Thursday Thoughts

1. So I’m just finishing this post this morning and I just had to quit my workout halfway through. I pulled something in my back/neck/shoulder and can’t move without lots of pain. This is uncool. Fix it?


2. I’m a total creeper and at my (new) small group last week I took a photo of the hostess’s books so I could add some to my To Read list on Goodreads


3. Speaking of books, I’m doing pretty well on my 100 in a year goal! Last night I just finished book #29 and I’m currently at least halfway through three other books that I’m reading for various book club/small group/beachbody reasons. I’m actually surprised! It’s amazing how you get through multiple books at once just by making sure to read 10-20 pages each day for each book.


4. Is anyone else struggling with wanting to buy ALL THE SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHES? I am. I have this dress in two colors sitting in my check out cart at nordstrom. They keep sending me emails every day reminding me that they’re there…

A Southern Drawl: Floral Texture


5. I invented a fabulous new trick. I top my oats with cinnamon and stevia and it forms a layer that tastes like the cinnamon toast my mom used to make me :)


6. Typical Gchat conversations:

Inline image 1


7. When it comes to being a “discount coach” for Shakeology (25% off), I often remind people that if they get three of their friends or family drinking Shakeology, it will pay for theirs each month. Well… This week I was so proud of my hard work when my paycheck for that week paid for Shakeology for that MONTH. Boom. Haha slowly moving up in the world.


8. Have a great Thursday!


Thursday Thoughts

1. This is completely ridiculous and I can’t believe I’m making this a Thursday Thought, BUT (haha butt – no pun intended!) my Max 30 accountability buddy sent me a photo of herself in a pencil skirt, which she never normally wears, saying her butt looked like a shelf. I sent one back saying mine looks more like a wall. You’re welcome.


2. You know what’s awesome about the above bizarre (yet totally normal…) conversation? I looked at my body (and my butt) with objectivity. I don’t really care what shape my butt is, or what size my jeans are or what my body type is. I mean, I care a liiiittle and I do care how my clothes fit (girl ain’t got $$ for new clothes) but what I’m saying is that I’ve come SO FAR over the last year. A year ago, 5 years ago, 15 years ago I cared. A LOT. Now I know it’s just not that important.


3. Tuesday night I had a meeting for my Junior League Committee and it was my turn to bring snacks! I tried to keep it healthy, but had to throw in some brie to keep it “classy.”



4. I FINALLY got the book I Am Malala from the library (ebook) and I’m about 40% of the way through. Although not typically the genre that I read, I am really, really enjoying it so far. It is such a huge difference in viewpoint of the history of the world after 9/11, coming from a young girl in Pakistan and I’ve learned so much in just a short amount of time.


5. According to my closet, it is Spring. Winter, DEAL WITH IT.


6. You know what I hate about having a “real” job? I can’t tell you guys all about it on the internet. Because, well, it’s the internet and that goes everywhere. Can’t we all just be BFFs and meet for coffee (or froyo…) and chat?


7. This past weekend was GORGEOUS! I got to meet up with some friends for an evening picnic by the lake and I felt like a whole different person! It almost felt like summer!


8. Have a great Thursday!

Song of Solomon 47 by BrandeeLynnCreations on Etsy


Are you wearing more spring-y colors lately? 

On a scale of 1-5, how much do you care about your body type/shape?  

Thursday Thoughts

1. Soooo I had a somewhat unconventional Easter weekend. My human BFF Maddie’s birthday was the same day as Easter and I flew out to Denver to celebrate with her. We had an all-day Brunch fest with her friends on Saturday and of course, tiny hats were involved. Why? She loves tiny hats. It was a good time.



2. Anyone and EVERYONE is welcome to join my Facebook group: Be Your Best Self for healthy living tips, posts about self-confidence, recipes, and a monthly 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge! Check out this page for more info! P.S. I’ve gotten a LOT of questions about Shakeology, so I’ll be doing a Shakeo FAQ post coming up soon!


