Thursday Thoughts

1. YAY FOR THURSDAY!!! I’m getting a sorta short week in that I’m leaving work tomorrow at 2pm! My church is a satellite location for a big Women’s Ministry conference called the IF Gathering, which will go late into Friday night and all day Saturday. It sounds loooong but I know it will be an amazing experience for me.

2. Anyone else?

top knot

3. I am still totally in love with the strength training program I’m doing, Hammer & Chisel. I’m on week FIVE of eight weeks and I still never get bored. This week has been a struggle to get going in the morning, but at least I have these workouts to enjoy once I get started!

4. I think Molly is ready for motherhood. I got her this stuffed log full of little squirrels (chipmunks?) for Christmas and I’ve been informed that she is carrying the little creatures around gently and snuggling with them. She is such a weird dog. Love her.


5. While cleaning out some of my things, I came across this headband that I got at my very FIRST healthy living blogger conference! Now I’m wearing it all the time :)


6. I have had an old camp song stuck in my head for weeks. It’s such a weird song too… “C, that’s the way it begins, H, I’m the second letter in, oh I, I am the third…” until you spell CHICKEN. CHICKEN! Doesn’t even make sense. But there it is.

7. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but next week I to help a group of women dig deep into how we feel about ourselves. Join me for my FREE 5-Day Self-Love Workshop, next week from Feb 8th-12th. You’ll get:

+ Daily emails with motivation, positivity, personal stories, “homework,” and journal prompts to get your mind whirring
+ One on one email coaching with me
+ A private facebook group of women going through the same experience, where you can open up, chat and get support
+ A free printable mantra page to keep as a background or print and hang up in your home.

Are you in? Leave your email in the comments or email me at I can’t wait to work with you!

Self Love Group

8. Happy Thursday!!!


Do your pets do anything weird? 

Want to join my workshop next week?! YOU KNOW YOU DO! <3

Thursday Thoughts

1. Happy Thursday! Surprisingly, this week is going WAY faster for me- probably because I’ve been especially busy with after-work activities every day and a lot going on at work as well! I hope your weeks have all been good too!

2. I shared this on Facebook yesterday, but I wanted to share here as well:

“I’ve done a lot of different workout programs, worked with a personal trainer, and ran many, many miles, including a full marathon, but this program is like nothing I’ve done before. I love it.
I’m constantly being challenged and pushed past my limits, while at the same time reinforcing the hard-earned mindset that strength is more important than weight.
Guess what? You can do it too.
Comment below or email me at if you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone.
#deskselfie #Iseebicpes(lookharder)”

3. Duolingo always keeps me on my toes… SAY WHAT?


4. Do any of you have a regular “prayer time” during the day? Like in the morning or before you go to bed? I feel like I need this but despite all my tips on creating talents I just can’t seem to get started!

5. Tuesday night I got to take my friend Nora on a quick walk as I was heading home from work. LOVED seeing her again. I love her. And all the dogs.


6. I love that I’m re-evaluating who I follow on social media right now. I have so many inspirational women on my coaching team that filling up my feed and it’s helping me stay positive throughout even the rough days!

7. Does anyone else HATE that LinkedIn tells you when people are looking at your profile, but won’t tell you who it is?? Drives me insane. And no, I’m not paying for premium.


8. Have a great Thursday!

Be Kind.:

What’s on YOUR mind right now?

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Thursday Thoughts

1. I know this is a four day week for me… but really, is this not the longest week ever?? Haha I think I was too spoiled during the three day weekend being able to focus on my coaching business instead!

2. I’ve been using the app Duolingo to practice my french and yesterday I decided to switch my phone to French. It’s kind of cool! Instead of “Like” on apps, it says “J’aime,” which I think is so cute.


3. Last week I promoted a Free 5 Day Clean Eating Group and…. NO ONE signed up! But hey, I get back up when I “fail” so I did it again this week and I’ve already got about 10 in the group! Want to join us? You get a packet with some great info and we check in daily in a Facebook group for motivation, tips, and check-in’s. Most importantly, there are no “rules,” because everyone has their own goals. You just want to cut out candy but keep drinking your wine? You’re in. Whatever your goal is, I’d love you to join us! Shoot me an email at and I’ll get you started!


