San Francisco Inspiration Day

Nov 15, 2016

This past Friday I attended an event called Inspiration Day in San Francisco, which was put on by the coaching academy I took my life coaching course with, Beautiful You Coaching Academy. I actually can't believe it's all over! It was SUCH a blessing and exactly what my heart needed right now.

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To be honest, going in I did NOT want to be there. I was feeling bad about how my coaching business was going, thinking I wasn’t doing as well as everyone else, or I had wasted away my time and opportunity, and that I just wasn't good enough. You know, all those horrible thoughts that AREN'T TRUE and that I'm always working to keep out of my head! Understandably, I was feeling some major social anxiety - I was just NOT in the mood for chit-chatting with a bunch of happy people!

Luckily, I was attending with Anna and that made me feel so much better to have her support and know someone was going in with me. Friends are the best.

And can you guess what happened?

I came out with a full heart and felt SO inspired!

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I guess it was called Inspiration Day for a reason! But seriously, the day ended up being a big game changer for me. I walked in just wanting to get through it and get it over with, but it ended up making me feel so much better about where I am with my business and in life.

One of the things a speaker said that really clicked with me was that there are three phases to any project:

1) The shiny new phase, where you're so excited about your new idea;

2) the development phase, where you have to really put in the work and things get hard;

3) and the flow phase, where you've really gotten your project off the ground and things are clicking.

Guess where I am? The development stage. This is where most people quit - thinking it's harder than they thought, that maybe it wasn't meant to be, or they lose sight of their end goal and get distracted by something else. But you know what? Things are SUPPOSED to be tough! This is where I’m learning and going through growing pains and doing the hard work. This is where it isn’t new and fun anymore but it’s isn’t flowing yet.

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One of our speakers, Travis Barton, was talking to me after the event, asking me about my business, and when I told him I was really struggling with confidence he said to me: "You took this course right? You graduated from this course, right? Then you can do this."

I needed to hear that. I needed to be reminded of all the hard work that I put in over the first 6 months of the year and that I need to just keep working and practicing and reaching out to people.

Our teacher Julie’s speech at the end was also really inspiring (and had me in tears.) She said to us: “You are the light workers of the world.” Her speech reminded me of WHY I signed up for this course in the first place - why I wanted to help people and change lives. I think I’ve been getting so wrapped up in the little details of coaching sessions and things that haven’t been going as well and letting it bog me down.

I need to keep connecting with women and reaching out and being a light in people’s lives.

That’s WHY I do this - to be a lightworker. I know I was called to be a coach. I know I was called for something greater in this life - I am here to help and inspire.

I CAN do this - I just need to do the hard work. I just need to practice and practice and practice and not get so anxious about the outcomes - it’s up to my clients as to how their sessions go and what they get out of it, I just have to show up and be there to support them.

I am capable of accomplishing my dreams.

I am capable of being a light worker.

I BELIEVE in myself. I believe in what I do. I believe in me and the gift that God has given me to share with others.

What about you? Are you in the "development stage" of any part of your life? Or are you struggling to find the momentum to begin? If you ever want to chat, I'm here to help - just send me an email at and I'll be there for you!