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Thursday Thoughts

1. Over the weekend, my friend Maddie had me over for a birthday/Halloween extravaganza and of COURSE we carved pumpkins (and enjoyed copious amounts of puppy chow, per my request). Can you guess which one is mine?!

2. It was a WILD party with Maddie, myself, and this little cutie in attendance. He really added to the Halloween theme!


3. On Monday I was randomly inspired to create a gratitude journal, not just on my own but on the blog as well. You can find it on the menu in a drop down below “blog” and I’ll be updating it every day (or every couple of days at once). I’ve been wanting to add daily gratitude into my routine but I never could make it stick. Since I know accountability is so important, I thought this would be a fun way to stick to my goal AND add some positive vibes into the world.


4. I’ve been obsessed with Jess Lively’s podcast lately. Some girls on my coaching team mentioned how she’s been talking a lot about “flow” and how she’s using it in relation to getting her work done. This sounded just like what I needed so I’ve listened to about 15 episodes in the last week… Just shows you how much time I spend driving these days! But I’m loving it and if it sounds interesting to you, start around episode 148.

5. I am SO EXCITED about the workout program I’m doing in November!! Like PUMPED UP now that my team is all doing it together! If want to learn a little more or do it with us, check out my event page for the launch!

6. This weekend is your LAST CHANCE to join my team’s Meal Planning & Prep Group! It’s a free, week-long facebook group where each day one of us will be sharing one of our BEST tips to help you eat healthier during the week. If you want to join, just click here!


7. Guess where I’m headed bright and early tomorrow morning? CHICAGO!!! To celebrate my birthday, and those of a couple friends, I decided to fly back to Chicago to visit and I couldn’t be more excited! Not only will I get to see a bunch of friends, but I also get to go to a Beachbody event with a bunch of girls from my team! Major win, win! If you want to keep up with my weekend, be sure to follow me on Snapchat under kdubjd or on Instagram!


8. Have a great weekend!


Are you good at meal prep and making food ahead of time for the week? 

What are your plans this weekend? 

When was the last time you carved a pumpkin? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. So my parents left earlier this week and with them went not only their wonderful company but eating out as well. This will probably be good for my waistline but… I will miss my favorite breakfast! Good thing I make pancakes for myself at home 🙂


2. Before they left, however, we had a fun family weekend where I put together a craft project for my 6-month old niece! I put this piece of heart-shaped cardstock into a plastic baggie with drops of paint on top. She played around with it and, voila! A beautiful piece of art. Well, we think it’s beautiful…


3. Miss MOLLY also came for the weekend! She had so much fun getting everyone’s attention. Just so cute.


4. Want to keep up with my life and get tons of inspiration, motivation, and all the great stuff I find and share? Be sure to follow my facebook page!

5. Did you know I make live videos on my Facebook page? My most recent video was how I make my favorite spaghetti squash casserole! Don’t miss it!


6. Now that my half marathon is done, I am back to a regular workout routine and I am LOVING IT! I miss these shorter, more strength-based workouts! For the next two weeks, I’m doing workouts from 21 Day Fix Extreme (variety of 30min workouts) and then I’ll be doing the new boxing program, Core De Force, in November!!!


7. I found my new candle love. Prosecco Bellini? Enough said.

img_72708. Have a great Thursday!


Do you eat out often? What’s your favorite thing for breakfast?

When was the last time you did an art project just for fun?

Thursday Thoughts

1. It’s pumpkin oatmeal season!!! I made my very first bowl yesterday morning, with some almond butter in the middle, and it was SO good! Great way to mix up a regular breakfast food.


2. On Tuesday I was having a big of a rough day, feeling overly anxious and like I HAD to be working on something all the time since I actually have so much time to work! But a good friend reminded me to take a break and go enjoy the beautiful place that I live in! She was right 😉


3. And if you thought Tuesday was gorgeous, just take a look at Wednesday! HA, not. I had hoped to get outside again, but that was a no go… Good thing I had a Rotary Club meeting up in Denver that evening to get me out of the house!


4. If you’re my friend on Facebook, then you know that’s where I normally post all my interesting stuff, anything from fitness to motivation, to… whatever is going on in my head! Now, however, I’ve decided to try and make my personal page, well… personal, and use my business page for all of that other good stuff. If you want to keep up with me, just follow me on Coach Katie Wheeler page.

