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Combining Workout Schedules

Hey everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend! This upcoming week I start my half marathon training (if my IT band cooperates…) and I’m continuing with Week 3 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. That’s a lot of workouts to take in, especially with my very busy schedule!

First, let’s re-cap last week’s workouts:

Sunday – Thriller in Schiller 5K! A BLAST!

Monday – Workout A plus intervals (did the intervals on the elliptical). Today I worked out in the evening, after GOTR practice, and I was NOT a fan! The gym was packed and there was a class in the room I normally use.

Tuesday – Attempted to run (goal was 6 miles), but I only made it 2.5 miles before I had to stop. I tried to switch to the elliptical but that was still aggravating my IT band so I stretched, rolled and called it a day.

Wednesday – Workout B plus intervals (did the intervals on the elliptical)

Thursday – 50 minutes of cardio, broken up on 2 different elliptical machines, plus planks.

Friday – Workout C plus intervals (intervals on elliptical)

Saturday – REST DAY

The key when trying to combine two different workout programs is making it work for you, and adjusting where need-be.

Here is my Best Body Boot Camp schedule for the week:


And here is my half marathon training schedule:


This is how I combined the two together:

workouts 11-5

I actually forgot the Girls On The Run 5K was this Saturday until I put together my schedule! I had to re-arrange some of my miles (the 6 miles is a combo of two 3-milers) but it seems to all work out! I can’t wait for the 5K with the girls! The race is open to the public, so if you live in Chicago you can register here! It’s in Toyota Park, so easy to get to and there’s parking!


What do you have coming up this week?

If you’ve run a 5K, what was your favorite one? Why?

GOTR Coaches Training!

*My apologies to Kelsey – there are no pictures today*

Hey everyone! Guess what today is!?!? My first day of school!!!

My friend asked me what I planned on wearing today… seeing as I have 1 class for an hour, I’m thinking workout clothes?! Haha, first day of school is so different by your 3rd year of law school!

Anyhoo, I had a MUCH more exciting day on Saturday! I had coaches training for Girls on the Run!!! As you all know, I’m running as a solemate for the Chicago Marathon, which means that I’m fundraising for their organization here in the Chicagoland area.

Girls on the Run


Girls on the Run actually has 2 programs: Girls on the Run, which is for 3rd – 5th grade, and then Girls on Track, which is for 6th-8th grade. Here is the idea behind Girls on the Run from their website:

Over a period of 10-12 weeks, girls in the 3rd through 5th grade participate in an after-school program like no other. Designed to allow every girl to recognize her inner strength, the Girls on the Run curriculum inspires girls to define their lives on their own terms. Throughout the season, the girls make new friends, build their inner confidence and celebrate all that makes them unique. 

We had our coach training at a local library that was actually more difficult for me to get to than I anticipated, it took an hour to get there and I was a few minutes late! haha I’m not a fan of being late! It was fine though, the group was much larger than I’d anticipated! There are tons of sites all throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs, so women working in all those areas were at training.

It started out with a video of Molly Barker, who founded Girls on the Run. It was actually very inspirational and I was definitely tearing up listening to her story. We spent the rest of the morning listening to our leaders as they went through how Girls on the Run lessons work and important information for coaches. Then we broke for lunch, they’d ordered some delicious looking pizza! Luckily they warned us ahead of time that there would be pizza for lunch, so I brought along a salad with salsa, avocado and black beans. Simple, but it worked.

After lunch was the fun part – we actually got to practice giving a lesson! I was intimated just doing it WITH my whole group of 5 to another group, haha it made me nervous for when I’ll actually be going through the lessons with real 8-10 year old girls staring back at me! Training got me very excited and a little nervous to be a coach – it’s really happening!

I haven’t been assigned to my site yet (several others at training hadn’t either, which made me feel better), but I can’t wait to find out where I’ll be placed. I am SO EXCITED to start working with the girls! I grew up going to an all-girls summer camp and I was a counselor for one year. I really miss working with kids.


The best part is all the things they say; girls at this age are so open and honest so I can’t wait to hear their responses to some of the questions in the lessons, such as issues surrounding body image and gossiping.

If you’re interested in getting involved with Girls on the Run in your area, there are actually many ways to do so without the time commitment of being a coach!

You can…

  • Run in the semi-annual 5K (your registration goes towards the organization)
  • Run as a running buddy, which means you’ll be paired with a girl to help her through the race
  • Volunteer at the race: just like any race they need volunteers at registration, aid stations, etc.
  • Run as a Solemate to raise money for Girls on the Run through fundraising
  • Or just contact them to ask to volunteer! I know here in Chicago they need volunteers for their annual Gala, which is another very short time commitment!

See the Girls On the Run website for more information and to find your local organization!


Do you do any volunteer work?


Do you have or spend time with younger kids? Any funny things they say?

Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down On Friday!

Remember that song!? Now if only “Call Me Maybe” could become so distant in my memory… Oh wait, but it’s on my workout playlist. Oops.

Anyway, I had so many things to write about that I’m just now getting to last Friday! It was a pretty chill day for me, all but one of the lawyers in the section I work in were out for the day and I ran out of things to do by 2:30pm… So I left at 3. Don’t worry, no one noticed. They weren’t there to notice. Apparently everyone in Chicago turned this past weekend into the holiday weekend? Worked for me!

