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Thursday Thoughts

1. I took my first ballet class on Tuesday and I loooooooved it! If you missed it from last week, I signed up for adult beginner ballet classes. I looooove dancing (preferably when no one is watching) and I’ve always wished I were a ballerina so I decided it was time to live out this lifelong dream. I have a contemporary/ballet style class this morning and another week of classes in my trial.

2. I got to hang out with Addie and Molly on Monday and Tuesday of this week! Although yes, tiring, I LOVED getting to spend all day with Addie! She is just the cutest, especially now that she’s into smiling. I die. We read this book about a hundred times…

Brown Bear Brown Bear

3. I’ve been getting a lot of headaches recently and been feeling much more tired than usual. Obviously, I put these into the WebMD symptom checker and came out with 66 possible ailments, including West Nile Virus. That’s definitely it…

4. I love a good non-scale victory. Guess who fits back into a dress she hasn’t worn in years? Looooove this dress <3.

nonscale victory

5. I also got my hair cut for the first time since… March? February? Not sure. Either way, see photo above! I finally found someone who can actually cut curly hair AND her name is Katie! Win, win.

6. Did I mention I’ve started Country Heat? This workout is great because people have gotten some SERIOUS results, but it’s fun and doesn’t feel like you’re working out. Perfect for anyone new, needing low impact, or who just wants to do something FUN!

7. I’m running a 7-Day Shakeology Challenge group and sign up ends Tuesday! It’s like a healthy eating tips & tricks Facebook group, but you also get a Shakeology Sampler pack (all the flavors!) so you can test it out and see if you like it! Email me ( if you are interested!

shakeology challenge copy

8. Have a great Thursday!

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Do you like dancing? Would you ever take a dance class or do a dance workout program?

Are you curious about testing out Shakeology? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Last Friday one of my dreams came true. I got to meet Andy! Andy is my friend’s parents’ dog and I’ve been seeing pictures of him since he was a tiny puppy a year ago. I FINALLY got to meet him when Alex came to Denver to visit home and we met up for a cycle class and then to take Andy on a walk! He’s crazy and I love him.








2. I realized recently that I have a trip every single month coming up through December. Well, assuming we have Christmas in Kansas City. August: camping in South Dakota, September: Beachbody coaching conference in Dallas, October: Chicago, November: life coaching course event in San Francisco. Craziness! Good thing I already paid for everything… Now I can start saving up again…

3. I made a bunch of onesies last fall for my niece, Addie, and I just finally finished up the package of five that I bought from Target. Of course, then I bought a new package because I have one friend who just had a little girl and another friend who is due in September! So fun. Although posting this picture ruins any surprise for my brother and sister-in-law, but… oh well!


4. I feel like a horrible Harry Potter fan. I’ve read 38 pages of this new book and I just don’t like reading it as a screenplay. I’m having a hard time getting into it!


5. Guess who signed up for adult ballet classes?! THIS GIRL! I LOVE dancing but I’ve never taken any real classes. I did some searching and found an opportunity to take two weeks of classes for $30 AND you get shoes! Not sure what kind of shoes because they also have contemporary and tap… But hey, I’m excited. I start Tuesday night!

6. I went for a run on Tuesday and I about DIED. My legs were so sore, it was hotter than I was used to, and I was just TIRED. Barely made it 1.75 miles. Some days you just have bad runs. At least it was pretty?

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 7.46.47 AM

7. To further add to my title as “Crazy Dog Lady,” I’ve officially signed up on Rover for dog walking/sitting gigs! Now we just have to see if someone will hire me…

8. Have a great Thursday!!


Do you have any travel coming up this Fall?

Are you a crazy dog (or cat) lady? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. I’m in NASHVILLE!!!! This weekend is Beachbody Summit, which is our big yearly conference. I LOVE this week because 1) I get to hang out with my teammates in person and 2) I get to be PUMPED UP and inspired by so many people – all of which have the most generous and loving hearts. They’re my people. 
Beachbody Summit 2015

2. Molly says hi 🙂

Molly golden retriever

3. You know how sometimes (if you’re “old” like me) you randomly feel the urge to do some day drinking and just toss your cares into the wind? Yea, I went to Lola for brunch with my friends on Saturday, which turned into many mimosa’s (okay two… plenty for me) and then more drinks later. Got that out of my system. #ImtoooldforthisLola in Denver

4. My friend’s one-year-old baby has recently fallen in love… with a spatula. Yep, he brings it everywhere with him and even sleeps with it. Clearly, small children don’t actually need toys, just various household items.

