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Weekend & Workout Round Up

Well hello there! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I’ve been in Kansas City for almost a week now, and I’m heading back to Chicago this afternoon! It’s been quite a weekend and I got to spend a lot of time with family and friends so I haven’t been on my computer or taking many pictures, but I do have a few to share!

On Thursday I did the Turkey Trot 5K with my Dad (more to come later):

mizuno 3

And that evening we headed to my cousins’ for Thanksgiving dinner. My mom and I realized we were almost outfit twins!

weekend 2

Friday I had lunch with a friend and went to an engagement party (congrats Bailey and Vince). Then on Saturday I got some work done at my favorite coffee shop, The Roasterie.

weekend 4

I was also inspired by Carly to take a selfie because I thought I just looked so darn cute. I love my hair curly but I got a haircut that I hate… so I might be straightening it a bit over the next few weeks.

weekend 5

After the Roasterie I headed to The Legends, which is where a bunch of outlet stores are. I got some great deals at JCrew and Ann Taylor LOFT, including this Peplum dress for 60% off! Who says you have to face the crowds on Black Friday?

weekend 7

While shopping my friend Bailey texted me to see if I wanted to go see Catching Fire. I am a big Hunger Games Triology fan and hadn’t seen it, so of course I was in! We started with some frozen yogurt (a must) and then headed to the theater. Before we walked in I saw this sticker on a car!

weekend 6

If you know what that means, then we can be friends.

The movie was AMAZING. Seriously. And I am again in love with Peeta. Love him. Moving on, Sunday morning I needed to get my 8 mile long run in, so I ran along the Trolley Trail in the Brookside area of KCMO.

weekend 1

It was a chilly but gorgeous morning and I cooled off even more with a nice ice bath! Refreshing…

weekend 3

Then it was back to the Roasterie for some coffee with another friend and then the CHIEFS GAME!

weekend 8

We won’t discuss that.

Now on to workouts! I have to say I really dropped the ball on Purley Fit Workouts this week. I kept up with my running but just never had either the time or the drive to do the Purely Fit workout afterwards!

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: 3 miles + Purely Inspire Workout 14 (weights)

Wednesday: Purely Inspire Workout 15 (HIIT bodyweight workout)

Thursday: Turkey Trot 5K with my Dad! + Purely Life Workout

Friday: 4 miles + Purely Life Workout #35

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 8 Miles

And now here’s what I have going on this week:

Monday: Purely Fit Butt Workout

Tuesday: 3 miles + 20 min Purely Fit Low Impact Workout

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 4 Miles

Friday: 3 miles + Purely Fit 21 Jump Rope Interval

Saturday: My schedule says 5K race, but I think I’ll just do speed intervals for 3 miles since I don’t really want to pay for a race… haha + Purely Inspire Workout 11

Sunday: REST


Do you have a hard time getting in your scheduled workouts when you’re visiting family or on vacation?

Have you ever taken an ice bath?

Did you get in any shopping over the weekend?

Thursday Thoughts

Can’t believe it’s already Thursday! Molly and I are, of course, having a blast and I think she really enjoys have a week-long sleepover buddy. I, however, would love if she did not sleep on top of my legs…

Aaaaanyway, on to this week’s Thursday Thoughts!


1. I AM SO EXCITED TO VISIT CHELSEY AND HER TWIN GIRLS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Jealous? You should be.


2. I got my hair cut! On Thursday I finally went to get my hair cut and got a few inches taken off – love it! More on this to come…

photo 1 (8)


3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this girl.



4. Found this gem in the $5 bin at Walmart. Who’s ready for a movie night?!?

photo 1 (1)


5. Coming home to an empty studio apartment after a week of constantly being around great friends is kind of depressing. I’m in a funk.


6. Before I left for Healthy Living Summit, my parents sent me a house-warming gift: Roasterie Coffee!!!! This is my absolute favorite coffee place in the whole world but it’s only in Kansas City, so this was amazing. Smells like heaven.

photo 2 (2)


7. I will never get tired of this.

photo 3 (2)


8. Molly came up with a lovely bedtime lullaby for me and she asked that I share it with you all:

Molly’s Lullaby


What’s going on with you?

What is your favorite coffee place?

What view do you wake up to?

One Word Wednesday–KC Style

I think this week calls for another One Word Wednesday, don’t you? Although I had an amazing time in Kansas City (see below), it left me behind with studying and a smiiiidge tired. Already waiting for the weekend! Is it Friday yet?

So what is One Word Wednesday? In Lindsay’s words:

The only rule of “One Word Wednesday” is that you must label your pictures with one word. And it MUST be the first word that comes to mind (and yes, you can put two words together, hashtag-style if need be). If you can’t play by those rules, you probably should just sit this one out. Yeah. That’d probably be best.






Geo (George)











What’s one word to describe your weekend?

What’s one word to describe your mood?


