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Over Your Oats #3


December 1, 2014 by Katie

Random How to Create Gorgeous Photos and Graphics for Instagram My Favorite Red Lipsticks Fitness Turkey Day Tabata Workout I …
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Thanksgiving Thursday Thoughts


November 27, 2014 by Katie

  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!     2. I am home in Kansas City for Thanksgiving! I took off work on …
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When Is It My Turn?


November 25, 2014 by Katie

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine and I were discussing where we thought we would be at this age in our lives. As women, many of us grow up putting numbers on our future: I’ll be married at 24-25, first child around 27-28, maybe two boys and one girl, etc.

Although we may or may not realize our “singledom” is for the best, many of us, especially if you’re a romantic like me, often ask “When is it my turn?” or “Why not me?” and feel as though you’re wasting away time. But whatever it is that you’re wishing for, sometimes you don’t get it: maybe not now and maybe not ever…

Over Your Oats #2


November 24, 2014 by Katie

Life To Be Free What I’m About Five Things I Want To Teach My Daughter I Am Refreshed – my …
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Thursday Thoughts


November 20, 2014 by Katie

Hey everyone, happy Thursday!!! Guess what? A week from today is THANKSGIVING! I love Thanksgiving and I am SO excited …
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Piyo Review


November 19, 2014 by Katie

First of all, I want to emphasize that I am no way affiliated with Beach Body (yet… haha) and I …
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Over Your Oats


November 17, 2014 by Katie

One of my favorite things to do during the day is share things I’ve read with my friends. I’ll see something that I think they would like or would benefit them and I will send it their way through an email or a text. I know I’ve done “Link Love” posts here in the past, but I’ve decided that I want to make it more of a weekly thing. I thought I’d call it “Over Your Oats” since I love reading articles and blog posts in the morning while eating breakfast. So here are some articles for you to check out:

Thursday Thoughts


November 13, 2014 by Katie

Time for another round of Thursday Thoughts!

1. I feel sorry for my friends – I was very dramatic yesterday morning. Tuesday night I went to get a “trim” and the woman ended up chopping off at least 5 inches and didn’t even do it well. It looks fine straightened, so I will be straightening my for the next several months. It looks like a frizzy triangle. I can’t even put it in a top knot. I’m getting all worked up just thinking about this…

Reading List


November 12, 2014 by Katie

Usually I share reviews of books that I’ve already finished, however today I thought I would mix it up and show you what’s on my “to read” list. There are actually 52 books on my Goodreads list of books that I want to read, which doesn’t include the several books I already have downloaded on my Kindle ready for me when I finally have the time. Right now is when I miss those long breaks we got as students!

The Goldfinch by Donna Tart

Things I’m Loving Lately


November 11, 2014 by Katie

I think it’s time for another post about things that I’m enjoying in my daily life right now! Everything below I purchased myself except for the Skoop Protein Powder & a few Fabletics items – but my review for that is 100% honest. Enjoy!

1. A few weeks ago Skoop sent me a package with their protein powder and a few other products to try out. Their plant-based protein powder is called B-Strong and contains 160 calories, 16 g of protein and 6g of fiber and a complete profile of amino acids. It also contains prebiotics to help your gut absorb nutrients…


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