19 for 2019

One of my favorite podcasts is called Happier, starring sisters Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft. Fun fact: they are also from Kansas City and I went to the same school that they did! Not the same time but I still think it’s pretty cool…

One “happiness tip” they suggested both last year and this year was to create a list of things you want to do that year. Instead of choosing a few big resolutions, this list comprises of specific action items, which puts a lot less pressure on overhauling a part of your life. It’s called “19 for 2019,” which means you pick 19 things you want to do.

Rule #1: You don’t have to finish the list. Check off the easy things first to get the ball rolling but if something doesn’t happen, you’ve still accomplished so many other things.

Rule #2: Your list can change. Life changes and your list should change with it. For example: I wanted to take a trip out of the country last year but with both finances and figuring out kidney donation testing, it was no longer a priority.

Rule #3: Have fun with it! Put things on your list that you really want to do and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks.

One item on last year’s list was to ski 10+ times!

One item on last year’s list was to ski 10+ times!

So what’s On my list?

  1. Run the Chicago Marathon.

  2. Raise $2,000 for Chicago Marathon.

  3. 25 push ups on my toes.

  4. Paint my own needlepoint canvas. - halfway there on this one!

  5. Write at least 2x per month on my blog.

  6. Increase savings account to __.

  7. Go on 10 dates.

  8. Go to a concert.

  9. See a live musical, play or ballet.

  10. Write a fiction novel.

  11. At least one yoga/stretching session per week.

  12. Make $1,000+ with Beautycounter.

  13. Visit Sarah in Wisconsin.

  14. Visit Elizabeth in NYC.

  15. Visit Maddie in Santa Fe two times.

  16. Buy a new bra that I love.

  17. Go to a Bingo night with Lea. - scheduled!

  18. Happy hour or speakeasy with work friends.

  19. Go to a Chiefs game.

Another “18 for 2018” was to visit my friend Julie in Dallas!

Another “18 for 2018” was to visit my friend Julie in Dallas!

See? Some things are big and honestly might not happen and other things are small and easily accomplished. It’s helpful to put something you want to do on a list to create more of a commitment. My coworkers have been talking about doing a happy hour for well over a year and we never manage to schedule it. Now I have an extra incentive to take charge and make it happen!

The other pro of this list: it keeps you from forgetting the things you want to do. Seeing on my list that I want to visit three different people reminds me that I need to plan ahead and shouldn’t wait until the last minute or put it off saying I forgot and don’t have time anymore. It might not work out but I know this list will push me to at least try.

Finally, putting your goals in writing helps you commit to them more than if you just think about them. You can see them laid you in front of you and you could even print off the list, stick it on your fridge, and put a checkmark (or sticker) on it each time you finish a task.

If you were to make a 19 for 2019 list, what are a few things that you would include?