I saw this quiz on both Tina’s blog Lindsay’s blog (and a few others) so I thought I would also join in! Everything that’s currently going on in my life:

Current Book: Barbri study guides! Yay!

photo 1 (2)

Current Music: I. Am. Obsessed with this song. I’m trying to limit how much I listen to it because I know I’ll get sick of it if I keep listening to it all day long…

Current Nail Color:

I change my nail color once a week, whatever I’m in the mood for that day. This week is lilac (nice and springy – see below).

Current Drink:

ICED COFFEE. We had another cold spell here in Chicago but things are warming back up and I am in LOVE with iced coffee.


Current Food: Okay, I don’t know where this is coming from but I am DYING for some kobucha squash. Can’t find it anywhere. Guess I’m going to have to head back up north and snag some.


Current Favorite Show: Oh gosh I can’t pick just one, but my current favorites are Ready to Love, The Bachelorette, Master Chef, and Hell’s Kitchen. Clearly I’m in a reality TV phase…

Current Wish List: A real manicure, perhaps a massage, and a few extra hours in every day. Sound good? K, thanks.

Current Indulgence: I stopped by David’s Tea yesterday on my way home from my chiropractor to buy some tea to make at home, and ended up buying a steeper! It’s so cool and so easy! And I got this delicious tea pop, which is iced tea with some seltzer water. LOVE. The tea flavor was Pink Lemonade so it was perfect for a warm summer evening!

photo 1 (5)

Current Blessing(s): oh geez, haha, where do I begin? My amazing family, new friends, old friends, summer weather, tea pop, the list goes on and on!

Current Outfit: I’m so stylish during Bar prep. I actually had a guy comment on how he noticed I wear workout clothes all the time… awesome.

photo 2 (5)

Current Excitement: Uummm… studying? Haha that’s not all – getting some TACOS with friends thursday night and hopefully going to see another friend perform on her Spirit Team this weekend (she’s a cheerleader) that raises money for charity. AND we don’t have class Thursday so I’ll have more time to catch up on work! Haha lame but true, so excited.


Your turn – you answer some of the questions!

Weekend in Kansas City

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!

If you missed it, be sure to enter my Ellie Giveaway, which is open until Wednesday night! Also, I love reading the responses to your favorite places to online shop, and I LOVE that you all are huge Amazon fans too!

So I mentioned that this week is my spring break, so I thought I’d recap my first weekend! I flew home to Kansas City on Friday. I almost missed my flight due to some serious bus back ups (a big accident), I couldn’t even get a cab because so many people were trying to get them to not be late to work! Anyway, I made it with a couple minutes to spare and when I got to my gate I realized Chicago Fire (the pro soccer team in Chicago) was on my flight! Yes, I took a creeper picture (I had to ask a couple guy friends who they were at first…)

IMG_4837 (1)

The ironic part?! I saw them the next day! Well, in a more expected setting… more on that later. Friday night was a nice relaxing night just hanging out with my parents and watching French Kiss with Meg Ryan. I’d never heard of it (it was made in 1995) but it was cute!

Saturday morning I was up early and did a Jillian Michaels video, followed by 20 minutes of a self-invented boxing workout!

photo 1 (6)

I’d gone to a kickboxing class with Kelsey on Thursday night, and it really got me inspired! We happened to still have an old bag and gloves in my basement, so I put them to good use!

After that, I had brunch with my friend, Benny, and then we headed out to watch the Sporting KC (pro soccer) season opener! I’d never been to a pro soccer game before, so I was really excited to get to go to the game. Oh, and that’s where I saw the Chicago Fire team again!

photo 2 (6)

One thing I learned at the game was that soccer fans are SERIOUS. They go all out and are really great fans. One end of the field felt like a “student section” in the stadium, everyone was all decked out and going crazy, and they had several banners hanging down.

photo 3 (6)

The game itself flew by and, despite the cold, I had a lot of fun watching it. The score was… 0 to 0. Yep, a tie. I guess they don’t do shoot outs?

photo 4 (7)

On the way back home we saw a car with the family stickers on the back, except these had Disney hats and t-shirts… We spent way too much time laughing about this. Also please take note that there was one lonely cat over on the right side of the window (not pictured). We wondered what the cat did to get banished over there…

photo 5 (3)

After the game I went home where my mom, dad, little brother, grandparents and I all had a nice dinner! I absolutely love these family dinners, and spending time with my grandparents (Hi Granann & Jack! – they’re readers). Family is definitely something you appreciate more and more as you get older.

Sunday morning was a bit of a lazy morning for me (despite waking up at 6am…), I had an early breakfast, did a LOT of reading (for FUN!), and then finally headed out the door to run about a million errands. I was exhausted but luckily one of them included the Roasterie, my favorite coffee place in KC!

photo (1)

Sunday evening I had “Girls Night Out” with my mom’s two friends and their daughters who are about my age. It’s our tradition to set up dinner/lots of wine consumption whenever I’m back in town and I absolutely love it.

We had dinner at La Bodega, which is a Spanish restaurant that serves mostly tapas. We shared several tapas and had.. plenty of wine:

photo (2)

And this morning? My mom and I are off to Colorado Springs!



Have you ever been to a pro soccer game?

What’s your favorite sporting event to go to?

What’s your favorite coffee spot?