You're Good Enough Now

February 18, 2013

I've mentioned before that I’ve been listening to old Jillian Michaels podcasts in an effort to get caught up with them. The first segment on one the other day (the one that aired on January 7th, 2013 titled Stop Waiting To Live Your Life) really hit a chord with me and I wanted to share and expand on their conversation.

They discussed how we all wait to do things until it’s the right time, until things are “perfect”. Jillian’s examples: “when I lose 20 lbs, then I’ll join” or “when I lose 20 lbs, then I’ll go on that beach vacation” or “when I get the house I love then I’ll invite people over.”

When they said this, it really hit me and made me realize something about myself that I’d never thought about. I definitely do the same thing, and I think most people probably do! Jillian asked – why can’t where you are now be good enough? Why can’t you be good enough just as you are? We all have these fears that we’ll get rejected or fail if we try now, so we say we’ll do it later when ___ happens, when things are perfect or we’re good enough to try.

But the problem with this is that most of the time ____ doesn’t happen and we never do the things we want to do, we never live our lives. But we need to just DO IT! Just write down what we’re waiting to do and go do it now! Could we fail? YES. Could we get rejected? YES. But you know what? That’s okay. Life goes on.

Here are some of my “When _____ happens, then I’ll _____.”

When I get faster then I’ll race another 5K.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 1.08.42 PM.png

When I lose some weight then I’ll try eating intuitively.

When I write a few sample articles then I’ll look for freelance jobs.

When I have a travel buddy then I’ll go to Europe.


When I’m dating someone then I’ll be able to stop over-eating.

When I get more readers/followers then I’ll reach out to companies.

When I have a job then I can afford to get into rock climbing/horseback riding/boxing/dancing.

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 1.09.02 PM.png

Although it might be easier to put some of these things off, what if they never happen? We are all good enough now.

YOU are good enough now.

So go off and do what you want to do!

Your turn to share, what are some of your “when I ___, then I’ll ____” ?

Now, go do them!