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  1. Weekly Workouts– BBC Week 6


    May 13, 2013 by Katie

    Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and a good mother’s day! I’ve been doing a little studying, a little relaxing and just trying not to get too overwhelmed! I’ve taken 3 finals so far and I have one 24-hour take home this week and a paper to write and then I’m DONE! AHHHHHHH. I can’t handle it. Alright, let’s get on to my weekly workout round up, shall we?

    First let’s take a look at how I did last week:

    Monday – Workout A + Cardio

    Tuesday – Cardio intervals + Core workout

    Wednesday – Workout B + Cardio (or Rest depending on studying)

    Thursday – Cardio intervals + Core workout…

  2. Thursday Thoughts


    March 14, 2013 by Katie

    Hola Chicas! (and chicos?) I hope you’re all having a good week! I am PUMPED because I have 1 class between me and SPRING BREAK! How am I kicking off my spring break? A KICKBOXING CLASS with the fabulous Kelsey! Please, try not to be too jealous. I’m so excited.

    Since I’m busy containing my excitement (and packing…), we’ll get on to this week’s Thursday Thoughts!

    1. Guys. I have a problem. An addiction. I cannot stop listening to this song:

    It just makes me want to move. See what time I was listening to it? 6:04am. Yep. All day long.

    2. Pretty sure the Trader Joe’s employees thought I was crazy for stopping, backing up, and then taking a picture of this sign, but I had to share. Trader Joe’s has taken things to a whole new level:

  3. Thursday Thoughts


    March 7, 2013 by Katie

    Happy Thursday! I hope you all are having a great week so far! Mine’s going pretty well, nothing too exciting to report. Although this morning I’m getting breakfast with Cate, so I’m excited to get to see her! And yesterday I took Molly to the park to play in the snow! It was cold, but she absolutely loved it (she literally leaps around in the snow) so it was definitely worth it.

    Now, onto today’s Thursday Thoughts!

    1. Registration for Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp is OPEN! I’ve done two rounds before, you can read my recaps here and here of the whole experience. I HIGHLY recommend giving it a try! I haven’t decided if I’ll sign up yet or not, but I’m thinking I might…

  4. Best Body Boot Camp Review


    December 21, 2012 by Katie

    HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I hope you all have had a good week, and that those of you who celebrate Christmas are gearing up for a great long weekend! I am SO EXCITED For today to be OVER! I have my last final tonight at 6pm (seriously, could we drag this out any longer??) and then it’s home to finish packing, get some sleep and head to KANSAS CITY in the morning! Who wouldn’t be pumped for 8 hours in the car with this face?:

    Granted, she’ll probably look more like this:

    Basically, I’m excited. Just ready to go home and enjoy my last ever winter break! I do, however, have a serious hurdle to get over before I go home: I am sick. Legitimate fever last night, couldn’t sleep, want to die, whole body hurts, sick. I have 4 things I have to do today and they all sound daunting: walk Neville (my goldfish) to my brother’s apartment so they can take care of him while I’m gone for a month, pick up a prescription, pack, and go all the way down to school to take a final. I’m really hoping…

  5. BBC–Week 8


    December 16, 2012 by Katie

    Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all having a great weekend! Today marks the last day in Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp, so I’m going to do a normal weekly post today, and then a full summary post near the end of the week. I just didn’t give myself enough time this morning for that!

    Here are this week’s workouts:

    Monday – Yoga sculpt class at Yoga Loft

    Tuesday – REST (locked myself in my apartment until I finished my paper at 8pm…)

    Wednesday – 3 mile run (!!!) plus upper…

  6. BBC–Week 5


    November 25, 2012 by Katie

    Happy Sunday! I hope you’ve all had a great holiday weekend. I’m heading back to Chicago today and back to reality… Not super pumped about that, but oh well. What can you do? I’ve had a great time here at home, especially just the down time which, if you follow me on istagram, you’ve seen a bit of!

    Pizza and movie night with the family:

    Doing some school work at my favorite local coffee shop:

  7. BBC–Week 4


    November 18, 2012 by Katie

    Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a good weekend! Mine started off pretty awesome with a girls night with some friends, and then turned into an incredibly lazy day due to said girls night… but today I’m back at it!

    I’m glad you all enjoyed my picmonkey tutorial on Friday, I kind of threw that together at the last minute but now I’m glad I did! I also got many other questions about picmonkey after doing that, so I’ll turn this into a series, maybe three posts? Tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll share with you all how I make my weekly workout schedules, which is the topic of today’s post!

    As many of you know, I’m participating in Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp!

  8. Combining Workout Schedules


    November 4, 2012 by Katie

    Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend! This upcoming week I start my half marathon training (if my IT band cooperates…) and I’m continuing with Week 3 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. That’s a lot of workouts to take in, especially with my very busy schedule!

    First, let’s re-cap last week’s workouts:

    Sunday – Thriller in Schiller 5K! A BLAST!

    Monday – Workout A plus intervals (did the intervals on the elliptical). Today I worked out in the evening, after GOTR practice, and I was NOT a fan! The gym was packed and there was a class in the room I normally use.

    Tuesday – Attempted to run (goal was 6 miles), but I only made it 2.5 miles before I had to stop. I tried to switch to the elliptical but…

  9. Best Body Boot Camp–Week 1


    October 28, 2012 by Katie

    Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! Molly and I sure are… Now that I’m doing Tina’s …
    keep reading

  10. Make a Schedule!


    October 21, 2012 by Katie

    Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a good weekend! Molly wanted to show off her new blue harness. Despite the fact that it may cause people to think she’s a boy, it’s actually a very pretty color on her.

    She also wanted to show you her nose:

    I mentioned last week that I’ll be participating in Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, which officially starts tomorrow! I loved it last spring and I’m looking forward to doing it again. My half-marathon training doesn’t begin for a couple weeks, so it’s all about boot camp right now…


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