A Peek Inside Our Team

July 30, 2016

This is a letter I wrote to all the women on my Beachbody coaching team. One of the biggest takeaways I received from our weekend in Nashville and getting to see all the top coaches and their teams is that your team is everything. They are your support, your accountability, your shoulder to cry on, and the ones who believe in you when you can't believe in yourself.

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My beautiful friends,

As you all know, I’m not much for sharing my feelings by speaking them but I do love to write and I wanted to send you all a note this morning to say, thank you.

Thank you for showing up this weekend. Thank you for showing up as your true selves, here to learn, to love, to get excited and to have fun. I know we all took away a lot and probably went through some growing pains in these past four days; I certainly did.

I learned that I can be unapologetically myself and still be accepted. I learned that not everyone is annoyed by my goofiness (even when it’s fueled by sleep deprivation) and that even when I’m not fighting for space, there are women out there willing to open it up for me. I learned that I’m not alone in my dreams, personality traits, and passions but, at the same time, I am incredibly unique.

Some of you I had never met or knew much about before this weekend, and others I felt like I knew fairly well, but each of you surprised me. Your integrity, your positive intentions, and simply the fact that I managed to connect with each of you prove to me that I am in the right place. We may not go about everything in the same way but the core of who we are and our values shine through in our kindness and grace towards one another.

Thank you for setting aside your life for the last four days to be here and carry me through this experience with you. We may all be our own CEOs, but there’s a reason we work with teams. I would not be anywhere without all of you consistently lifting me up and making me a better coach and a better person.

I’m reminded of the exercise we did in our last session, where we had to imagine what our life would be like if we never found Beachbody and became a coach. I could have found another company, found another job or way to fulfill my calling (even though I highly doubt I would have found anything as fitting or life-changing as this opportunity) but nothing could replace the gifts each of you has given me. No matter where we all go or what we do in the next year, five years, or ten years, know that you all and this time together will always hold a space in my heart. I know, I’m corny. Deal with it.

I love you all.

xo Katie