Thursday Forgotten Thoughts

1. I keep forgetting about my Thursday Thoughts post! How hard is this? This is a clear indication of where my brain is at these days. Too many things swirling around up in there for everything.

2. I LOVED this podcast and so needed it. Definitely be open minded (she has studied more Eastern religions and ways of viewing the world) but I really needed to hear what she said. So helpful and insightful!



3. FYI I’ll be doing a Healthy Holidays Challenge and the final sign up date is Nov 23rd! Shoot me an email or leave a comment if you’re at all interested – 3 weeks (Dec 1 – 20th) of support, accountability, one on one coaching from me, Shakeology for your health, meal prep and planning tips, nutrition tips, and a world-class workout program (or you can follow your own!). I wanted to get the word out now so you have some time to ask me questions and think about it! It will be such a fun group and a way to keep your mind of taking care of YOU during a season when we tend to let ourselves go a little too much 😉

4. I went to the kids section of GAP this week with Julie and they have a whole line of Peanuts stuff! It was ADORABLE! Look at this Charlie Brown sweater!!!


5. I’ve started 3 weeks of the 21 Day Fix Extreme (on saaaaaale!) and I’m pretty sure Autumn was trying to murder me. Like 85% percent sure. Hurt so good kind of workout.


6. Did I mention that I’m going to DALLAS this weekend!? I’ll be there with my Team Inspire Joy ladies and I can’t wait to spend the weekend with them, hanging out, chatting, and learning a LOT during the conference’s workshop sessions!

7. For the past two weeks I’ve been doing Blue Apron Meals (got a deal!) and while they’re good, they’re more work than I’m used to! I’ve been enjoying the variety though!


8. Have a great Thursday!



Do you have any trips coming up? 

Are you a peanuts fan? 

Are you following any kind of workout program through the holidays? Do you have a fitness community? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. I GET TO GO TO COLORADO TOMORROW!!! WOOOOO! Who is excited? Because I AM!

2. Okay, I am sharing this in all trust that you all will not steal our brilliant business idea. Because it’s genius. And works perfectly with the fact that I want to adopt tons of older golden retrievers who need homes. We just need the start up loan…


3. Has anyone flown Frontier before? I’m flying them for the first time Friday morning to go to Denver and I’ll be packing everything in a backpack to fit under the seat in front of me to avoid extra charges (yes, they charge you for putting a bag in the overhead bin). I met a Frontier pilot last night and when I exclaimed, “Oh I’m flying Frontier on Friday!” she responded, “Oh I’m so sorry…” Uh oh.

4. Blog readers, meet my crack. Crack, meet my blog readers. I’ve tried several kids of “pre-workout” drinks and let me tell you – I love this stuff (and it’s made with stevia – not sucralose, sugar or aspartame!). I normally, however, just throw back the powder scoop and wash it down with water. This was the first time I actually mixed it!


5. In my dream last night (where many, many weird things happened) I saw MOLLY and she was so excited to see me! And then suddenly there were two dogs, not just one Molly. So TWO MOLLY’S! So much love.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 6.25.07 AM

6. I am loving ALL THE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. I used to hate reading books that weren’t fiction and now I’m completely addicted to all my new personal development books. I will for sure review them! I just finished I AM THAT GIRL, so I’ll try to review it next week!


7. So I’ve mentioned before that I play this game called Word Brain on my phone. Well, my friend and I just got to the level where it goes from a 4×4 square of letters to a 5×5 square of letters and it is HARD! This is how seriously I take trying to figure out the correct words:

8. Have a great Thursday!


Do you read personal development/self help books?

Would you buy a dog sweater? Dying of laughter right now (p.s. this is a legit business – I found a few!)

Thursday Thoughts

1. I am SO READY for next weekend!! I somehow managed to get an $80 ROUND TRIP flight to Denver (Frontier Airlines) so I’m going there next Friday (my BIRTHDAY) to hang out with my brother, then spending the rest of the weekend with my friend, Maddie. Oh, and seeing Molly won’t hurt either 😉


2. So remember how I was really into watching The Voice? Yea, I watched 3 weeks worth and then totally forgot about it… I guess I’m just not a TV person anymore?

3. My dad is heading out of town soon with his older sister to visit his 93 year old Aunt that he hasn’t seen in a very long time and in the process he’s come across a lot of genealogical information about our family, including some pictures. It turns out my middle name (Adele) came from my great, great grandmother! It was so neat to see her picture.

