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Friday… Thoughts

1. Uuuuuuuh, can we talk about how I completely missed Thursday Thoughts? I’ve been doing this for years and just, oops, forgot! Sounds about right for this week…

2. This was fun while it lasted… but I can’t talk about it. Too sad.

3. It sounds incredibly weird, but I’ve discovered a new podcast that I’m obsessed with… about murders. Yep, you read that correctly. It’s called My Favorite Murder with two female comedians and is perfect for anyone who finds murder stories fascinating. Yes, sad, but fascinating. And these two women are hilarious.

4. Speaking of murders… I did just order some alarms to install on my doors in my apartment. I’ve always lived in big buildings where I’m one of like 400 units, but now I’m in a building where my doors are exposed to the outside, so it freaks me out a little bit. Plus, I’m listening to a podcast about murders, so that doesn’t help…

5. This past weekend I went to my brother and sister-in-law’s house Friday night so they could go out to dinner, and then I spent all day Saturday there watching my niece while they went skiing. Molly is so funny when it comes to me being around Addie. Anytime I sit down to play with Addie, she inserts herself between the two of us, no matter how little space there actually is… I think she’s feeling a little insecure 😉

6. My hair has gotten reeeeally long, probably because I haven’t gotten it cut since summer… So I’ve got a haircut scheduled for this evening. Cross your fingers that it isn’t a disaster! (8/10 times for me it ends in tears…).

7. This weekend I’m going to the Western Stock Show!!! I haven’t been since I visited Denver four years ago and I LOVE a good rodeo. I’m excited!!

8. Have a great Thursday!

Have you ever been to a rodeo? Do you enjoy them?

How often do you cut your hair? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Happy Thursday! This has been my first full week back to work after Christmas break and i feel like I’m finally getting back into a groove. Breaks are great but coming back is ROUGH.

2. Speaking of rough, can we talk about the temperature last week?! Last Thursday we got 6-8 inches of snow and it was below zero and we STILL HAD SCHOOL. No one was pleased, even parents, which I learned while working carpool that morning…

3. On Saturday, I went to check out a local coffee shop in downtown Littleton called Spur and I fell in LOVE. The people working there were so nice, they had a simple but good menu, and it was such a cute little place to work! The only problem was the internet was pretty bad, just my gmail and Facebook worked. Has this ever happened to anyone else??

4. Who has a long weekend?! THIS GIRL! Which is a good thing because I’m busy! Saturday, I’m babysitting my 9 month-old niece and Sunday, I’m watching the Chiefs game with a friend. GO CHIEFS!! SO EXCITED!!

5. I sent out an email to all my email ladies (get on that action here), but I wanted to share this here as well. Until Feb 28th, Beachbody is offering something INSANELY amazing. A year subscription to their Beachbody On Demand with access to EVERY SINGLE BEACHBODY PROGRAM. Every. Single. One. That’s crazy. Normally, you have to buy the most popular or new ones separately and they are around $70. Learn more about it here!

6. I get really overheated when I sleep, so I turned my heat way down. Somehow, the actual temperature in my apartment is still 67 degrees, despite it being below freezing outside. I’m not going to complain, but… this is weird.

7. The longer I’m in my apartment, the more I’m getting comfortable there (shocker…). Now I only sliiiightly want to go back to Colorado Springs. Can you tell I don’t handle change really well?

8. Have a great Thursday!!

Do you have trouble with change? 

What are you up to this weekend? 

When was the last time you babysat for someone else’s kids?

Thursday Thoughts

1. Happy New Years everyone!!! I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was… not what I expected. My movers were supposed to come between 7am and 8am on Saturday, and just after eight I got a call that their truck broke down. They assured me they’d fix it and be there… Finally by 4pm they said it wasn’t going to happen. The good thing is that I didn’t have to be out by Saturday, so they ended up coming Monday morning instead.

2. Once I found out the movers weren’t going to make it, I went ahead and drove up to Denver to spend a WILD evening with my friend, Maddie, and her cat, Latarian Milton.

3. On Sunday, I re-did my “last run” in Colorado Springs. I’m amazed at how fast I’ve been able to run since I finished doing Core De Force! This run was 4 miles in 37:12!

