” to take the picture! 

5. I’m obsessed with this new Energize stuff (referral link). It’s like morning workout crack. Not really, but it does get me pumped up for my workout. I know I mentioned it before. But I’m mentioning it again… #addicted.

6. Tuesday night I went to a live training event with Jeff Hill, who is the Executive Vice President of Global Sales. I hear him talk or see him all the time that it feels like I know him! Haha. No, we have never talked one on one. It was definitely motivational and nice to be in the company of more coaches after the post-Summit lull.



7. Guess what I’m doing this weekend? Going to CHARLESTON! My college BFF and sorority “twin” had a baby in June so I’m using it as the perfect excuse to come visit her. I plan on spending the whole weekend hanging out with her and her adorable little dude :).

Twins! (7 years ago…)

8. Have a great Thursday!

Blog Post: Inner Beauty Tips From Ephesians 4:2,3  #innerbeauty #bible #ephesiansfour: Blog Post: Inner Beauty Tips From Ephesians 4:2,3  #innerbeauty #bible #ephesiansfour


Does fall make you want to jump into a new fitness routine? 

What are you doing for Labor Day weekend?