May 2014 - All photos at the end of the post. 

Alicante, Spain is on the Mediterranean coast. My aunt is living there for about four months (she was in another town for two) and studying Spanish. I had never heard of Alicante before, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much there was to do, but it still felt like a small seaside town.

I was in Alicante for 5 days and it was the complete opposite of my time in Paris because it was so relaxing. I walked along the water almost every day, I started and finished a book every single day I was there, and I had no plan but just went with the flow.

One thing I really enjoyed was their style of eating. In Spain, most people have lunch around 2 o’clock and it’s their largest meal of the day. My aunt and I loved finding restaurants with a Menu of the Day, which usually included 3 courses and a drink for anywhere from 10-20 Euro. For dinner, we’d usually get a glass of wine and some small plates, or put together our own dinner at her house consisting of fruit, cheese, olives, pate, and crackers.

One day in Alicante my aunt and I took a ferry out to the Island of Tabarca, which is a tiny little island that has a permanent population of about 40 people. This was probably my favorite day because I got to swim in the Mediterranean (with some cute fishies!), ride on a boat, and explore the island.

Our last big adventure was visiting the castle, which is an old fort that has been remolded over the centuries and sits on top of a hill overlooking the city.

Alicante was a great place for walking, exploring, and plenty of relaxation!