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Thursday Thoughts

1. Thank you for all of your kind comments on yesterday’s post! After spending much of my life worrying too much about what everyone thinks, it’s nice to know I can just be myself and still have so many supporters.


2. Remember how I mentioned MADI Apparel a little while ago? Well if you missed it, it’s a new company that’s based on the TOMS shoes business concept: buy a pair of underwear and one pair is donated to a women’s shelter. Why? Underwear is one of the most need and least donated items of clothing in the U.S.! MADI kicked butt and raised enough money to start their line, but they’ve started a new Indigogo Fundraising Campaign to raise money for their colored underwear line. You can learn more and donate here.



3. If you follow me on instagram you might have already noticed… MOLLY has her own Instagram account! You can follow her here, with the username @SgtFluffyBoots (yes, completely ridiculous).



4. Why did I start a Molly instagram account? Because she’s leaving me… Molly is moving away from Chicago and I thought it would be fun to post one or two pictures a week of her cuteness while she’s gone. I know she has some big fans.


5. Is anyone else a Bachelorette fan? I’ve been watching it every week with my friend Julie, it’s just so addicting! We’re rooting for Marcus, half because he’s adorable and half because Julie went to High School with him!


6. After not really being in the mood to run much, I’ve finally signed up for a race! I’m running the Big 10 10K at the end of July with my cousin, Allie, who is in town this summer! Haha I guess this means I have to start running more than 3-4 miles.


7. Speaking of races, I’m running the Color in Motion 5K with… CHELSEY this weekend!!!! I haven’t seen her since her twins were just a few weeks old, and now they’re over 9 months! I’m so excited to see her Sunday morning!



8. Have a great Thursday!



Do you have any races coming up this summer?

Have you ever had family move away from you? haha, I’m used to being the one moving!

Thursday Thoughts

Hey everyone – HAPPY THURSDAY! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a Thursday! Haha – I can finally watch the Bachelor tonight! And relax… Anyway, on to this week’s Thursday Thoughts!


1. So last night was the New Balance Fresh Foam launch party, and I was pleasantly surprised! There was a HUGE turnout, great stuff, and everyone there seemed to be having a great time. I’ll definitely blog more about it, along with my final review of their shoes, next week.

new balance fresh foam party


2. I was contacted by a rep with Fifth Third Bank and wanted to pass along their message since it sounded like a good cause:

With the just-launched “Pay to the Order of” campaign, Fifth Third Bank gives $150 to new customers who open a new checking account and donates $150 to Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C).

Anyone can help spread awareness of the campaign by uploading a photo using #PayToTheOrderOf. In addition, Fifth Third will donate $1 to Stand Up To Cancer for each eligible use of the hashtag #PayToTheOrderOf on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Vine. Click here for full terms and conditions.

3. I found this article yesterday: What Your Online Dating Service Says About Your Real-Life Style and thought it was hilarious and pretty accurate. Yes, I’ve had my share of online dating sites, so this was pretty funny.


4. Monday before Bible Study I headed over to visit with Miss Molly. My brother was out of town and my sister in law had to work late that night, so I went over to give her dinner and take her outside. Shockingly (sarcasm) she smothered me right at the front door and we ended up on the floor like this:

molly bear


5. So on Monday evening I accidentally left my phone at someone’s house while I was there for Bible Study… I couldn’t pick it up again until after 9pm Tuesday night because my day was so packed. I never realized how much I depended on my phone! My biggest dilemma? Having an alarm to wake me up!


6. So yesterday I mentioned that I have a temp job, and well, I cannot get over the view from my desk. The only word for it is “baller,” and that’s not a word I typically use in my daily life. But I just had to. I can’t stop staring out the window.

desk view


7. Question for you all: is it harder to comment on my blog for some reason? Or am I doing something wrong? Because this week I’ve gotten considerably fewer comments than normal on all my posts and it just seemed weird?..


8. I saw this pin when I was putting together this post last night and I thought it was so perfect. It’s easy for us to complain about what we don’t have, but we would be so much happier remembering to be thankful for all the blessings we do have!



What do you see when you look out from your desk?

Who gives you the best greeting when you see them?

How would you deal with not having your phone for 24 hours?

Thursday Thoughts

Hey everyone, time for another round of Thursday Thoughts!


