May 20, 2013

In the words of Elle Woods: “I DID IT!”

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Graduations are always times in our lives that we get a little reflective: a chapter in our lives closes, people grow apart and our routine is turned upside down. Change is barreling towards us whether we like it or not and we are forced back outside of our comfort zones, which we’d spent the past few years establishing.

Although I’ve spent the past week reflecting on the years that have past and anticipating the unknown that is ahead, this weekend was all about celebrating. Celebrating the end of a hard three years, our success in making it through law school, and the people who supported us through it all.

I can’t believe this all started only three years ago, I feel like it just flew by!

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Section B – end of the first semester

I’m so proud of myself for what I’ve done of the past three years, how I’ve changed and grown as a person. There are many things I would have done differently, but then again I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of my experiences. I wouldn’t be as appreciative of all the good in life if I didn’t have mistakes to learn from.

I also want to say thank you. Thank you to my readers for encouraging me and helping me grow as a blogger and as a person.

Thank you to my friends and family for loving me, supporting me, advising me and making this all worthwhile.

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And finally, thank you to my fellow Section members (and those of you from A & C cool enough to hang out with us). Thank you for being Section B and all the awesomeness that you were (yes, I just graduated law school and used the word “awesomeness”). I would never have made it through that first year without all of you: your enthusiasm, your creativity, and your support.

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I know everyone says this, but I hope we’re all able to stay in touch. I mean come on now, what would our lives be without a yearly blow-out put on by our ringleader, Bridget? Or random evenings of drinking in the school lobby? Perhaps we’d have to move those elsewhere… I can’t imagine Chicago without all of you. Let’s start planning a post-Bar Exam party, yes?

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I had a great weekend celebrating with friends and family, but now I need a nap! Or a week… Too bad bar prep starts this morning!



I had a GREAT graduation weekend! It started out with the most amazing Last Bash party with my law school classmates (and many other people I did not recognize…).


I got to spend quality time with some great people and the gummies were a total success.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 6.43.18 AM.png

And of course glow sticks were involved. Lots and lots of glow sticks.


Yep. We’re a classy bunch.

Saturday I went on a brewery tour with my family:

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 6.43.31 AM.png

And then we went out to dinner at Smith & Wollensky, a steakhouse right on the river. Sorry, no pictures of that one…

Saturday morning I did a little “Cage-ing” with Lindsay, Erin and Emily. We decided to prank Kelsey while she was out of town and cover her kitchen with Nic Cage…

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 6.43.41 AM.png

We may have put a few “hidden gems” in other places for her to find as well…

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 6.43.48 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 6.43.57 AM.png

It was fantastic. Sadly I cannot reveal them all.

Then it was off to graduation!

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 6.44.04 AM.png

We have a serious Where’s Waldo? moment in the above picture.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 6.44.10 AM.png

After the champagne reception, we had dinner at Weber Grill, suggested by Kelsey! My family loved it, good job, Kelsey!

And there you have it! A very long but fun weekend with friends and family, definitely one I will never forget!