Seeking Acceptance

December 30, 2014

The other day I was at brunch with my family and there was a little boy running around in a Batman costume. My mom made a comment along the lines of "wouldn't it be nice to be like him and wear whatever you want without caring what other people thought?"

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 11.49.09 AM.png

At what point in our lives do we become aware of not only how we look, but how other people view us based on how we look? When did we start judging other people on their looks? It happens to everyone at some point in our childhood, but wouldn't it be a great world if we knew no matter what we looked like, we were loved and accepted?

Because, if you think about it, that's all we really want in life - to be loved and accepted by those around us and especially by those we admire.

I was listening to a sermon a few weeks ago and something the preacher said really stuck with me: "You don't need to seek acceptance from peers because you are chosen. You are God's first pick."

I hadn't ever thought of it that way.

God made me, He picked me, He accepts me and He loves me, and if there's anyone who I admire most it would be Him. His acceptance and love is all that really matters because our time here on earth is so minuscule in comparison to eternity.

It's important to remember, when you're going about your daily life, every sting you feel when someone judges you or pushes you to the outside doesn't mean anything; that person's opinion of you doesn't mean anything. Because when you tie your own happiness to someone else's appraisal of you, you will never be happy.

Focus your life on glorifying God, which, if you truly believe in Him, will make you happy. Following a righteous path will always bring you joy because it brings joy to the one being who loves and accepts you completely and wholly.

Just be you - the you that He made you to be.