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Thursday Thoughts

1. Happy Thursday!! WHO IS READY FOR FRIDAY? I’ve only worked Tuesday and Wednesday so far this week and it already feesl like today should be Saturday. I went in really early both days, stayed late one day, and then last night I went home for an hour and a half and then came back for an evening event… so it feels like four days. SO READY for the weekend!

2. Speaking of weekends… last weekend, I went to Wine on the Rocks with my friend Maddie. It was really fun!!! A bunch of wineries set up tents and you walked around with a wine glass getting tastes ($50 ticket to get in). Plus there were other vendors giving out food samples and selling various things, a band, and firemen! Well, the firemen weren’t really supposed to be there, but we enjoyed them nevertheless.

3. Also on Saturday, I worked out with friends! Well, virtually, but honestly it was so fun. When you’re used to working out on your own every day, it’s nice to do it with a group of your friends, even when they live all over the country (and Canada!). We’re all doing the same workout program so we were doing the same moves too. We’re starting a new group next week so reach out ASAP if you want to learn more!

4. Remember how I’d been dog sitting for three full weeks? Well, it’s OVER! I get to sleep in MY OWN BED now! I did like living in a bigger house rather than an apartment (more light and space) but I also can sleep through the night without someone jarring me awake by barking, which is a win in my book!

5. If you watch my instagram stories, then you’ve probably seen some of my workouts along with my music! Here’s my current workout playlist (ever-changing):

6. I’ve been doing my own version of a “Miracle Morning,” but I’m about to start reading the actual book by Hal Elrod. Has anyone read it?

7. This weekend is my mom’s birthday and she and my dad are down in Colorado Springs. We’re all going to hang out with my niece, Addie, on Friday (oh, and my brother and sister-in-law…) and then I’m going down to Colorado Springs for the weekend. SO EXCITED! I love that place.

8. Have a great Thursday!!

Your turn!

How is your week going? 

What’s your favorite song right now? 

Wine or beer? Or something else? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Oh, hey! How’s your week going? I’m on week THREE of dog-sitting and I have to say, I’m considerably more sane than I anticipated at this point. I’m definitely tired of it, don’t get me wrong (3 nights left!!!) but I think the three biggest things helping are 1) wax earplugs (I’m a very light sleeper), 2) moving into their house completely so I’m not going back and forth, and 3) trying to stay as positive as possible! 3 nights left… 🙂

2. I also got to see my favorite dog this week! Molly needed a ride back up to her home near Boulder so I took her home and went on a walk with her before leaving. She’s just the cutest. For real.

3. This weekend I’m going to Wine on the Rocks with my friend, Maddie. I can’t believe it’s already AUGUST! When we bought these tickets months ago it just seemed so far away – like an end of the summer event. Can we go back in time??

4. So I’ve been doing this new workout program and for the agility workouts, they use these markers that are made of flexible plastic so they don’t slide, like using cones in soccer or other sports drills. Well, I didn’t get them but I needed something to mark distance, so I found these in the basement where I was working out! Totally the same thing… right?

5. Speaking of these workouts… in this week’s agility workout there is one move where you jump from one marker to another. When Chris (the instructor) does it, he literally leaps 3-4 feet in the air. I get about 4 inches… tops.

6. NEWSFLASH: Did you know there’s a solar eclipse happening on Monday, August 21st? Click here to learn more about it, but it just so happens to be the SAME day as the Golf Tournament I’m organizing as a fundraiser for work (I work at a private, K-12 school). We’re going to be out on the golf course as it gets dark in the middle of the day. How cool is that?! It’s not directly going over Colorado, but it will still be cool. Ironically, it’s going directly over two places I’ve lived: Kansas City and Charleston!

7. I finally finished One Way Love, which was good but took me months to get through. I decided to read Women, Food, and God next because I’ve had it on my shelf for years and I think it’s a good time to read finally pick it up! I’ve only read the introduction and the first chapter, but I love it already. 

8. Have a great Thursday!

Your turn!

What are you reading right now?

How high can you jump? 

Are you going to watch the eclipse? 

Who is your favorite dog? <3

Thursday Thoughts

1. I’ve been using Instagram stories so much now that I’ve realized I don’t take many pictures of things that get saved to my phone… Which makes doing Thursday Thoughts difficult!

2. I saw this on Instagram and it made me laugh 🙂 Any Mean Girls fans out there? It’s such a quotable movie!

3. As of today, I’ve been dogsitting for 11 days and I still have 10 left to go! I thought this would be incredibly stressful but it’s actually been fine! The dogs I’m with now (the first four days was a different family) are getting a little clingy because they miss their parents but otherwise, they haven’t driven me crazy, which I think is in large part due to the wax earplugs I bought… As long as I get my sleep, I can handle most anything.

4. On Saturday, I went to the Botanic Gardens with my friend, Maddie. One thing we came across that we’d never seen growing were artichokes! Have you ever seen how they grow? Below is a picture of some of them flowering, which is what the hearts of the artichoke become if we don’t pick them. How cool is that?

