My Running Wish List

Since marathon training officially starts next week and I’ve actually been running again the past couple of months, there are a few things I’ve realized I need and/or want to help with training. I say this is a “wish list” because I can’t really buy everything on this list, especially not all at once. But a girl can dream, right? Let me know in the comments what your favorite running items are and any suggestions you have for me!


These two cookbooks were recommended by Teri at A Foodie Stays Fit (I believe in one of her newsletters?) and I'd love to use them to make simple, healthy meals. I typically hate cooking and following recipes, but I need some help coming up with new lunch and dinner ideas, especially now that fueling properly is so important. The books are Cook Once Eat All Week and Run Fast Eat Slow.

Running Shorts WITH Phone Pocket

I typically run in shorts during the summer but none of my shorts have pockets for my iPhone! Holding my phone in my hand is fine for a few miles, but I'd really like some shorts with a tightly fitted iPhone pocket so it's not bouncing around. I had an armband the last time I trained for a marathon and found it pretty annoying! Senita is one brand that I know has good reviews and isn't too expensive. 


While I would love to get some AirPods (although, are they actually comfortable??) they’re a bit pricey. I’d love some that are stand alone because I have a pair now with a wire connecting them and since I only wear one (safety first!) the other is awkward to try to tuck in somewhere. I might be dreaming big with this one because I need something with a 5 hour battery life and I keep finding them with 3! Any ideas?

Running watch

I used to have a Garmin Forerunner 305 for running, which is what I used during the Chicago Marathon in 2012. However, it no longer holds a charge so it's time for a new one. I use my phone right now but I know my battery will die once I start doing longer runs, plus it's nice to have something right on my wrist rather than constantly pulling out and opening up my phone. I'm currently debating between the Forerunner 35, the Forerunner 45 (it's new!) or the Forerunner 235 but I think I'm leaning towards the 45. 


I have no ideas here but I know I need a lightweight hat good for running. I currently have a visor but my dermatologist suggested a hat to help protect my scalp from the sun. Feel free to share any recommendations!


I would love a new pair of sunglasses for running. I have a cheap pair that I bought at Walmart several years ago but I'd love something just a little nicer. This is definitely not a "need" but something nice to have. I've heard a lot about Goodr and seen them in running stores so I might check them out sometime.

What are your suggestions for marathon or race training?