4. Did anyone else have a ROUGH time going back to work? I didn’t have to be back until Wednesday but, let me tell you, after two weeks off, moving Monday, and unpacking/shopping all day Tuesday, heading into work on Wednesday was NOT easy. Luckily, after a couple hours, I felt back in the swing of things.

5. Here is my new apartment! This is when it was only partially unpacked… but I wanted to give you something! It’s looking much more put together now. Minus the noise from my upstairs neighbors (…), I’m really liking it!

6. No but really, I can hear EVERY STEP the people above me take. Ear plug or white noise suggestions? Help.

7. One of my Christmas gifts was a mini Keurig for my office! I brought it in on Wednesday and already made three cups of coffee in it… I may love coffee a little too much.

8. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Did you have a hard time going back to work this week? 

Do you have any moving horror stories?

Thursday Thoughts

1. Hey loves!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and aren’t having too much trouble getting back into the swing of things this week! This is a BIG week for me as I just started a new job yesterday!!! I’m working in fundraising at a private school outside of Denver and am commuting from Colorado Springs right now but looking for somewhere to move in the near future!

2. Thanksgiving in Kansas City was GREAT! It was so nice to be home and extra nice to have Molly there with me (my brother’s dog). She was a very good helper in the kitchen.

3. To actually get Molly to and from Colorado, we drove! It definitely took a little longer since every stop we had to get out and walk around, but she was a very good driving buddy. She slept most of the time and I only got occasional sighs of boredom from her 😉


4. Another road trip adventure: the drive back to Colorado was VERY windy and there were tumbleweeds flying all over the highway. A particularly large one hit the front of my car and knocked off this center metal ring! I’m pretty sure it’s actually plastic… but now I have to figure out how to fix that!


5. Over Thanksgiving weekend I was starting to feel a little burnt out from the boxing workout program that I’ve been doing, so I decided to take two days “off” for other forms of exercise: one day I went on a run with my dad and Molly and the other day I went to a yoga class with my dad! Those two days plus all day yesterday in the car (no workout) has me mentally and physically rested and I’m ready to jump back in! Only 8 more days of this 30-day program! Crazy how time flies! If you want to see some videos from my workouts, check out my Instagram or my Facebook Page! 


6. Another great thing from Thanksgiving: I had the chance to see a couple different women that I hadn’t seen in YEARS. It was so nice to catch up with them as if no time had passed. Don’t you love those friends?

7. ONE LAST AWESOME THING: Since I picked up and dropped off Molly, I got to see my niece, Addie, TWICE last week! Haha special treat! Being an aunt is the best 🙂

8. Have a great Thursday!


What was your favorite part about your long weekend? 

When was the last time you started a new job? Any advice? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Guess where I’m headed today!? SAN FRANCISCO! I’ve been once before so this will be my second time, but I’m very excited! I’m heading there for an event tomorrow with the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy, then I’ll be spending Saturday exploring (probably hiking!) and then right back to CO Sunday morning. It will be a quick trip but I’m looking forward to it!


2. I’ve had a lot of free time over the past 10 days or so (too much if you ask me…) so I’ve been trying to get outside for walks more often! It’s been so nice here, I can’t resist that blue sky!


3. I’ve also seen a LOT of deer. Okay, I actually have my suspicions that it’s mostly this one deer that seems to have lost his herd… but he’s EVERYWHERE. He even shows up in my backyard!


4. Last week a new show on Netflix came out called The Crown. There were only 10 episodes so I made my way through them pretty quickly (see what I mean by too much time?). I LOVED it! Highly recommend.


5. I finally finished a book series called the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I’m reeeeally glad that the last three were all available for download at my library at once because they were not stand-alone books! It was all one big story so you were just dying to keep reading when each book ended. I was a little skeptical with the first one, but as more and more characters came into play I really fell in love with the series!

6. I find that when I spend TOO much time alone, it makes me want to further retreat into myself and not be social. Good thing I have my internet friends to keep me from going crazy. I was glad I decided to hop on a quick team call this past Sunday.


7. I got to get lunch with Emily yesterday (gluten free pizza!) and it was SO nice to meet her in person!


8. Have a great Thursday!


Have you ever been to San Francisco? 

What are you doing this weekend? 

What are you watching right now?