12 Things You Don't Have To Apologize For

February 3, 2016

1. Saying no.

Women have a tendency to be people pleasers and peacemakers (especially us middle children), but it's okay to say no. You can't do everything and you can't make everyone happy. Say no, they'll understand.

2. Dancing when you're sober.

A lot of people say they have to have a few drinks in them to hit the dance floor, but guess what? You probably look ridiculous either way. Go for it; have fun.

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3. Being guarded.

In a world of reality TV and social media that expects us to quickly open ourselves up to others, it's okay to keep things to yourself. If someone really wants to get to know you, they'll work for it.

4. Cutting toxic people out of your daily life.

We only get one life, and certain people can just bring you down. Don't apologize for backing away from the relationship to keep yourself together.

5. Staying in on a Saturday night.

You may be called a grandma (or call yourself one <- me!), but taking care of yourself and spending time with just YOU is critical for self-reflection, self-love and re-filling your own cup.

6. Having crazy dreams.

I'm not talking about the dreams where you wake up wishing you could go back to sleep and keep being married to Ryan Gosling. Everyone has the capacity to dream of, and go for, big things. It's okay to be different, and if anyone tells you otherwise, they're just scared themselves.


7. Posting something that you enjoyed on social media.

No, you're not annoying; you're being yourself and sharing your inspiration, motivation, laughter, etc. Some people will like it, and some people won't. If the don't, they don't need to be following you.

8. Talking about your faith.

If you follow a religion/faith, then that is the largest part of who you are. Don't play it down, just be yourself. As long as you're not trying to force your ideas onto other people, sharing your beliefs is not something to be sorry about.


9. Being a nerd.

It's okay to love learning. It's okay to choose books over TV, neurons over puppies (trust me, she exists ;)), or the museum over the movies. Enrich your life in whatever way you wish- it's YOURS!

10. Laughing at your own jokes.

I think I'm hilarious. I'd rather live my life laughing at my own jokes than being too worried about what someone else thinks. Trust me, someone will enjoy your sense of humor.

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11. Expressing your emotions.

Many of us try to hold in our emotions and react how we think we should, rather than actually express how we feel. It's so much healthier, and honest, to express what you're feeling. Having a rough time? Find a good friend, family member, or even a journal and share everything you're feeling. It can really help you come to some realizations.

You saw this coming...

12. Not caring what everyone thinks of you.

I'm not saying throw social courtesies out the door, but stop worrying about what other people think of you. As long as you are happy with the person you are and how you treat others, just be you. It doesn't matter if you aren't "cool." Just be you. Trust me, you'll enjoy life more that way.