Learning To Share

September 8, 2014

No, no, this isn't the kind of sharing you learn as a child. I'm talking about sharing your life, what's on your heart and mind, with the people close to you. You would think that bAre I, being a blogger, am pretty good at being open with my emotions and struggles, but it's a lesson that I'm slowly learning.

I might write about a lot here on the blog, but the deep stuff is what I keep close at hand. Maybe I'm afraid of people seeing me differently, worrying about me, not understanding me and so much more. I think a lot of us do this - keep the big things to ourselves.

After talking with my friend Sarah last weekend, we realized both of us do this a lot: keep our true thoughts to ourselves in fear of either being a burden or causing tension. We realized, however, that once we started opening up, we have many of the same thoughts, feelings and fears.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 11.34.51 AM.png

Sharing these things and discovering our commonalities not only makes us feel less alone, but it gives us someone to lean on when things are hard. I'm the type to put on a smile and say "I'm fine," because it's just easier than being honest. But I've found that being honest is a lot more productive and makes me like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

Of course, I share these burdens with God in prayer and turn to him in need, but He gives us our family and friends for help and comfort. Even sharing my true feelings on my blog gives me so much comfort because of the amazing comments and support that I receive from readers and friends.

We aren't meant to go through life alone or to keep the difficult parts of our lives for ourselves. That's why we have relationships: to help, support and love one another.