A Day In The Life – 21 Day Fix

So I haven’t done a What I Ate Wednesday post in a looooong time, but today I wanted to give you an idea of what it was like to follow the 21 Day Fix workout and meal plan. When I first heard about the plan I was completely put off: those tiny containers!? Are they kidding me!? When I’m told exactly what I can and can’t do, I fall into a spiral of anxiety; I don’t like being boxed in. But then I did a free Challenge Group where several other women, as well as friends were doing the Fix and loved it. So I did my research, I read as much as I could about it, I did some prep and tried to follow the guidelines on my own for a couple weeks and then I bit the bullet and bought the 21 Day Fix Challenge pack.

So for today’s WIAW, I’m going to share one day of eating from the Fix! It’s important to note that during this fix I was avoiding grains because my doctor told me to do so. All food groups are allowed on the Fix, just in moderation: portion size is the key!

Thank you to Peas and Crayons for hosting WIAW!

What I Ate Wednesday Button

Morning: Wake up, drink some water, throw on my workout clothes and turn on my 21 Day Fix workout DVD. 30 minutes later I’m a sweaty mess but my workout is DONE! After my workout I have Shakeology, which is a nutrition drink that gives you energy, a ton of vitamins and minerals, as well as protein – perfect for after a workout. I usually make mine with almond milk, stevia and a tsp of coconut oil.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 8.56.41 AM

Mid Morning: about a half hour or an hour after arriving at work I am hungry and it’s time for my real breakfast! Two eggs scrambled with spinach, mashed sweet potato and guacamole! IMG_4944

Noon/Early Afternoon: Lunchtime! A chopped up turkey burger, steamed broccoli and a sweet potato!


Afternoon: Snack of an apple and an orange container of sunflower seeds.

Evening: My current favorite meal: Spaghetti Squash Casserole! Okay, it’s been my favorite for about 2 months, but it’s so easy and delicious: Spaghetti squash, tomatoes (or marinara sauce), ground beef, italian seasoning and whatever veggie I have. Pictured is zucchini!

spaghetti squash casserole

Usually I have a leftover fruit portion and nuts portion in the evenings so I’ll have some frozen berries and almonds for an evening snack. Or if it’s a day that I saved up a treat or a glass of wine for, I can have that!

It’s really simple to follow and the best part is: it’s ONLY THREE WEEKS! Whenever I wanted to cave and grab a piece of candy at work I reminded myself that I can do anything for three weeks. By the end of the Challenge I actually didn’t crave candy or sugar like I used to (although Christmas may have derailed that…). I knew what foods made me feel good and what foods did not and I had finally gotten back into the habit of morning workouts!

I loved doing the Fix and there’s no way I could have gotten through it without my challenge group – we all checked in with each other, shared our wins and our mistakes (or “lessons learned…”) – it made me feel more accountable!

If you’re interested in a challenge group starting January 12th, just shoot me a message or an email and I’d love to chat and see if it’s right for you!

Have you ever done a challenge group?

What is a habit that you would like to challenge yourself to follow for three weeks? 

Weekend & Workout Round Up

Well hello there! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I’ve been in Kansas City for almost a week now, and I’m heading back to Chicago this afternoon! It’s been quite a weekend and I got to spend a lot of time with family and friends so I haven’t been on my computer or taking many pictures, but I do have a few to share!

On Thursday I did the Turkey Trot 5K with my Dad (more to come later):

mizuno 3

And that evening we headed to my cousins’ for Thanksgiving dinner. My mom and I realized we were almost outfit twins!

weekend 2

Friday I had lunch with a friend and went to an engagement party (congrats Bailey and Vince). Then on Saturday I got some work done at my favorite coffee shop, The Roasterie.

weekend 4

I was also inspired by Carly to take a selfie because I thought I just looked so darn cute. I love my hair curly but I got a haircut that I hate… so I might be straightening it a bit over the next few weeks.

weekend 5

After the Roasterie I headed to The Legends, which is where a bunch of outlet stores are. I got some great deals at JCrew and Ann Taylor LOFT, including this Peplum dress for 60% off! Who says you have to face the crowds on Black Friday?

weekend 7

While shopping my friend Bailey texted me to see if I wanted to go see Catching Fire. I am a big Hunger Games Triology fan and hadn’t seen it, so of course I was in! We started with some frozen yogurt (a must) and then headed to the theater. Before we walked in I saw this sticker on a car!

weekend 6

If you know what that means, then we can be friends.