4. The past few weeks I’ve been feeling really disconnected with my faith and from my general prayer time with God. Luckily the Women’s study at my church started just in time and it’s really helping me get back into a conversation with Him. Community can make a world of difference! If you ever need some encouragement in that area, you’re always welcome to email me ( or comment below!

5. I started playing Words With Friends (after a 2-3 year hiatus) and I am KILLING it! I don’t know what happened but this is so fun!


6. On Tuesday, I ended up eating my lunch in my office instead of taking a break so my office-mate and I took a few minutes to google baby animals. Totally made my day better :) #It’sSoFluffyI’mGonnaDie

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.45.34 AM

7. Speaking of fluffy… I had to. :)


8. Have a great Thursday!


Do you play any games on your phone? 

Do you know any other languages or want to learn one?

Thursday Thoughts

1. Guess what?! I am taking a 6-month life coaching course through a company called Beautiful You Coaching Academy! My own coach, Anna, is taking it as well. We just got our materials this week and I am SO EXCITED and SO NERVOUS to get started!


2. I know I mentioned this in yesterday’s post, but I just wanted to remind you all that I’m running a free 5-day Clean Eating Challenge next week! I’ll send out the prep materials for meal prep and all that fun jazz this weekend, and then we’ll start Monday! Such a great way to learn meal planning and prep and a place to check in with how you’re doing!


3. This weather has been rude. Just rude. Typical for Chicago in the winter, but still…



5. Yesterday was day NINE of my 60-day workout program! Haha, just 51 to to go!


6. I’m getting a haircut tonight! It’s been waaaay too long, but I keep putting it off because I feel like I need to use my free time on more productive things. Well – it’s finally happening! But don’t get too excited, it’s just a trim :)

7. Question. I want to use this container for stuff in my apartment now that I’ve burned out the candle. Is there an easy way to clean it? Last time I tried this I dropped it in a pot of boiling water and, while it worked, it got candle wax all over my pot…


8. Have a great Thursday!

Life Quotes 2:

Are you ready for the weekend??

Are you following a workout program right now?

Thursday Thoughts

1. After all these weeks of vacation, this week feels like the looooongest week ever. Anyone else??

2. If you saw my post on Monday then you know I started a new workout program this week! So far I am SUPER sore but I love the program because there are 13 different workouts (for 60 days) and the schedule is very mixed up so it doesn’t feel monotonous.


3. Did I mention that one of the two trainers is Sagi? He may look a little scary, but this guy is a total teddy bear. And hilarious.


4. I have had Jingle Bells stuck in my head this week. WHY???

5. I started reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up this past weekend and I LOVE it. Although I haven’t done a full clean out of my apartment yet, I did start with my closet and got rid of SO MUCH! I’ve got it all bagged up to donate, and some clothes set aside to send to Thred Up (<– referral link).

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 6.56.45 AM

6. I actually have been making real dinners all week! I know, crazy! PRE Brands sent me samples of their 100% grass fed beef and I used some to make this ginger beef recipe! They take their meat pretty seriously so I’m not surprised how good it tasted. From their press release:

The new PRE® line of 100% grass fed beef is sourced from the most trustworthy providers on the planet and focuses on taste, tenderness and juiciness — with none of the unhealthy stuff like added hormones and antibiotics. The mission is simple: search the world to find the best beef and, using the PRE® OBSESSIVE PICK™ process, select the best animals, diets, environments and final cuts.

The meat was SO GOOD! I included snap peas and mashed cauliflower. LOVING this for my dinners this week! They take their beef pretty seriously over there,


7. I was reading Gina’s post earlier this week on my phone and immediately stopped at this workout top. Is that not so clever? I love it.


8. Have a great day!


Have you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up?

How is your week going?? What’s on your mind?