Thursday Thoughts

1. I am running a Free 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge if anyone is interested! It will be run through a Facebook group and you get recipes, a grocery list, meal planning tips, workout ideas PLUS one on one coaching from… ME! Haha who doesn’t want that? Leave a comment or send me an email if you’re interested! (


2. So for the past 10 Saturdays I’ve been going to an all-women’s bible study on the book of Philippians at 9am every morning. My small group decided to do this in lieu of actual small group meetings since we’re in a transition phase (a lot of girls are leaving so we’re technically having to “break up,” long story…). Anyhoo – I did NOT WANT TO DO THIS STUDY. I was so adamant, mostly because I felt forced into it and if you try to force me to do anything I can get kinda stubborn. However, I have to say that I’m so sad it’s ending!! I loved it. I knew I would (but wouldn’t admit it) and now it’s over. Sad face :(

P.S. The book of Philippians is super short and so packed FULL of amazingness. I highly recommend trying a study on it.


3. I’ve mentioned this before but… I think I’m pretty much hilarious. Yep. I’m laughing right now as I type this.


4. It’s official. The bumblebee is my spirit animal. Haha if I had to choose one, and I will. I’ve always loved them (and have stickers of them everywhere…) but now I love them even more. I’m going to be the crazy bumblebee lady that collects things with bumblebees on them. Oh wait, I kinda already am…


5. 9 Days until I fly to Denver to see my BFF Maddie for her birthday and 11 days until… MOLLY REUNION!!!!! I CAN’T HANDLE THE EXCITEMENT.

6. You knew I had to go here. I live in Chicago, all we talk about is weather. WHAT IS THIS!?!?! I am not a happy camper.

7. This week is FLYING by. Where did the time go? Seriously? I feel like I’ve barely gotten anything done and yet I haven’t even had a busy week. WHAT HAPPENED?


8. Have a great Thursday!

Be Anxious For Nothing; 15 Scriptures To Soothe An Anxious Heart.


What’s your “spirit animal?” PICK NOW! 

Do you think you’re funny? Do you think I’m funny..? ;)

Thursday Thoughts

1. Uh THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments and support, both on the blog and in social media, on my post Tuesday! You guys are awesome. And remember – always feel free to email me if you are dealing with anything similar and want to talk!


2. Um, so did I ever mention that for several months I’ve been writing articles for another blog? Haha in other words I have a second blog… You can check it out here: The Happy Attorney


3. My friend in San Francisco, Caroline, sent me this little… what are these called? Oh my gosh ever since I read Still Alice I feel like I have alzheimers. Anyway the best part of her gift was this cute little book full of quotes! Haha I think people know I like quotes… not sure how.



4. How colorful is my food prep this week? I’m actually already sick of eating this meal… but that’s what I get for not actually planning out recipes and “winging it” for the week.



5. So I’m on week 2 of Insanity Max 30 and I had one client who got the program to do it with me. Well my “client” has become my virtual friend and biggest motivator throughout this whole program. There’s no way I’d get up and do the workouts every morning if we weren’t constantly messaging back and forth encouraging one another. I already love this girl.


6. This is me. All day, every day. Haha right now.



7. Selfie Bloopers!



8. Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!!!


Do you have any funny selfie bloopers on your phone?

Do you think you’re funny?  

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Thursday Thoughts

1. Somehow this week is just flying by, and you know what? I’ll take it! Despite the fact that it’s St Patty’s weekend, I don’t have any real plans (other than church & bible study), which I really love. I’ll probably stop by one of the parties I’ve been invited to, but definitely not going all out this year. I’ve got too many other things to do! haha


2. You know the one thing I love about daylight savings this time of year? I get to watch the sunrise!!! It’s so crazy pretty – wouldn’t trade this for anything.



3. And since no one in Chicago can go more than a day without discussing weather, IT IS SO WONDERFUL! We just randomly skipped from 0s-20s up to the FORTIES! And LOW FIFTIES! It’s so wonderful. Everyone is so much happier :)


4. So I started Insanity Max 30 this week and although I think deep down I’m scared I’ll quit or give up – I think this is going to be awesome. I ran a marathon, I climbed a mountain by myself – I can be stubborn enough to finish this 8-week program, right??