The movie was AMAZING. Seriously. And I am again in love with Peeta. Love him. Moving on, Sunday morning I needed to get my 8 mile long run in, so I ran along the Trolley Trail in the Brookside area of KCMO.

weekend 1

It was a chilly but gorgeous morning and I cooled off even more with a nice ice bath! Refreshing…

weekend 3

Then it was back to the Roasterie for some coffee with another friend and then the CHIEFS GAME!

weekend 8

We won’t discuss that.

Now on to workouts! I have to say I really dropped the ball on Purley Fit Workouts this week. I kept up with my running but just never had either the time or the drive to do the Purely Fit workout afterwards!

Monday: Yoga

Tuesday: 3 miles + Purely Inspire Workout 14 (weights)

Wednesday: Purely Inspire Workout 15 (HIIT bodyweight workout)

Thursday: Turkey Trot 5K with my Dad! + Purely Life Workout

Friday: 4 miles + Purely Life Workout #35

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 8 Miles

And now here’s what I have going on this week:

Monday: Purely Fit Butt Workout

Tuesday: 3 miles + 20 min Purely Fit Low Impact Workout

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: 4 Miles

Friday: 3 miles + Purely Fit 21 Jump Rope Interval

Saturday: My schedule says 5K race, but I think I’ll just do speed intervals for 3 miles since I don’t really want to pay for a race… haha + Purely Inspire Workout 11

Sunday: REST


Do you have a hard time getting in your scheduled workouts when you’re visiting family or on vacation?

Have you ever taken an ice bath?

Did you get in any shopping over the weekend?

My Workout and Running Plan

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend! Mine was pretty… low key. Haha. Most everyone was out of town or busy so I spent a lot of time relaxing,  aka listening to Harry Potter Audiobooks and reading this month’s book club choice, Orange Is the New Black.

apartment and orange is the new black

I also had a fun experience at GoldPlaited (more on that tomorrow), got my apartment pretty much put together, and tried out my sister-in-law’s church in Lincoln Park.

goldplaited collage2

Those of you who’ve been reading for a while might remember back when I posted weekly workouts, including my running schedule. Well, if you’ve noticed I haven’t been following any kind of exercise or running plan for probably the past 6 months. With all the stress of studying and passing the bar I didn’t need one more schedule to deal with, but now that all of that is behind me, I’m really ready to start a new plan. I’ve learned that to see results you really need to stick to some sort of program for 2-3 months.

Although I’ve loved Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp in the past, I wanted to try something new. After starting to read the Purely Twins blog, enjoying their recipes and general attitude about life and exercise, I decided to join in on their Purely Fit program. Each session runs for 3 months, and there are 4 during the year so it’s always happening. To learn more about Purely Fit, check out their explanation post and video.

Every week they send out the workout schedule, which includes 1 rest day, 1 day of yoga or stretching, 1 day of cardio springs and 4 days of strength and circuit type workouts. One thing I love about their workouts is they are SHORT. The longest one I’ve done took me 26:56 and that’s because we were supposed to do it as quickly as we could and it just took me forever… haha. Yesterday’s was 12 minutes!

This works very well for me because I’m also getting back into running and about to start a half marathon training plan. This way I can do their workout and a short run all within an hour and be done for the day!

So now about that half marathon training plan…

After weeks of slowly building up my mileage (I’m at about 10 miles per week right now) I’ve decided it’s time to sign up for a race again. I miss having my running schedule, having a goal in mind, and a reward for all my running work (yes, I consider a race a reward – you get a medal!). However, this race is an even bigger deal than normal.


Remember those awesome roommates I had at the Healthy Living Summit this year? Well they invited me to visit them in Phoenix and I took them up on it! I’ll be running the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix, AZ on January 19th and I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

I’m planning to follow Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 Half Marathon training plan, and I officially start the last weekend in October, so I have a couple weeks to get up to 13 miles per week, which is where the plan begins.


Are you signed up for any races?

Do you follow any kind of workout plan?

