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Thursday Thoughts

1. Guess what happens after work tomorrow?!


Major perk to working at a school. One whole FREE week off! I will be spending the week relaxing in Colorado Springs! Haha very different from my college days when I went on a cruise in the Bahamas… #adulting.

2. I finally got up the courage to run in the morning! I had running on my plan for Tuesday and did not have time after work, so I thought I’d give it a try in the morning even though it’s still dark out. Although I didn’t love it… I definitely learned that it wasn’t as scary as I anticipated, as long as I stuck to well-lit areas.

3. Wear sunscreen! Haha yes, I’m throwing in that Public Service Announcement. I went to the dermatologist this past weekend and my skin check was good! But WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN! You’ll thank me later 🙂

4. This past weekend I hung out with these two cuties! I have a profile on for dog-sitting to earn some extra money (gotta pay for that ski trip somehow!). These two were so sweet and they’ve already rebooked me for a few weeks from now!

5. With daylight savings, I’m getting to see the sunrises again and I have to say – it’s the ONE good thing about daylight savings!

6. The bad thing, however, is that seeing the sunrise here only makes me miss the view from my apartment in Chicago. It really was the most amazing view and the most beautiful sunrises I’ve seen.

7. Last night my new small group met for the second time and started talking about the book we decided to read: One Way Love by Tullian Tchividjian. I like it so far! And I really like these two women. They’re a mother and a daughter and they’re fun, they’re so nice, and I feel like I’m being welcomed into their family.

8. Have a great Thursday!

Your Turn!

Are you a sunscreen fanatic like I am? 

Do you ever dog or cat sit for friends or family (or strangers!)? 

What are you reading right now?

Thursday Thoughts

1. Guess who forgot to do her Thursday Thoughts on a Thursday again? THIS GIRL! But let’s be honest: on Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday, on Wednesday I knew it was Wednesday, and then today I thought it was Wednesday again. Apparently every day this week felt like hump day…

2. I got to see Annette this past weekend! She had a fitness instructor training in Denver on Sunday, so Saturday night I picked her up from the airport and we had a sleepover! It’s amazing what great friends you can meet on the internet.

5. On Saturday I also got to see my whole family! Well, my little brother was missing, but close! We all had lunch, hung out with my niece, Addie, and then went on a family walk. It was so nice to have everyone together! And yes, Addie is dressed as a little polar bear. I die.

4. I got to see a lot of great people this weekend, but I also got to see my 4-legged best friend! Love her to pieces.

5. This weekend I’m dog-sitting! I still have my profile up on and got an email from a couple who needed someone to watch their two dogs this weekend. They are SUPER CUTE and sweet, so I think it will be fun!

6. Last week felt loooooong so I grabbed myself some Starbucks on my way in on Friday morning. I might do the same this week! I got a Cafe Misto (half coffee, half steamed almond milk).

7. I also got in a run last weekend! We’ve been having BEAUTIFUL weather but of course, when I have a chance to go for a run it’s cold and misting… My run was surprisingly pleasant, though! I’m going to try and keep it a habit to run once a week!

8. Have a great Thursday!

Your turn!

What are you doing this weekend?

What’s the cutest costume you’ve seen a baby wear?

Thursday Thoughts

1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Women’s Day before, but it was a really big deal this year! I loved all the fun messages from friends and the empowerment of the day. So, happy belated women’s day to all you beautiful women out there!

2. This past weekend, a few of my friends from Chicago flew in and we spent the weekend in Breckenridge and IT WAS A BLAST! We went skiing, snow shoeing and enjoyed hanging out in Breckenridge. I loved having them in town and getting to just relax for the weekend and enjoy the moment.

3. Speaking of skiing, this weekend was the first time I’d skied in fifteen years! I know, right? And guess what? It really was just like riding a bike. Two green runs and I was already bored and ready to head up to the top of the mountain. I even did a black near the end of the day! Now I HAVE to get a local pass next year so I can ski more often!

4. Yesterday, my friend Jaclyn ran her 1,000th mile and wanted to celebrate by getting 100 women to run a mile with her. She’s a sweetheart and I wanted to support her, so I headed out for a cold, quick one mile before my strength workout.

5. Guess what I’m doing this weekend? Addie-sitting!!! For those of you who don’t know, that means babysitting my niece. My brother and sister-in-law are going to head up to the mountains to ski super early so I’ll be there bright and early! The extra fun part, however, is that my mom and dad are in town and are going to come up and help watch her for a little while! It’s a party!

6. Did you miss Tuesday’s post? Help get the changes in your life going by Using Pleasure to Make New Habits Stick. 

7. Oh, you thought I was done talking about my weekend? It made me want to move up into the mountains and work as ski patrol forever. Everyone was so happy up there, I didn’t want to leave!

8. Have a great Thursday!

Your turn!

Have you ever thought of quitting your “real life” to live in a vacation town?

Have you ever been skiing?


Thursday Thoughts

1. Happy Thursday!!! Today is my “Friday” because I’m going to Breckenridge this weekend to ski! A few of my friends from Chicago are flying in tomorrow morning and we’re going to spend a couple nights up there. Because my ski trip last weekend was cancelled, this will be my first time skiing since I was 14!

