A Letter To You In A Difficult Time

Aug 12 2015

A good friend of mine from here in Chicago recently moved away from her family and friends for the first time and headed to Asheville, NC for a job working at a psychiatric treatment center for children. She has had a hard time with the transition and her first two days on the job were difficult, to say the least. She is such a sweet and positive person and my heart really went out to her this week as she asked for prayers.

Many of us go through difficult situations in life, especially when they come unexpectedly or when we're already hurting from something else. Life can get hard, really hard. Today I'm sending out a letter to her and to any of you who are, have, or may go through a difficult time:

My dear friend,

I know you're hurting. You're hurting for your own pains, for the pains of others, and through the frustration and hurt you feel when you can't figure out how to help them. My friend, you must remember that you have been sent to this place to help, but also to show God's love through your actions. Be compassionate. Be loving. Be patient. Be kind. Listen. Comfort. Let them feel known.

You cannot save, change or help every person you come across. Take that burden and give it back to God. Let Him lift it off of you because it is not yours to carry. You are here in our life to do your best. You are here for His purposes, not your own. Focus on helping one person, one child, at a time. Your time there is valuable and you have made a difference, whether you can see it or not. Your love will be felt. Your eyes and focus will mean something to someone.

Don't be afraid of failing. If you don't fail, it means you aren't taking risks and you aren't growing. The only thing holding you back from giving it your all is yourself. Let yourself feel. Let yourself try. And remember that you cannot save everyone, so don't put that burden on yourself.

And most importantly, lean into God, rest on Him, speak to Him all day to give you strength and compassion. Pray relentlessly. In every calm moment, send your thoughts and prayers to Him and remember that He is always there with you.

You aren't alone.