1. We’ve had a lot of snow here in Chicago, as I’m sure you’ve heard. Miss Molly (my brother’s dog – if you’re new, she shows up a lot…), is in heaven because she LOVES the snow. She would spend hours in it if she could and it’s the cutest thing to watch.

molly snow collage

molly snow 2


2. Apparently there are some discrepancies on when National Frozen Yogurt Day. Some sources said it was the 3rd (including Yogurtland), while others say it’s today. You know what I say? BOTH DAYS! Check out this recipe I saw on Pinterest to make your own (all you need is a food processor):

frozen yogurt

image source

3. I’ve been using a new app (and website) called Songza to listen to music. It’s very similar to Pandora in how it functions, but you choose your mood and the type of music you’re looking for and then they provide you with a station. So far I’m a fan!

photo 5


4. LOVED this post from Carly –> “Worth It”


5. Last week we had a string of gorgeous sunrises that had me leaping up from my desk and running to the roof to get a good picture. I’m not sure where they went… but I would really like if they’d come back!

sunrise collage


6. Yesterday was Emily’s birthday, and tonight we’re going out for dinner to celebrate! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM!

emily's birthday


7. I pinned this nail polish color from Essie a few days ago and couldn’t get it off my mind. I LOVE buying nail polish but haven’t bought a new color in months because, obviously, I’m trying to save some money. I figured I save plenty of money by always doing my own nails, so I went out and found it! So excited.

essie nail polish

8. Have a great Thursday!

Trust God--Spiritual Inspiration


Do you like painting your own nails?

When is your birthday?

Do you like the snow?

Thursday Thoughts

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all having a good week so far! Not too much to report here other than a couple meetings (looking for temp work to make some $$ while I keep job hunting), small group, and a movie with a friend! (GO SEE PHILOMENA – SO GOOD!) By now I hope you all know what Thursday means around here –> Thursday Thoughts!


1. Molly has replaced me. I wrote about it before, but Molly is still obsessed with this stuffed monster! She normally destroys a toy immediately, so it’s really weird that she’s had this one for almost a month and just carries it around with her.

molly monster tt


2. I can’t remember if I mentioned this (I know I instagrammed it) but I made egg drop soup a couple weeks ago and just made it again! It is SO easy and so good! This time I added chopped carrots and broccoli and it worked perfectly! (old photo)

photo 2


3. Can we discuss how appropriate my post was on Monday? I almost laughed and then almost cried when I woke up and saw that this was our hourly weather:

tt weather


4. My new favorite snack: homemade jello!!! I learned how to make it from A Gutsy Girl and now I’m using all different flavors of tea (I add a bit of stevia) to make different jello flavors. I’m kind of obsessed.


5. Another Molly picture – this is her “sad face” that she makes every time I leave and don’t take her with me:

molly sad face


6. One of my all-time favorite movies is Pride and Prejudice and I love finding quotes from the movie on Pinterest!

Pride and Prejudice Quote Typed on Typewriter and by farmnflea, $12.00

Pride and Prejudice


7. I have always been a huge fan of anything flavored lemon. When I was a kid we’d go to Bagel & Bagel (now Einstein Brothers…) and everyone else would get a cinnamon twisted donut or a cookie but not me, I would always get a lemon bar! I saw this recipe for Lemon Poppyseed Muffins on Hungry Hungry Hippie and I’m dying to make them!


8. Make the most out of your day!



Does your pet have any weird quirks?

Are you a lemon person?

What is your all time favorite movie?

Thursday Thoughts

Hey everyone, Happy Thursday! I hope you’re all having a good week and are ready for another round of Thursday Thoughts!


1. I went to World Market last week (I was actually just walking through to warm up on my way to the El) and I saw these infinity pashmina scarves (in the store they had teal, red and black), and they were only TEN DOLLARS. Obviously I bought one and you all should go buy one too. We can all match.

infinity scarf


2. My friend from college, Amy Lee, told me one of the groomsmen from her wedding was putting together a “Bachelor Fantasy League.” Obviously I had to join. It’s beyond hilarious: we each pick three women that made it past the first night and then get points when they do things, anywhere from winning the show or being chosen as the next Bachelorette, to crying on camera, getting medical attention, or talking negatively to Juan Pablo about another girl.


3. I looked up the temps for Phoenix this weekend and I don’t even remember what people wear in weather this warm:

phoenix weather


4. My newest television addiction? (other than the Bachelor…). The Carrie Diaries. I have no idea why I love it so much, maybe because it’s based in the 80s, maybe because it’s kind of like Sex and the City, maybe I just love all the outfits. Either way, I’ve caught up with the show and now have to wait weekly for the next episode to come online. Ugh. So rude.

carrie diaries

Image Source


5. My brother sent me this picture of Molly on Saturday. Apparently she’s become a yogi?

photo 5 (3)


6. Please note that she has the same monster plush toy with her in all of the photos I posted this week. I think she has replaced me with a new best friend.



7. So I love me some Pinterest when it comes to inspiration, but I think I want to make a little inspiration board type thing in my apartment that I can actually look at all the time, rather than having to log into a website. Thoughts? Anyone else have inspiration boards? I’m feeling creative this week.


8. Speaking of Pinterest, there have been some really great food pins recently that I’ve been adding to my Meals Board and my Treats/Snacks Board. Check out this cake! I am actually considering giving this a whirl for book club next month…


Image Source

9. So I’m sitting here this morning drinking this green juice I just made to kind of get rid of all the extra produce I have before I leave for the weekend and… it’s kind of gross. I should not be allowed to opening any sort of juicing store.


10. Have a wonderful Thursday!

journey quote


Are you a fan of Pinterest or inspiration boards?

Are you a Bachelor fan? What TV show are you watching right now?