Thursday Thoughts

1. Uhhh… Yes. Yes, please. Right now, please.


2. I am officially an insomniac. Despite taking melatonin for about a week I still wake up anytime between 12:30am and 2:30am then never fall back asleep. Forgive me if anything today makes little sense.


3. Snow is magic. Ha did that make sense? To me it does. I love snow.


4. I’ve put together a Facebook group for anyone interested in doing one of my challenge groups but doesn’t want to make a commitment yet. It’s just a fun, free group where I’ll post motivational quotes, healthy living articles and tips, and run 5 day free mini-challenges that you can either participate in or not, up to you! Shoot me an email or Facebook message if you want to join! (Katie Wheeler).


5. I have a big event at work Friday morning and almost all of the responsibility and organizing seems to have fallen to me… I feel confident that everything should go just fine, but you never know. I’d appreciate prayers for my nerves and the event goes smoothly!


6. I know I’m not a cat person, but this cat. I just can’t handle his cuteness.

7. To even out the cat vs dog love, here’s an adorable picture of my buddy, Bennett. He lives a rough life…

8. Have a great Thursday!



Dog or cat person? 

Who wants to take me to the beach? 

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now for free, where would you go? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. So I’ve decided that this year instead of just “read a bazillion books,” I’m going to have an actual goal. My goal for 2015 is to read 100 books. Yep, 100 books. That’s an average of 2 books per week. It sounds insane, but I think I can do it. I’ve already read 12 books (the Goldfinch really slowed me down…) but I think I can get to 15 or 16 by the end of February. And yes, I’m still ENJOYING the books and not rushing through them. I just think it would be really cool :).


2. Molly wanted me to tell you all that she wishes she could have given each and everyone of you a kiss on Valentine’s Day (in exchange for some scratches and back rubs, of course).

Displaying IMG_5713.JPG

3. Apparently my older brother and Molly (above) saw a bobcat as they were heading out on a walk. Personally I think it looks like a fat house cat, but my brother said it tried to scare Molly away (successfully) so it’s not something I’d want to run into on the regular.

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4. I’m still trying out new breakfasts and since I have a ton of chia seeds I decided to try this super simple breakfast: Chia seeds + coconut milk + stevia +cinnamon. Let it sit overnight. It’s really good!

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5. I went to H&M yesterday to get out of the cold and I came across this skirt. I love a good mini, but all I could think was where in the world would someone wear this skirt? What occasion would call for this red sequined mini skirt? Would you ever wear it more than once? Mind you, it is not the holiday season…

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6. ImayhavesignedupformatchshhhhdonttellanyoneandyesIthinkitsgoingtobeadisaster.

7. Yesterday I had a Junior League meeting downtown before work and the office had a great view. Made me miss the building I worked in last year. I was so spoiled at that temp job. *sigh*

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8. Have a great Thursday!

if you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it.

Do you like Chia seeds? 

Where would you wear that skirt? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Who is ready for the weekend? THIS GIRL! Especially ready because I get President’s Day off so I actually have a good amount of time to have fun, to relax and to get some stuff done!

2. Starting Monday I’ll be hosting a little Faith & Fitness Challenge Group through Facebook. It’s seven days (Mon – Sun), totally free and pretty low key. I’ve already got about 15 in the group but I would love some more, especially readers! I usually announce these kinds of things on Instagram, so if you are ever interested, be sure to follow me!

3. Speaking of social media, one of my good friends who I text with a lot just got Snapchat, so my love for the app has been reinvigorated! Haha now I have a good small group to snap with and it makes the day a little more interesting!


4. So apparently I ordered a new Duvet Cover from Groupon Goods..? I remember ordering the sheets but I have no recollection of the duvet cover. Oh well, I’ve been looking for one so this works! Anyway, I’ve been looking for the actual duvet to put in there and they are SO EXPENSIVE! Granted I want one that’s SUPER fluffy, but really…


5. I love turning Valentine’s Day into “Galentine’s Day” (Gals = friends!) so I put together a little Galentine’s Girls Night at one of my favorite wine bars – Eduardo’s Enoteca! We had a great time catching up and of course I got my favorite, the Sparkling Flight!


