Friday Thoughts..?

Hey everyone! Thank you for your general patience with me – it’s been a very busy week at my “real job” since I’m on the fundraising team and our biggest event of the year was yesterday! So that on top of my regular duties has had me a little stretched, but I’m BACK! And ready for Thursday Thoughts… a day late.

1. Did you know last week was the first time I ever missed Thursday Thoughts since I started the series?

2. Last weekend I got to hang out with my dear friend, Bennett. I got this epic photo of him and all his fierceness that I just had to share:


3. I have become a liiiiiittle obsessed with snapchat lately, now that I’ve opened mine up to not just “real life friends” but all of YOU friends! (which is why my name is kdubjd and not anything peace love & oats related). I actually add to my story all the time (although this one was stolen from a friend :) )


4. If you’ve ever been interested in the 21 Day Fix (or upgraded version: 21 Day Fix Extreme) today is the LAST day that it’s on sale. This program changed the way I view food and exercise and I almost always recommend it to other women. Shoot me an email at if you want to chat about whether it would be good for you!

5. This is my current favorite song :)

(click here if the video doesn’t work!)

6. If you’re a woman, you should listen to this podcast episode. No joke. My coach, Anna, sent it to me and I have been passing it along every chance I get. Seriously, take 1 hour out of your day and it could change all the small things you just “deal with” while being female.



7. I’m pretty sure my fitbit fell out of my pocket on the bus yesterday… I told my friend Sarah and she says, “Another one bites the dust.” Amen. This is probably the 5th fitbit I have lost (I buy the small $50 clip on ones). I have a problem. And yet I still want to get another…

8. Have a great Thursday!

beauty #quote Steve Maraboli

What’s your favorite song of the week? 

Do you use snapchat? What’s your name!?

Thursday Thoughts

1. For the 4th of July weekend I got to go to Colorado Springs to see my WHOLE family! Okay, well my whole immediate family, but it was the first time we’d all been together in about a year and a half!


2. Since my friend, Maddie, lives in Denver, she drove down for a hike and lunch on Friday morning! Apparently we took a wrong turn on our hike and it ended a bit quickly… So we decided to walk around Manitou!




3. Manitou is adorable, however there are two fun things we saw. This sign:



and these Jelly Belly candies… (and no, they did not taste like Champagne).



4. On the Fourth we went out for a delicious breakfast, spent some family time walking and hanging out back at Manitou and the house, had dinner at home and then went to watch some fireworks! Pretty good Fourth if you ask me.




5. Oh, did I mention Molly was there? I’m pretty sure she had the best weekend out of the group – lots of people to pay attention to her and plenty of outdoor activities!





6. This week has been a very busy one at my office. I do our website, emailing and social media (along with grantwriting), and there have been a LOT of newsworthy things happening for us recently. I’ve had a LOT of little things to keep on top of, but it sure makes the day go by quickly!

7. BTW guess where I’m going next week?? BEACHBODY COACH SUMMIT!!!!! 25,000 coaches are taking over Nashville and I’m so excited! And starting to get nervous… AHHHH. It will be fun though – I just need to rest up and ready myself this weekend!

8. Have a great Thursday!

What did you do for the Fourth? 

Is your work slower or busier during the summer? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. This has been driving me crazy, I don’t know why I haven’t asked before. Why is the “&” symbol so popular right now?? Does it symbolize something other than “and?” I DON’T GET IT.

Image of Daniel 3 Ampersand V-Neck Tee

2. Guess what I’m doing tonight? Flying to COLORADO to see my family!!!!! I’m SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED I CANNOT HANDLE IT! I get to go hiking with my BFF who lives in Denver, see EVERYONE in my immediate family at the same place at the same time (it’s been a while…) and hang out with Molly!

3. For those of you who don’t know Molly 😉

4. This is my new favorite song:



5. This made me smile :)


6. It was 58 degrees when I left for work yesterday… on July 1st. p.s. if you want to follow me on Snapchat it’s kdubjd. I warn you… my life isn’t that exciting :)


7. I really do think I’m incredibly amusing. Probably because I spend a majority of my time alone, so I have to laugh at myself. As long as I don’t start engaging in conversations…




8. Have a great Thursday!


Do you think you’re funny? 

Who do you text the most? 

What are you doing this weekend?? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Well hello there! This past weekend I drove down to Peoria with Anna (my coach sponsor/friend/redhead twin) to share Shakeo and to run the Steamboat Classic! And guess what? I RAN IT! Haha, after 7 months without running (minus a random 1.5 miler in there) I actually ran all 4 miles in 37 minutes! I guess those at home workouts are good for something 😉



2. While at Anna’s house we looked through a magazine that is very similar to SkyMall, however this one item caught our eye. It wasn’t the fact that it exists (because I would totally find this entertaining) but it’s the description. It is flawless. Amazing. Serious kudos to their copywriter.

My favorite sentence: “Flies caught within the spread pattern are bludgeoned into an inert yet intact state without the unsightly splatter resulting from the use of primitive swatting cudgels.”



3. Just an FYI I’m running a 21 Day Fix group in July (it’s on sale this month) so if you’re interested leave a comment or shoot me a message!

4. Omg, how fantastic is this? I could have used these floatings during float trips back in college! Okay, so I went on one float trip… but still, this is genius! Haha and adorable.


5. I’m pretty sure that Molly thinks Colorado is heaven. Pure heaven. I will be there in one week!!!



6. I have ZERO PLANS this weekend! Okay except laundry, cleaning, pulling my life back together after a busy week, lots of writing for all these ideas in my head that I never have time to put to paper…

7. This made me laugh. And it’s so true. Unless you’re me and you drink crazy amounts of water all day…



8. Have a great Thursday! (I’m totally the flamingo)

What is your favorite state? (I think we know Molly’s…)

Have you ever bought something from SkyMall? What would you get if you could? 



Thursday Thoughts

1. This is how my brain works. My small group leader asked us to pick a “theme” for a get together we’re doing, for example: relationships, pain and suffering, or prayer. Here was my response:


2. Guess what! I am running a 4 mile race this weekend!!! I know, I haven’t mentioned training at all. That’s because I’ve run 1.5 miles since… November? Hmm. This will be fun.

3. Monday night I was supposed to make pizza and eat it on Julie’s roof with her and her little brother who is visiting! But then there were tornadoes and pouring rain… so that didn’t happen. I did, however, get soaked to the bone.


4. We made up for it on Tuesday with a walk around Chicago and lunch at a fancy outdoor cafe…


5. You may have heard of the 21 Day Fix (I wrote about it here and here) but it is on SALE this month (epic – seriously) and I’m thinking of doing at 21 Day Fix group in July where everyone does the program together. Thoughts? Would anyone be interested?

6. I’m not a hockey fan so I wasn’t into the Stanley Cup this year, BUT I did enjoy getting a free iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts after they won :) Go Blackhawks!



7. Anyone else watching Orange Is The New Black? I basically stopped watching TV for months and then this comes back and I’m hooked! Good thing I’m almost through the season so I can go back to reading… haha.

8. Have a great Thursday!

Close some doors. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because they no longer lead somewhere.


What is the weirdest themed party you’ve been to or heard of?

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve eaten a meal?