5. I had my LAST long run this past weekend! It was 10 miles and although I got pretty tired in the last couple of miles, it went really well! I actually felt great afterwards, like I hadn’t even run 10 miles! Haha, now the next day, that’s when my legs felt a little more sore. I can’t believe my race is THIS Sunday! I’ll be sure to post a recap here on the blog!


6. Last weekend, after my long run I decided to explore a part of Colorado Springs that I’d never really been to before. I drove along a road called Gold Camp Road, which leads to several hiking trailheads and a good bit of it was a dirt road. It was really fun to just put my windows down and drive through the mountain side. There were even a couple tunnels to drive through!


7. I’m already signing up women for my November online wellness group, so if you’re interested in joining us for three weeks of health, fitness and accountability, leave a comment below or send me a message at!

8. Have a great Thursday!

If you think you've blown God's plan for your life, rest in this. You, my…:

What do you do when you need a break from work? 

What’s your favorite breakfast right now? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. I am SO excited that I got to go to a pop-up Luke’s diner yesterday!!! It was a promotion by Netflix, and there was even a guy dressed up as Luke! For anyone who doesn’t know, Luke’s Diner is a huge part of the TV show, Gilmore Girls. Which, of course, I’m obsessed with.


2. I LOVE Andrea Owen’s podcast. Now that I drive a lot more (than none…) I’ve been listening to old ones in the car. SO MANY GOOD NUGGETS!


3. There’s a place in Manitou Springs (old mining town next to Colorado Springs) called Red Dog Cafe and I LOVE their sandwiches and gluten free bread. My mom was walking by yesterday and got us sandwiches! I love my mom 🙂


4. Haha more food related thoughts. Starbucks has almond milk! Finally! I’m so excited about this one!


5. My Dad is coming this weekend to stay for a week, I’m excited to see him! It also means getting to see my niece, Addie next weekend! Haha I love them both, equally. But she’s a little cuter <3.

6. This week I’m dog sitting these two cuties. Ten days is a loooong time but we’re over halfway through! I’m just ready to be back in my own bed! But they’re pretty cute, so it’s okay 🙂


7. Oh my gosh. My long run this past week was not pretty. I was actually surprised I did so well with it, but I didn’t realize beforehand just how much of an elevation change I’d be dealing with on the route I picked out: 405 feet! Ouch. Lesson learned for this weekend’s 10 miles! Last long run before the half marathon!

altitude-change8. Have a great Thursday!


Do you like running/walking hills or do you prefer flat?

Do you listen to podcasts?

Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. My mom and I had Molly to ourselves ALL WEEKEND and I LOVED IT! I miss her! I think she also enjoyed being the star of the show now that she’s a big sister 😉


2. This past weekend I drove up to Castle Rock (a town, not just a rock) and met up with Sierra for an 8-mile run. It was so nice to have someone there with me! I don’t know if I would have survived those hills without her!


3. After almost two years, I finally got new running shoes! By the way, I paid for these with one week’s paycheck from being a Beachbody coach! Now I know you can’t live off of that (yet 😉 ) but having that extra money is vital for me right now! Molly likes them too.


4. I just can’t ever get over this view. If you’ve never been to Colorado Springs (and most people haven’t…) you MUST. It’s gorgeous.


5. My accountability group this month is using an app called My Challenge Tracker and I LOVE IT! It is so motivating to check in every day and try to keep up my streaks! Only ten more days of our Health Bet challenge and then the OCTOBER GROUP STARTS!!! If you’re interested, leave a comment, send me a message, or go ahead and fill out an application!


6. My coach has started offering Zoom calls (like a live meeting) every Sunday morning at 6:30am MDT. I know it seems crazy early for a Sunday but 1) I’m already up and 2) I LOVE getting to connect with my team and get some mentoring in! I am so thankful for finding such a supportive team and community. These gals have my back every step of the way! Now don’t worry, we’re not a “you can’t sit with us” type of group – we would LOVE to have you if this is something you’re interested in! If you could ever imagine yourself coaching, or are curious at all, send me an email ( or leave a comment. I’d be happy to answer your questions!


7. Addie and I need these matching jammies. NEED.


8. Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!

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What’s on your mind? 

Do you own any onesie pajamas? 

When was the last time you got new tennis shoes?