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Thursday Thoughts

1. Happy Thursday!!!! I feel like I am counting down the days until next Saturday when my whole family comes out here for the 4th of July! Well, mostly I’m counting down until my brother’s dog and daughter (Molly and Addie, respectively), arrive! I CANNOT WAIT!

2. So I signed up for a half marathon in October… *sigh,* here we go again! For those of you who haven’t been reading forever, I went through quite a distance running phase, doing three halves and a full marathon in a one-year time span. I got sidelined by an IT band injury and after becoming a coach have been much more focused on strength. Welp, I’m hitting the road again to start training and I need to start heading out MUCH earlier because it was HOT!

Hot day for running

3. One of my favorite things about being a coach is the amazing women I get to work with. I’ve been participating in a facebook group over the past five weeks for the women in our group who really want to grow their business and feel like we’ve gotten SO much closer through all of our breakthroughs, breakdowns, and fun, quirky moments. If you’re curious about us and what we do join our “Behind the Scenes” preview on Facebook from the 27-29th! Let me know if you’re interested!

Beachbody Team

4. I just started reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert as my next personal development book and I’m FLYING through this one! Really enjoying it so far!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

5. This little girl is awesome. Enough said. #dosomethingspecial

6. Sunday night my mom and I went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Colorado Springs: Crystal Park Cantina! I always order the exact same thing: one spinach enchilada, one chicken enchilada…

Crystal Park Cantina

7. I’ve decided to create “Molly Art.” This could totally sell in a gallery, right?

Molly Golden Retriever Art

8. Have a great Thursday!


Do you order the exact same thing every time you go to certain restaurants? 

Do you run often? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Oh HEY! How are you all?!? I know I’ve been posting a little less and because of that it’s meant fewer comments – I miss my readers!

2. We are deep into tourist season here in Colorado Springs (no skiing, so everything is very summer-oriented), so I haven’t been to the Garden of the Gods for a hike in a while. There are just TOO MANY PEOPLE. But I sucked it up yesterday and I’m so glad I did!

Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs

3. Um, I’m sorry, WOLF TOURS?! SIGN ME UP! I saw this billboard and will definitely be investigating…

Wolf Tours Colorado Springs

4. I’m almost 3 weeks into my second round of Hammer & Chisel and it is FLYING by! I love this program because it’s challenging and weirdly FUN.

Hammer & Chisel Beachbody

5. For real though. These women are some of my best friends and biggest supporters. #GodisGood

Beachbody Coach Team Inspire Jou

6. I tried out ColourPop after seeing it on Instagram. Very cool! Haha probably shouldn’t have spent money on makeup though… #impulseshoppingproblems

Colour Pop

7. I’m running a 5 day free challenge all about how to handle your inner critic (or inner Mean Girl) next week! Comment or shoot me an email at if you want to join in!

Conquer Your Inner Mean Girl

8. Have a great Thursday!


What’s your favorite make up brand?

If you could see any animal in the wild, what would you chose? 

Thursday Thoughts… On Friday

1. Oh hey! Can you tell I fell off the face of the blogging earth this week? At least you know I don’t just force out content if I’m not feeling it, right? Haha, well here I am! It was just a busy week and too many things going through my mind to focus on writing!

2. In case you missed it on Instagram, Molly turned FIVE on Wednesday!!! And yes, I’m obviously the kind of person who celebrates pet birthdays. Sadly I couldn’t be with Molly on her special day but it’s good to know every day is a special day in Molly’s mind, so we’ll just celebrate when I see her next 🙂

Golden Retriever Molly

3. On Wednesday, I had some extra time to kill so I went to a vintage and used clothing store called Buffalo Exchange that I absolutely love. I came across this cat purse and totally would have bought it for my friend if it weren’t a whopping $13. Under $10 I would have gone for it…

cat purse

4. Speaking of weird animal objects… My family likes to decorate anything and everything in Chiefs gear. This is Bunker the Moose (he likes golfing), and I finally changed out his winter chiefs hat for a more summery look. #becausethisisnormal…

Wooden Moose, Kansas City Chiefs

5. A friend of mine, Jordan Garner, is going to be my professional photographer tomorrow morning for my first ever “real” photoshoot. Aka not a selfie. I need some more professional looking photos for my coaching business and he was the perfect guy to ask. I haven’t posed for photos since senior year of high school (senior pic!) so this will be interesting!