2. I finally went to a movie! I haven’t been to one since this past summer, and that was probably my only movie of 2016. I looooove seeing movies in the theater but I never take the time to go! A coworker and I went to see La La Land on Saturday and it was good! Not one of my favorite movies ever (I prefer them to be more emotionally moving if I’m going to call it a great movie) but I can definitely see why it was nominated.

3. Last night I went to the first meeting of a small group I signed up for. Funnily enough, out of 13 women who signed up, I was the only one who showed up! I had actually debated going – I knew literally nothing about the group and of course freaked myself out but I knew I’d regret not going. I’m SO GLAD I went! I met the leader and her daughter and they were absolutely wonderful. Haha so it was just the three of us, but I’m sure more will come next time now that we have a plan to send out!

4. I’ve been doing Charlene Johnson’s ChaLEAN Extreme workouts for the past four weeks and I’m so glad I’m moving into phase 2 next week with new workouts! After 4 weeks it’s time to switch it up, both to keep my mind from getting bored and my body from getting too used to it!

5. My mom is coming out to Colorado next week! She’ll be spending most of her time in Colorado Springs, but she wants to come up and see my apartment and where I work, so that will be fun!

6. How cool is this!? I saw this image on Instagram and now I want to go there! Granted, it probably doesn’t look exactly like this from ground level… but that’s okay. There are so many places I want to road trip to out west. So many national parks and beautiful places!

7. After she appeared so much on my social media two weekends ago, Miss Molly just wanted to check in and let you all know she’s been doing well. Her toe fluff is finally making a comeback after being groomed in December.

8. Have a great Thursday!

Your turn!

Have you ever almost not gone to something and ended up so happy that you went?

Do you have any road trip destinations on your list?

Thursday Thoughts: Gold Star Style

I’ve been listening to the podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft and at the end of each episode, they share a happiness demerit and a happiness gold star. Today I want to share my happiness gold stars because I’ve had a lot over the past week!

1. Gold star to my school/job. I have to admit, my job now comes with WAY more perks than any other job I’ve had. This past weekend, not only did we have four FULL days off (Sat – Tues) but Friday was a half-day Staff and Faculty Retreat where we had breakfast, a morning speaker, and then went to three different sessions that we’d signed up for, all having something to do with relaxation or mindfulness. My sessions were zentangles (drawing), learning how to play the violin (SO COOL) and then a 40 minute meditation which was suuuuper relaxing.

2. Gold start to me (and new friends). After that retreat I was ready to drive up to the Boulder area and pick up Molly, but one of my new friends at work invited me to tacos and drinks at a restaurant nearby. I almost didn’t go… but I remembered that we rarely regret things we DO and we usually regret it when we DON’T do something. So I went. And of course I’m so glad I did because it was fun and I got to know some new people. Albeit I then got stuck in rush hour traffic… but it was worth it.

3. Gold star to Molly. I had Molly from Friday through Monday this weekend and I absolutely LOVED it. It was SO NICE to have here there in general and to have the perfect reason to get outside constantly during the weekend.

4. Gold star to my friend, Maddie. Molly was a little uneasy in my apartment (she’s not used to hearing people move and talk all around her!) and she’d bark at some noises until I told her it was okay. Because of the barking, I didn’t want to leave her alone in my apartment (for her and my neighbors) so I wasn’t going to go to church. Maddie said she’d take Molly for a walk near my church so I could go. It was really, really nice of her and I’m so glad I went!

5. Gold star to low-impact HIIT workouts. I’ve had a sharp pain in the side of my upper left thigh that’s been getting worse over the past few days and even worse when I’m walking on it (anyone want to diagnose me!?). I think it may be sciatic nerve pain but either way, it means I’m not running or jumping until it feels better. I googled “low impact HIIT workout” and found several that I’ve been able to do. Bonus? They’re SHORT! Haha. Good thing I’m focusing on strength training these days more than cardio!

6. Gold star to my friend, Britney. Britney is a friend of mine from Chicago who flew into Denver on Tuesday morning to spend a week with her World Race mentors in Colorado Springs. Since I had the day off, I went to pick her up and we went to brunch and explored a little of Denver before I dropped her off down in Colorado Springs. She gets a gold star because it was SO NICE to talk with her for a few hours. We have a lot in common and it was good to talk to someone who gets some of the things I’m going through and vice versa!

7. Gold star to my readers! Some of you have been so kind and supportive to me, whether it’s here on the blog or on social media. So THANK YOU for even showing up here and reading what I write, whether you comment or not. I hope I’m spreading some life lessons, positivity, and making you feel like you’re not alone in the world!

8. Gold start to this quote. I saw it the other day, loved it and shared it on Instagram so I wanted to share it here too. It’s so easy to wish we had someone else’s life but in reality, we ALL have our struggles and if we actually saw what everyone else was going through, we’d probably want to keep our own lives 😉 

Your turn!

What gold star would you like to award this week?