5. I have two black tie weddings coming up in September and I think I’m going to try to buy one dress for both rather than do Rent the Runway separately… I did look on there but didn’t really love anything. Any suggestions on where I could find a dress around $100?

6. Amanda has been posting about this book and I’ve decided I need to get it! Although I already have at least five personal development books sitting on my shelves that I haven’t gotten to. I can finish a fiction novel in a day, but PD books take me foreeeeeever. It feels more like a textbook to me and I have to force myself to sit down and read.

7. I took yesterday off and headed down to Colorado Springs to hang out with my mom! I had some extra vacation days that I need to use before the end of August, but August is a busy time for me so I’m just taking a few random days, especially when dog sitting, to relax! We went to see Wonder Woman and I really liked it! Have you seen it?

8. Have a great Thursday!

Where do you buy dresses?

Do you like fiction or nonfiction better?

Thursday Thoughts

1. As you’re reading this, I’m on my way to New Orleans! Most of my team arrived yesterday, but I opted to come in today since all the events start tonight, the flight was cheaper, and I had a lot to get done at work!

2. To be completely honest, I’m a little nervous that I’m going to feel like an outsider during Summit this year. This will be my third time going, but the first time I’m going when I’m not working my Beachbody business and don’t see myself restarting in the near future. Everyone else, on the other hand, is pumped and excited about growing their businesses. So why am I going? For one thing, I already paid for it… but also, I love these girls and want to see them! Hopefully, everything will go well and I won’t feel too awkward… 

3. I AM excited that the conference is in New Orleans instead of Nashville this year. While I loved Nashville, it will be fun to mix things up and be somewhere new!

4. Last week I spent about five days in Colorado Springs with my WHOLE family: my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, niece, grandparents, and of course my BFF, Molly. It was so nice to hang out with everyone, have some fun activities, but also do plenty of relaxing. We went on a hike, played golf, watched fireworks, went out to eat a couple times, had lots of Addie (my niece) play time and even took Addie to the pool!

5. Molly had a wonderful time over the Fourth because she got plenty of attention! She did, however, run away… We accidentally left her out back when we went up to see the fireworks and apparently they scared her so she ran for it. Our house is on a golf course, so I spent about 45 minutes walking the course looking for her… in the dark. It was a little spooky but surprisingly relaxing (clearly I wasn’t concerned that she was lost forever). And yes, we found her. 

6. Because I took off work last Wednesday after the Fourth, I only had a two day work week. Can’t we do that every week? It was amazing…

7. I got my hair cut! This is the best picture that shows my cut… and yes, I realize to most people it looks exactly the same. But I lost about 3-4 inches and feel a little more like an adult and a little less than one of the High School girls. Perhaps I should cut my hair more than twice a year? 

8. Have a great Thursday!

Your turn!

How often do you get your haircut? 

How many days would you like the work week to be? 

What was your favorite part of your Fourth of July? 

Thursday Thoughts

1. Hello, friends! Thank you for checking in, and for your patience! I’ve been working on a two-part blog post coming up to share where I am with food and exercise at this point in my life, but it’s taking me longer than I’d hoped to put together. So check back in next week on that!

2. For years, I avoided reading the Twilight saga because I knew I would love it too much. I have a tendency to get a little too into books (like I get emotionally invested and it’s all I can think about until it’s done…). Well, I watched the movies over Christmas break this past year and finally decided to listen to the books when I saw they were available as audiobooks at my library. I’ve still managed to function in daily life (okay, okay, it’s not that bad), but I’m almost done! The books are similar to the movies, just considerably more detailed and very well written! I started switching between reading and listening to go more quickly too.

P.S. I’m Team Edward, 100%.

3. Last Thursday night, I headed down to Colorado Springs for a couple days to get away from the heat (and lack of air conditioning). Of course, it ended up being freezing and rainy… Good thing that place is still pretty.

4. Remember how my friend and I went to ABBA last week? Well, we met some women celebrating a birthday who were about my mom’s age and one of them invited us to their Paella Party this past Saturday and we WENT! We promised we would, so we did! It was pretty fun, they were such welcoming people and it was nice to enjoy the weather, some delicious paella, and get to know some new people!

5. On Monday, after work, I headed downtown to pick up… Lindsay!!! I met Lindsay years ago at a blogging conference and when she found out she’d be coming to Denver for work she reached out to see if I could meet up! I picked her up and took her to the Cherry Creek area where we had dinner at True Food Kitchen.

6. I’m getting my haircut this evening for the first time in… 5 or 6 months? It’s needed…

7. I am SO EXCITED for the Fourth of July this year! I get Monday off and I’m taking Wednesday off so I have a long weekend. My WHOLE family will be in Colorado Springs! My mom is already in Colorado Springs; my brother and dad are driving in from Kansas City; my other brother, his wife, my niece and their dog are coming down from Boulder; plus my grandparents will be joining us on the 4th as well! Big weekend!!!

8. In honor of Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary, have a great Thursday: 


If you live in the U.S., what are you doing for the long weekend?

Do you ever get a little too invested in a book or series?

Have you ever made friends through the internet or social media?