6. Still trying to get in those lunchtime walks! I’ve had a harder time leaving work for them, but it makes me feel so reenergized to get outside and moving for a bit!


7. Love Grown sent me my own box of Love O’s and they are SO GOOD! It’s mostly chocolate heart-shaped cereal with little strawberry hearts. I am definitely a fan!



8. Have a great Thursday!



Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day? What are you doing to celebrate? 

Do you use a quilt, comforter or duvet & cover? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. LAST Thursday I mentioned going to see my friend’s boyfriend play at the House of Blues – it was so cool! He’s also really good (Chris Buehrle to be specific… in case you wanted to check out his music).


2. On Sunday, Sarah and I spent the afternoon lounging around, napping through the puppy bowl, and watching the Superbowl halftime (as well as How To Get Away With Murder!). Bennett also napped… almost the whole time. How cute is he?


3. I’m joining up with two other coaches to create an AWESOME fitness/health accountability group starting February 16th. Email me or leave a comment if you’re interested! You need to sign up ASAP to get your challenge pack in time!

4. Speaking of coaching, my coach sent me this book just as a way to say she’s proud of how hard I’ve been working – it was just the nicest surprise! Already a few chapters in!


5. I’m also reading Goldfinch right now! Um no one told me how long this book is! I’ve been reading it for two weeks and I’m not even halfway through! It’s really good though, definitely worth picking up (well, so far it is!).

6. On Monday my office got a snow day since a majority of our staff lives out in the suburbs, which were not as well plowed after the 18 inches of snow. I decided to take a quick walk and ended up running back inside 15 minutes later – I was almost positive my ears were going to freeze off!


7. Check out my Instagram for a giveaway today!!! Love Grown Foods made a limited edition cereal for Valentine’s Day: Love O’s! You can find them in some stores (none here in Chicago!) or, you could win a box from me! All you have to do is follow me on instagram, like the post, and tag a friend in the comments!



8. Have a great Thursday!

I should remember more often


What’s one nice thing someone has done for you recently? 

What is your favorite dog breed? (I can’t choose between Great Dane or Golden! Granted I’ve never owned a Great Dane…)

Thursday Thoughts

1. Happy Thursday! I have had a pretty good week! Busy but good! I got to skype with Meg, who I haven’t really been able to talk in ages. We met at the Healthy Living Summit in Boston about two and a half years ago. She’s a registered holistic nutritionist now with her own business so she was sweet enough to give me some advice with my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis!


2. Speaking of talking to people on my computer, Monday night my small group decided to do a Google Hangout because of the snow (two girls live about an hour to and hour and a half up north). It was my first google hangout and I had way too much fun with the draw and stamp feature…



3. I took a couple month hiatus from listening to Elevation Church sermons without really realizing it. I started back up this week and forgot how much I love them!


4. Around Chicago there are tons of Caution Falling Ice signs on the side walks (ice/snow melts and falls off the skyscrapers… seriously), and I saw this the other day and thought it was fantastic.



5. Tonight I am staying up WAY past my bedtime to see my friend’s boyfriend play at the House of Blues!!! How cool is it that he’s playing there?! I’m really excited for him and I’m sure it will be a fun night with my friends.


6. I’ve been trying to make a point of taking long walks during the week at work. My goal is three days a week. I’ve got a nice two mile loop so I’m out and back in under 40 minutes. It’s so nice to just get out and breathe!




7. How is it that five day week goes by so much faster than a four day one? Seriously, this week has been so speedy and last week was just awful. Is this scientific? haha


8. Have a great Thursday! Good advice:



Do you ever try to take a walk during lunch? 

How is your week going??