4. I am STILL loving this game. What’s even better is my friend Sarah is playing as well and we are keeping about the same pace – so we can text each other asking for hints if we get stuck! Haha, I love it.


5. Go watch this puppy video. It is adorable and it will for sure make you smile. Unless you are a heartless soul who hates extreme cuteness. Then it probably won’t make you smile.

6. So I’ve been challenging myself to bring my coffee to work every day instead of buying coffee at Starbucks. Since I know my grande blonde roast costs $2.62, I’ve been calculating how much money I’m saving and sharing on Snapchat (kdubjd). I’m kiiiiind of getting addicted to seeing how much I save.


7. I’m running late for work… sooooo…

8. Have a great Thursday!

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Everyone thinks it’s insane I bought coffee every day – do you bring your own coffee?

Do you know much about your family tree? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. It is officially Fall here in Chicago! For a while there I still felt like it was summer (I just didn’t want to give it up), but the leaves are changing and falling and it’s COLD this week! At least it’s pretty :)


2. I know I’ve been horrible about blogging recently. I just feel like I’m all over the place and work has been so much busier recently and I know it will only continue. I’ve decided to put a little more effort into putting things together on the weekend, because I have SO MUCH I want to talk about but I never find the time to sit down and write!

3. Since I didn’t have work on Monday, I got to take Nora on an afternoon run! I may not have explained this properly but Nora is NOT my dog (I wish…), she is my cousin’s! She and her husband adopted Nora two months ago from PAWS Chicago, and she is the SWEETEST thing.


4. When I was in Nashville during the summer my team and I went out to dinner and saw The Chris Weaver band perform at the restaurant. They were AMAZING. I’ve convinced some of my friends to come out and see them tonight at a local bar/restaurant and I can’t wait!!! Minus the staying up WAY past my bedtime part…

5. Yesterday I put up a post on instagram pretty spontaneously to share my excitement on a non-scale victory and the response was SO much more than I expected. I forget that the little things that I don’t think to share are actually what people relate to the most.


6. I’m thinking of doing some kind of free group where you get an email each morning during the week (and then can have discussion in a facebook group if you’d like). Does that format sound interesting to anyone? I actually think my first one might be on Time/Self Management… like setting priorities, time management, healthy habits, etc. Thoughts? 

7. My cousin left me this Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar when I went to walk Nora (thank you Allie!) and I was so excited to try it since it’s a new flavor. Verdict: eh. It’s “covered” and has crunchy things on top, which I didn’t love because it made it messy, but the real issue I had was the bright orange color. Why was it bright orange? Kind of freaked me out. Also, it really just tasted like vanilla. Not bad, but not great.


8. Have a great Thursday!


Get outta here


If you could invent a bar flavor, what would you choose? 

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Thursday Thoughts

1. Oh hey there! Happy October! Did you know this is the best month of the year? It is! Not only is fall wonderful, but I was BORN this month! right?!

2. I have a new addiction. This app called Word Brain. Seriously, if you don’t have time to waste, don’t get it. But I love the mental challenge!

3. Guess what!? I have a new running buddy! My cousin Allie asked if I’d take her dog, Nora, on a run this week. Isn’t she adorable!? Yep. Pretty cute running buddy.

4. Um. I’ve been trying to avoid Quest Bars for the past couple weeks (because they’re $$) and then this happens. REALLY!?

5. I’m kind of hitting a stalling point with my 100 books in a year goal. I’m at 75, which is pretty much on target, but other things (see #2 above…) keep distracting me. I’m taking a little reading break. Although if you have any AMAZING suggestions, please send them my way!

6. So there’s this app called Dog Monitor where you can set up your computer or iPad and watch your dog. My friend did it for her dog and obviously I synched my phone as well so I could check in on him. It’s pretty wild… *sarcasm*


 7. Ehhh nothing else exciting to say this morning. I’ve been “off” the past couple of weeks. Clearly I need ot take my own advice. Blog post forming in my mind… Haha. I know, you’re DYING of anticipation.

8. Have a GREAT Thursday! This was too cute not to share:


Did I just hear a collective “awwww?”

If you have a pet, would you want to watch and see what they do when you’re gone? 

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