Are you visiting friends this year?

Beginner HIIT Elliptical Workout

Hey everyone, Happy Friday!

First of all, THANK YOU so much for all your congratulatory messages yesterday! Knowing I passed has been such a relief; definitely a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!


I’ve mentioned many times the benefits of high intensity interval training, but here’s a quick refresher:

What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training is using intervals in your workout, alternating between low/medium intensity and high intensity bursts. For example, you could do burpees for 45 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, and repeat. More often, I use HIIT when I’m running or on the elliptical and alternating between higher and lower speeds.

The benefits of HIIT training include efficiency in workout time, increased metabolism, better cardiovascular health and no equipment necessary!

For more information on the benefits of HIIT and for a treadmill HIIT workout, check out this post.

Today, I have an HIIT Elliptical Workout for you all! I call it a “beginner” workout because I did this last week after not having done any sort of HIIT exercise for a couple months. I wanted to ease myself back into it, so I made the low intensity interval longer and made sure to get in a good warm up and cool down.

Beginner HIIT Elliptical Workout:


Beginner HIIT Elliptical Workout


If you’d like to increase the intensity of the workout, I’d recommend shortening the medium intensity intervals to 30 seconds so that you are doing 30 seconds sprint and 30 seconds recovery.

You could also use this workout for running or walking on the treadmill, using speed or incline to change between higher and lower intensity.


Do you incorporate HIIT into your workouts?

Which do you prefer: treadmill or elliptical?

What’s your workout today?


PLEASE note that I am not a certified personal trainer and to consult with your doctor or a certified trainer before making significant alterations to your exercise routine.

BBC–Week 3

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a restful weekend and are ready for a new week.I had a pretty good weekend: Girls on the Run 5K, trip to Whole Foods with my sister-in-law, a couple movies, a walk with my brother and Molly, food-prep for the week and some solid procrastination…

photo 4 (14)

And guess what? Only TEN DAYS until Thanksgiving!!! How crazy is that?! Haha kind of scaring me now that I know how much work I have to get done. Oh, did I mention I forgot that I have a test tomorrow? Awesome.

So it’s time to re-cap last week’s workouts and take a look at this week. We are on Week 4 of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, which has the same layout as week 3.

Here were my workouts for week 3:

Monday  – workout A plus intervals A. I LOVED this workout because we used a technique called ladders, which means you do 1 exercise with 5 reps, rest, then 6 reps, rest, 7 reps, rest, 8 reps, rest, 9 reps, rest, 10 reps. Then move on to the next exercise. It was fun!

Tuesday – BLAH. Lol that’s how the whole day was. I found out that morning that I’m all twisty and need to see a physical therapist (appointment is today). I did 20 minutes on the elliptical hoping I’d get into the mood to workout as I got warmed up, but no. I was so done. I wanted out.

Wednesday – Workout B plus 25 minutes on 2 different elliptical machines.

Thursday – 50 minutes on various cardio machines. BORING. I would have swam, but Thursdays are such a busy day for me that I’d have to be there super early and our pool tends to be busy really early. I don’t handle lane sharing well.

Friday – Workout C (ladders again!). No elliptical because my knees were bothering me.

Saturday – Girls on the Run 5K! I jog/walked it with one of our girls who needed a running buddy and luckily I held together alright! I also walked a total of 4 miles to get to and from the school.

Sunday – 45 minute walk with Molly and my brother, then 35 minutes on various cardio machines plus some ab work.


Notice a lot of elliptical on there? Yea… me too. I finally figured out why it’s so boring though: I can’t zone out! When I’m running my mind wanders, but for some reason that just doesn’t happen on the elliptical. My brain is there for every grueling moment.

Here are this week’s workouts:


I’m leaving Tuesday and Thursday somewhat open since I don’t know how things will go with the physical therapist today. Obviously I’m praying that she’ll magically cure me so I can run again… But more likely I won’t be running and I’ll do elliptical or swim.

Also, I never really took a rest day this past week (I considered Tuesday’s failed attempt a rest day) so I have a feeling one of these days (possibly today…) I’m going to decide to make a rest day and the push back the rest of my workouts. Whatever works, just have to  be flexible!


Can you zone out on the elliptical?

What do your workouts look like for this week?