3. How could I visit Denver without visiting my non-human BFF: MOLLY! I love this dog. Too much. My brother cooked us all an Easter Dinner (well, salmon, asparagus and sweet potatoes) and we ate outside in the GORGEOUS Colorado weather (it was so depressing coming back to Chicago…). Molly also celebrated:



4. I’m back to the whole “can we get a few more hours in the day?” phase. But really. Can we make that happen? Somebody?


5. My brother painted a wall in their finished basement with chalk paint so they could draw on it (yes, this has been my dream since childhood). Obviously I had to make an outline of Molly.




6. Molly and I did my Insanity Max 30 workout together. She tended to creep closer and closer to me without absolutely no fear that I would kick her. Apparently any exercise that doesn’t including petting her is not incredibly amusing.



7. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND!!!! Why? I have nothing planned. The end. :)


8. Have a good Thursday!


If you celebrate Easter, what did you do? 

If you could move to any city due to their weather, and only their weather, which one would you choose?  

Thursday Thoughts

1. I am running a Free 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge if anyone is interested! It will be run through a Facebook group and you get recipes, a grocery list, meal planning tips, workout ideas PLUS one on one coaching from… ME! Haha who doesn’t want that? Leave a comment or send me an email if you’re interested! (


2. So for the past 10 Saturdays I’ve been going to an all-women’s bible study on the book of Philippians at 9am every morning. My small group decided to do this in lieu of actual small group meetings since we’re in a transition phase (a lot of girls are leaving so we’re technically having to “break up,” long story…). Anyhoo – I did NOT WANT TO DO THIS STUDY. I was so adamant, mostly because I felt forced into it and if you try to force me to do anything I can get kinda stubborn. However, I have to say that I’m so sad it’s ending!! I loved it. I knew I would (but wouldn’t admit it) and now it’s over. Sad face :(

P.S. The book of Philippians is super short and so packed FULL of amazingness. I highly recommend trying a study on it.


3. I’ve mentioned this before but… I think I’m pretty much hilarious. Yep. I’m laughing right now as I type this.


4. It’s official. The bumblebee is my spirit animal. Haha if I had to choose one, and I will. I’ve always loved them (and have stickers of them everywhere…) but now I love them even more. I’m going to be the crazy bumblebee lady that collects things with bumblebees on them. Oh wait, I kinda already am…


5. 9 Days until I fly to Denver to see my BFF Maddie for her birthday and 11 days until… MOLLY REUNION!!!!! I CAN’T HANDLE THE EXCITEMENT.

6. You knew I had to go here. I live in Chicago, all we talk about is weather. WHAT IS THIS!?!?! I am not a happy camper.

7. This week is FLYING by. Where did the time go? Seriously? I feel like I’ve barely gotten anything done and yet I haven’t even had a busy week. WHAT HAPPENED?


8. Have a great Thursday!

Be Anxious For Nothing; 15 Scriptures To Soothe An Anxious Heart.


What’s your “spirit animal?” PICK NOW! 

Do you think you’re funny? Do you think I’m funny..? 😉

Thursday Thoughts

1. Uh THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments and support, both on the blog and in social media, on my post Tuesday! You guys are awesome. And remember – always feel free to email me if you are dealing with anything similar and want to talk!


2. Um, so did I ever mention that for several months I’ve been writing articles for another blog? Haha in other words I have a second blog… You can check it out here: The Happy Attorney


3. My friend in San Francisco, Caroline, sent me this little… what are these called? Oh my gosh ever since I read Still Alice I feel like I have alzheimers. Anyway the best part of her gift was this cute little book full of quotes! Haha I think people know I like quotes… not sure how.



4. How colorful is my food prep this week? I’m actually already sick of eating this meal… but that’s what I get for not actually planning out recipes and “winging it” for the week.



5. So I’m on week 2 of Insanity Max 30 and I had one client who got the program to do it with me. Well my “client” has become my virtual friend and biggest motivator throughout this whole program. There’s no way I’d get up and do the workouts every morning if we weren’t constantly messaging back and forth encouraging one another. I already love this girl.


6. This is me. All day, every day. Haha right now.



7. Selfie Bloopers!



8. Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!!!


Do you have any funny selfie bloopers on your phone?

Do you think you’re funny?  

What’s the last gift you gave?