5. Poor Neville has been totally neglected this winter… I finally changed out his water and cleaned his bowl and he is enjoying the spring as well! Haha for those of you who are new, I bought Neville when I moved to Chicago… 4.5 years ago. Somehow he has survived me as a mom and 5 Chicago winters. He’s a tough fish.



6. One thing that I love about Beachbody is that there is a coach and a team for everyone. We all attract people who are most similar to us and once I really looked around at the women on my team (Team Inspire Joy), we are all SO SIMILAR! I love it, and them :). Haha so much love today. It’s the weather ;)


7.  A Dylan’s Candy Bar just opened right next to my old office. All I have to say is thank goodness I’m not there anymore or this would be bad for my health and my wallet…




8. Have a great Thursday!



Do you find you tend to like people who are similar to you? Or similar background/story? 

Sunrise or Sunset? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. I’m in the middle of reading Still Alice and it is so good and SO SAD. I can’t even imagine getting Early Onset Alzheimers, or being a family member of someone with the disease. I’ll have to see the movie after I finish the book – haha maybe alone. There will probably be tears.


2. I am looking for women who want to participate in my next 21 Day Accountability Group!!! You’d need to sign up in the next few days to get your challenge pack in time, so email me or leave a comment if you want to join! As my more frequent readers know, these accountability groups have made a huge difference in not only my exercise consistency and my nutrition, but even more so in my personal confidence and the general positivity I have in life. I’d love to chat with you to see if this is the right thing for you! The more of you that join the greater this community will be! It’s so nice to have women to commiserate with and celebrate with who just get you!


3. Speaking of, my Beachbody team, led by Anna (middle of picture), is called Team Inspire Joy! A few of us were able to get together last night for dinner at an Asian restaurant (haha ALL types of Asian food) and it was SO NICE to just talk and talk and talk with women you have so much in common with, especially when you met them through Instagram! Haha.



4. I’ve had a couple early morning appointments which has given me the opportunity (haha – positive spin) to power walk to work in the morning. I miss walking around the riverfront – come on spring!



5. Speaking of Spring (so many great transitions) this weekend is Daylight Savings Time!!! Although it’s my least favorite since we lose an hour of the weekend… I will be very happy for MORE LIGHT!




6. So I mentioned the whole thing a couple weeks ago (which, by the way, has been way more fun with several of my friends doing it too since we can talk about it and share funny stories/pictures…) but I’m debating what to share on here and what not to share… The life of a blogger. I feel like you guys are all my friends so I just want to talk about everything, but at the same time this is on the internet. For anyone to see. Eeehhhhh. It’s hard!


7. Speaking of on the internet for everyone to see, I take these pictures of myself to send in texts to friends thinking I’ll never put them on the blog. Then comes Thursday and I’m like, who cares!? Haha – me, freezing cold, with my NEW FLUFFY duvet! Everything is white and makes me feel like I’m in a hotel – and I love it.




8. Have a great Thursday!

Seek respect, I need to remind my self of this continually


What does your bedding look like? 

What do you think about accountability/support groups? Is that your thing? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Uhhh… Yes. Yes, please. Right now, please.


2. I am officially an insomniac. Despite taking melatonin for about a week I still wake up anytime between 12:30am and 2:30am then never fall back asleep. Forgive me if anything today makes little sense.


3. Snow is magic. Ha did that make sense? To me it does. I love snow.


4. I’ve put together a Facebook group for anyone interested in doing one of my challenge groups but doesn’t want to make a commitment yet. It’s just a fun, free group where I’ll post motivational quotes, healthy living articles and tips, and run 5 day free mini-challenges that you can either participate in or not, up to you! Shoot me an email or Facebook message if you want to join! (Katie Wheeler).


5. I have a big event at work Friday morning and almost all of the responsibility and organizing seems to have fallen to me… I feel confident that everything should go just fine, but you never know. I’d appreciate prayers for my nerves and the event goes smoothly!


6. I know I’m not a cat person, but this cat. I just can’t handle his cuteness.

7. To even out the cat vs dog love, here’s an adorable picture of my buddy, Bennett. He lives a rough life…

8. Have a great Thursday!



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