5. If you follow me on snapchat (kdubjd), then you get to see all the wildlife I run into here in Colorado Springs. We also have had one particular rabbit (who I named Artie) that is always outside our kitchen window. Well now there’s an adorable tiny bunny that joins him, so I named her Aria. I know, great story.


6. Have a great Thursday!

energies are contagious

Thursday Thoughts

1. I am SO EXCITED because in ONE WEEK I’m going to be back in Nashville with my amazing coaching team at Beachbody’s yearly conference! TWELVE of us are able to make it this year and I can’t wait to hang out with all of these amazing women in person. It’s amazing how much a friendship can grow just through talking on the phone or online!


2. Last week I mentioned on Instagram and on my personal Facebook page that I was having a LOT of trouble breathing. It felt like my trachea was tightening up and it took hours to feel better. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to something in the summer air here (or overly sensitive to any smoke?) but I did manage to have a successful run this week! I just had to take it S L O W and do my sprints at the end instead of the beginning. And lots of walking…

Running Music Playlist

3. Perks of having my mom here? (Other than I like my mom and she’s a human to talk to during the day). Having REAL MEALS! Well, meals I wouldn’t buy for myself. Saturday night we watched Joy (GOOD!) and had bison steak and baked potatoes! We made them healthier by using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. IMG_4649

4. I will NEVER get over this place.


5. Have you ever thought about trying Shakeology but are nervous because you don’t know what it tastes like? Well, 1) there’s a 30-Day money-back guarantee… but 2) try a sampler pack! It’s a great way to try out the flavors without a big financial commitment. Shoot me an email if you have questions! (


6. This past Sunday, my friend Maddie and I went hiking in Evergreen! It wasn’t anything too crazy but it was nice to be in a different area with so many cute little towns! There was also a dog park across the street from where we hiked… I about DIED at all the cute dogs we saw walking to and from our car. Sadly, Maddie informed me it would be creepy to go hang out in the dog park with the dogs and not have brought one of my own… #stalker


7. I’m opening up registration for my August Health & Fitness Accountability Group! We’ll run August 8th – 28th, so check out this page for more details or send me an email at peaceloveandoats@gmailcom if you want to learn more!

August Health & Fitness Accountability Group (1)

8. Have a great Thursday!


Have you ever had bison? 

What’s the best movie you’ve seen recently? 

Do you have asthma or allergies? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Happy Thursday, friends! Today I’m focusing on getting a lot of things done because tomorrow I’ll be driving to and from the Boulder area to visit my niece and MOLLY!!! My grandparents are back in town and my mom is only here for another week, so we’re all going up to visit my brother, sister-in-law, their 3-month-oldbaby, and, of course, their dog (aka my BFF).


2. Earlier this week I went on a walk and there were two deer just chomping away at a bush. I literally had no way to get past them without going within about 8 feet of them so I just slowly walked by hoping not to spook them away… They were not concerned about me at all. Clearly, they know who’s boss…

deer sighting

3. Anyone remember my lovely friend Sarah from Chicago? The one with the cute little Yorkie, Bennett? (See top photo… the one about to be trampled). Well, Ben now has his own Instagram and now I NEED to get this Nemo backpack for my niece. Need. (Target Dollar Spot, or so I’m told).

btothebone yorkie instagram

4. Yesterday a friend of mine and I decided we’re going to take a road trip to the Badlands in South Dakota (and Mount Rushmore!) at the end of August. We’ll be staying in a teepee. I’m already RIDICULOUSLY excited! This will also add TWO states to my list of states visited (Nebraska and South Dakota), which will get me up to THIRTY THREE! And no, airports don’t count.

5. If you read my post yesterday, then you know I’m finally working my way through some non-fiction personal development books (aka books that help you out in your life). I’m just now starting this book, Girl Code, and looking forward to seeing what it’s like! Has anyone read it before?

Girl Code Book

6. WHEN DID POKEMON BECOME COOL? Seriously. I loved Pokemon back in middle school when it was nerdy and now all the sudden everyone loves Pokemon. Apparently, I was way ahead on that trend…

7. I saw this quiz on Facebook about determining your vocabulary. It has 50 questions where it asks you to choose out of four multiple choice options the antonym or synonym of a word. I feel like this is a gross overestimation of my vocabulary, but a pretty solid estimation of my ability to make an educated guess. Thank you, Latin class.

vocabulary quiz

8. Have a great Thursday!

Jesus calls us out by what he sees.

Do you follow any animals on Instagram? Share your favorites! 

Have you ever had a cool wildlife encounter?