My day started off with some Cherry Pie Oatmeal! Basically, make my Apple Pie Oats, but use Cherries instead of apples. I had some leftover from the farmers market and wanted to incorporate them into my breakfast! I also heard that cherries help with muscle soreness, so I thought it would be a great post-workout breakfast.

photo 1

When I started walking to the gym I had a lot of pain in my left heel. I started freaking out – my plantar fascitis was coming back!!! Ahhhhhh. When I got to the gym I decided to avoid my heel as much as possible, so I did 5 minutes on the elliptical to warm up, and then did a series of upper body strength training moves.

I spent as much time the rest of the day stretching out my calves, icing my foot and rolling my heel on this cool ball:

photo 2

Good thing my office buddy was out today… haha all that stretching and ball rolling would have looked a bit awkward. Luckily it helped out because I had zero heel pain on my long run Saturday morning! I was pretty scared about it, but glad it turned out alright!

Every Friday the interns pick somewhere to go to lunch, and this week we went to Hannah’s Bretzel. This pick was kind of for me, since where we’d gone before I couldn’t really order anything since EVERYTHING on the menu except a salad had gluten! Hannah’s Bretzel, however, has gluten free bread! photo 4

I’d been to Hannah’s two times about a year ago, before I stopped eating gluten and their bread was to die for. I had high hopes for their gluten free bread!

photo 3 I ordered half a smoked salmon sandwich and a side salad. I thought I was getting a salad, but ended up with a mix of beets, walnuts and apples. Hey, it worked for me! Unfortunately, the bread did not….

photo 5 (1)

It was actually pretty disappointing, I ended up picking off a lot of the bread. It was just really dry and tasteless. So far I haven’t had gluten free bread in a restaurant that I liked! Well, other than the Golden Bee!

I did, however, have a fun package to go to! Thursday night I went to a fun run event with Girls On The Run! For those of you just starting to read, I’m running as a Solemate in the Chicago Marathon, which means that I’m fundraising for Girls On the Run. To learn more about it and to donate (EVERY BIT COUNTS!!!) check out my fundraising page!

We ran 3 miles in the 90 degree heat and horrible humidity… haha but it was actually fun because I ran with another girl and had a great time talking to her. While I was there, I also picked up my packet. I didn’t get a chance to open it until Friday, so I dug through to see what we got.

photo 5 (7)

A mini deodorant sample (haha that’s so going in my purse for the rest of the summer), some chapstick, a sticker, thank you cards to send to people who date, a training plan, some post its and some information about fundraising. We also got these adorable jerseys!!! How cute is that?

photo 4 (8)

I’ve never gotten a racer-back style running shirt, but I think it’s pretty cute! I’m so excited to be running for Girls on the Run, and even talked to them about being a coach this fall! I would LOVE to do that! I miss working with young girls, I was a camper up through the age of 17 (so I did a CIT type program) and I was a counselor for the summer after my freshman year of college. I really miss it!


Have you found that cherries help with muscle soreness?

What’s your favorite style running shirt?

I’m A Solemate!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all are having a great start to the week!

Sunday was another relaxing day and an errand/getting things done day. I started off by doing a yoga video from Do Yoga With Me, which is a site with free yoga videos! I did a yoga for runners video because I was so sore! It was basically just stretching, but it helped a bit. I spent the rest of the day reading, running errands, prepping food and hanging out with my brother, sister in law and her sister. Nothing too exciting!

Important note: I also wanted to mention, I’m looking for some roommates for the Healthy Living Summit – I’ll be there Friday through Sunday (2 nights) so if you’re looking for a 4th (I’ve heard most people squeeze in 4 to save money) or even a 1st, send me an e-mail at peaceloveandoats@gmail.com!

Anyway, I do have something else exciting to share with you:

As you all know, I am currently training to run the Chicago Marathon on October 7th of this year! Ahhhh so exciting! And you also know that I’ve been training with CARA, the Chicago Area Runners Association. This is normally a pretty expensive thing, however I’ve been able to participate for free! When you sign up to fundraise for a charity while running the marathon, then you get free registration into the CARA marathon training program. So who am I fundraising for? I’m so glad you asked.




After hearing about Girls on the Run from Caitlin, on Healthy Tipping Point, I knew it was an organization that I wanted to be involved with. I grew up going to an all-girls summer camp and was a sailing counselor for one year. I love working with young women, so combining that with my love of running seemed like the perfect match.

Girls on the Run is a great organization that uses training for a 5K to teach young women about self-esteem, health, confidence and friendship. Because many young girls cannot afford to participate in the program, Chicago’s Girls on the Run awards more than $500,000 in scholarships and subsidies each year so that girls from low-income communities are able to participate in the program.

As a Solemate, my goal is to raise at least $600 for the program, and I’m hoping much, much more! Being able to participate in something like Girls on the Run would have made a huge impact in my own childhood. I’ve learned so much from running now, and I think this program will really empower young women to be their best.

If you are able, I would really love you help with my fundraising! I realize that giving money to every charity you want to is just not possible, but every little bit counts, just $5 would mean the world to me, and to a young girl out there. If you can’t donate, please feel free to spread the word and tweet about this giveaway or put it on your facebook status. I’d appreciate all the help I can get!

Here’s the link to my fundraising site:




What is something that gave you confidence as a young girl?

Have you ever done fundraising before?