6. I FINALLY finished this book! I can read a fiction novel in a day, but anything non-fiction takes me forever. It had some great content no matter your career or life path, I definitely recommend this one!

The Magic of Thinking Big

7. I’m a very sarcastic person, but I also just generally think I’m hilarious. For example, I suggested to my friend, whose family uses bitmojis a lot in their group text, that she switch her outfit to maternity and then see how long it takes for anyone to notice… I was laughing out loud at myself.


Bitmoji app

8. Have a great WEEKEND!!!!

Squeeze the Day

Have you ever been in a professional photoshoot? 

Do you celebrate pet birthdays? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. OMG I saw a bobcat in my backyard Friday morning! I put up the video on Instagram, but it just meandered right past me. It was SO COOL!


2. I got to spend most of Memorial Day Weekend at my older brother’s house, which means one thing: LOTS OF MOLLY TIME! Now that she has a little sister, I think she loves me even more because she’s dying for some extra attention 😉

golden retriever

3. I’ve decided to make a Colorado Summer Bucket List – especially with hikes and mountains that I want to climb. Anyone from CO or visited here who did something they loved that I have to do?? Would love some suggestions!

4. If you’ve been reading for a while then you know I fly through books like crazy, but when it comes to personal development books it takes me FOREVER. I think I have ADD. Seriously. It’s so good but too much to take in all at once!

the magic of thinking big

5. OMG I SAW A REAL TINY HOUSE!!! Haha I’ve never seen one in real life, but this one was just being transported down the road!

tiny house

6. I will never, ever, ever get tired of how beautiful Colorado Springs is. Even when Pike’s Peak (the main mountain) is covered up with clouds, the rest of the valley is just stunning. Always in awe of this place.

hiking in garden of the gods

7. I found my new favorite coffee shop where I can get work done. It’s in an old house and reminds me of a place I went to during law school in Chicago. It’s called Agia Sophia and I love that I can get a coffee in a mug and sit at a table with free wifi for hours, especially upstairs where it’s pretty quiet!

8. Have a great Thursday!

looking back quote

Have you ever seen a tiny house in real life?

What’s your favorite type of book to read?

Thursday Thoughts

1. Happy Thursday, friends! This week is FLYING by for me, probably because I spent most of Tuesday and all of Wednesday driving around and up in the Boulder area visiting friends and family! I ended up going in the first place because Laura was so sweet to include me in her Bachelorette Viewing Party! It was SO fun to watch with other people because they provide such entertaining commentary 🙂

Bachelorette Viewing Party

2. I spent Wednesday hanging out with my brother, sister-in-law, Molly (the dog 🙂 ), and my little niece, Addie. Addie was in a fussy mood so she HAD to be held all day, not that I was complaining. I mean look at that little butt. How is everything so much cuter when it’s in a miniature version?


3. I also got in PLENTY of Molly time. She has been used to being the only child, so now that Addie is here she is just DYING for attention. Lucky me, that meant she slept on my bed (and moved around, and stared at me, and breathed in my face) ALL night, haha. But I did take her to the dog park. At one moment I couldn’t find her and then saw her behind a bench, alone. She’s such a weirdo.

golden retriever

4. So moving one more time zone to the west has really thrown me for a loop when it comes to blog posting. I used to try to post by 6:30am central time so people could read before work, but now I’ve learned that I have to get all my posts done the night before if I want to do that… especially since It’s now 8:30am CT time as I’m writing this…

5. I went for a run in the afternoon on Tuesday and it was a BAD idea! It was so hot and my stomach was not thrilled that I had to constantly stop because I thought I was about to die. Turned an intended 3 mile run into a sporatic walk/run/stand around half bent over 2.5 miler…  But it was pretty! Haha

Garden of the Gods ,Colorado Springs

6. Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic… I haven’t had one of these in YEARS, but after I went whitewater rafting this weekend we stopped to get one to cool off and I had forgotten how good they are. Not so healthy with all those chemicals, but man, they are delicious. I had to get another when I headed up to Laura’s house since I knew that with the traffic it would be a 2 hour drive… #addicted

Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade

7. Are we friends on snapchat!? If not, we should be! I’m showing more and more of my daily life these days! You can find me at kdubjd. Weird, I know. At first I hadn’t intended it to become a public profile and they won’t let me change it to something like… katiewheeler! Haha

8. Have a great Thursday!

Give God Your Weakness and He'll Give You His Strength

Do you like babies? In general or just particular ones that you have a special connection to? 

What’s a treat you like to get every once in a while?