What Does It Mean To Live Your Life For God?

Nov 23, 2015

One of my best friends has been trying to explain to her significant other what it means to her to live her life on a “mission towards God.” Often we hear Christians talking about living out God’s purpose, living their life for God, or following God’s mission, but what does that mean?

First and foremost – it means different things to different people. While Christianity follows the same Bible and the same general beliefs, there are many different interpretations and ways of living out their beliefs. It’s important to remember that everyone is not the same: not every church is the same, not every life story is the same, and not every person is ready or on the same path as everyone else.

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Before I became a Christian, I thought following God’s mission meant following the “rules,” aka the 10 Commandments, and being a good person. What I learned, however, is that it’s so much more than our “works” or our actions. When you truly have a heart for God you want to be obedient to Him and you want to do his work (although we constantly mess up; we’re human!).

But what does that mean: do His work? Living out God’s purpose?

God made each and every one of us for a reason. Each of us was created in His image, we are His children and He loves us deeply. To live a life on a mission towards God means to work towards getting to know Him better: through reading His word, through being obedient to Him, and through spending time in prayer with Him. Everyone has more to learn and more space to grow. We are all constant works in progress.

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To live your life on a mission towards God means to spend time, every day, getting closer to Him. It doesn’t just happen – it takes effort, discipline, and community. But that is our purpose: to follow our hearts and live out our lives in the way He wants for us.