Link Love #39

I feel like I have to post a photo of a dog here every week now – but it just so happens that I took Bennett on a walk yesterday while his mom was in the suburbs! He’s actually pretty fun to walk – he moves very quickly so I don’t get bored, and if he doesn’t want to go a certain direction or if I see something that I know will upset him (make him bark…) I can just pick him right up!


Anyway, on to some of my favorite posts and articles from the week!


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Thursday Thoughts

1. Last Friday Sarah and I were both ready for a cocktail after work so she made us “margaritas” with Simply Limeade. They were delicious. Ben was upset he didn’t get one…


2. Is this not the longest week ever? I have soooo much going on at work, I have full evenings every night, and I never seem to have enough time to actually get anything done. Can it please be Friday night again? And then can we just pause time for a week? Yes? Awesome.

3. I saw this post on Melanie Mitro’s instagram account (this year’s #1 coach). It looked so simple and delicious, I must make it! P.S. Trader Joe’s coffee rub?!? I have not seen this!


4. My friend Julie is in a Second City comedy show and tonight is her last night. She is hilarious all the time so I can’t wait to go see her this evening with some friends and some of her family! My only issue… the show starts at 10:30pm. TEN THIRTY. People.

5. I found myself in Dick Blick the other day (art supply store) and I saw this adorable Cat Mannequin. There was a dog one too! I sent the picture to my friend Maddie and of course she already knew about them…


6. This. Me. All week. If only I could start a Go Fund Me to pay my bills so I can be a coach full time. Obviously I haven’t thought about it or anything…


7. I am going to see CHELSEY THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! I legitimately have not seen this woman for a YEAR. That’s insane. The suburbs might as well be another country when you don’t have a car.

8. Have a great Thursday!


What would be your Friday night cocktail of choice?

If you could do anything as work full time without worrying about money, what would you do? 

You Can’t Save Everyone

A good friend of mine from here in Chicago recently moved away from her family and friends for the first time and headed to Asheville, NC for a job working at a psychiatric treatment center for children. She has had a hard time with the transition and her first two days on the job were difficult, to say the least. She is such a sweet and positive person and my heart really went out to her this week as she asked for prayers.

Many of us go through difficult situations in life, especially when they come unexpectedly or when we’re already hurting from something else. Life can get hard, really hard. Today I’m sending out a letter to her and to any of you who are, have, or may go through a difficult time:

My dear friend,

I know you’re hurting. You’re hurting for your own pains, for the pains of others, and through the frustration and hurt you feel when you can’t figure out how to help them. My friend, you must remember that you have been sent to this place to help, but also to show God’s love through your actions. Be compassionate. Be loving. Be patient. Be kind. Listen. Comfort. Let them feel known.

You cannot save, change or help every person you come across. Take that burden and give it back to God. Let Him lift it off of you because it is not yours to carry. You are here in our life to do your best. You are here for His purposes, not your own. Focus on helping one person, one child, at a time. Your time there is valuable and you have made a difference, whether you can see it or not. Your love will be felt. Your eyes and focus will mean something to someone.

Don’t be afraid of failing. If you don’t fail, it means you aren’t taking risks and you aren’t growing. The only thing holding you back from giving it your all is yourself. Let yourself feel. Let yourself try. And remember that you cannot save everyone, so don’t put that burden on yourself.

And most importantly, lean into God, rest on Him, speak to Him all day to give you strength and compassion. Pray relentlessly. In every calm moment, send your thoughts and prayers to Him and remember that He is always there with you.

You aren’t alone.

Link Love #38

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend – I did! It was pretty low key, but that is exactly what I was looking forward to. I also got in a LOT of coaching work (like putting together my 30 Day Water Challenge!) and still had time to relax. I also got to take Miss Nora on another walk!


Now it’s time to share my favorite posts and articles from the week!


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30 Day “Gallon-A-Day” Water Challenge

I know many of you don’t follow my “Like Page” so I wanted to share this opportunity with you! I’d love to get some blog readers involved – everyone is welcome!

Did you know that drinking more water is one of the EASIEST and most IMPORTANT ways to improve your health?

Water Challenge


I am starting a FREE “Gallon-A-Day” Water Challenge from August 10 – September 10: 30 Days!

The challenge will run in a Facebook group with tips, motivation, flavored water ideas and a daily check in for drinking all your water. The person who checks in the most will get a PRIZE!


Can you do it??

Comment below or on my page’s announcement if you want in!