Books I've Read... April, May and June 2019

How have another three months already passed this year?? Well, at least I read some books during them! Anyway, these reviews will prove that my most recent choices did not end up being my favorite books ever (a lot of 2-3 star novels, so bear with me). Hopefully I’ll find some good ones to read soon! Although as an FYI, I am very discerning when it comes to handing out stars. Nothing gets a 5-star review from me unless it was one of the best novels I’ve ever read or one I’d read over and over again. Only 9% of the 741 books on my Goodreads “Read” list have received 5 stars and many of those are based on nostalgia… *insert appropriate emoji face here.*

P.S. If you have any favorite books from the Georgian Era (Pride & Prejudice) or thereabouts, I’d love suggestions!

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Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly - 4 Stars

While I've read several WWII novels, what thing I loved about Lilac Girls that differentiated it from others that I've read is the inclusion of very different perspectives. When I began to read, I knew the three main characters would cross paths at some point, but it was difficult to understand how throughout most of the novel. While I understood Kasia and Herta's characters, it was Caroline's role in this story that I never fully understood until nearer to the end, although I appreciated her perspective as someone across the Atlantic from the war. I also liked that the author didn't romanticize any of the characters - they all had honest and realistic faults that affected those around them and themselves.

A Curious Matter of Men with Wings by F. Rutledge Hammes - 4 Stars

This book was a gift from a friend who knows the author and not something I would have picked up myself but I ended up enjoying it more than I expected. The writing was very poetic and the whole story a little mysterious. I did struggle to keep focused at times (hence 4 stars instead of 5) but it was interesting to get a glimpse into an entirely different culture and way of life. The writing also made me feel like I was right back in the south, which made reading the novel all that more enjoyable.

China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan - 4 Stars

China Rich Girlfriend is the second book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, which was made into a movie last summer. I saw the movie before even knowing it was based on a book but I loved the film so I had to read these novels. This one was pretty different from the first as it focused on very different characters although involved most of the same from the first novel.

The Marquess Who Chose Me by Charlotte Fitzwilliam - 3.5 Stars

I do love stories where a man and a women dislike each other due to a misunderstanding and then end up growing to love one another, which is why this book ended up with 3.5 stars. I got a little frustrated by the plot and felt like the “wrapping up” portion was far too quick, which is why I didn’t give it 4 stars.

Without Merit by Colleen Hoover - 3 Stars

I was disappointed in this Coleen Hoover book since I had loved XXX. It took a very long time to get into, although there were some interesting characters. The conflict in the book also felt a little dramatic and I just couldn’t fall in love with Merit, the main character, which I think is key for a great novel. The topics covered in the novel were very important but I didn’t feel they were done as well as they could have been.

The Lord’s Elopement by Madeline St. James - 3 Stars

This story was very short (which is what I wanted in the moment), however also a bit boring. I appreciated that the author took the character to a very different part of London than most of these books take place and introduced a different view of women of “ill repute” as they say. However, it wrapped up far too perfectly but I guess it has to in such a short length!

Keeper (The Morphid Chronicles) by Ingrid Seymour - 3 Stars

While the premise of the book is a story that I would typically enjoy, I felt the characters, plot and world were not well developed. I wanted to know what happened but, at the same time, felt bored and not entirely invested. I never felt like I was getting lost in another world because nothing was quite as descriptive as I would have hoped. I’m hoping the next book in the series will be an improvement!

Ripper (The Morphid Chronicles) by Ingrid Seymour - 3 Stars

I have to say, these books were just not for me. I know most people see Ashby as the villain but I really liked him and was rooting for him even though I had a feeling he would not end up with Sam. I did enjoy a lot of the new characters that were introduced during this novel in the series as well as seeing Sam learn more about her powers. But again, I felt like I was just getting through it to find out what happens at the end.

Weaver (The Morphid Chronicles) by Ingrid Seymour - 2 Stars

Can you tell I’m the type to stick to a commitment? I had to see the series through but the last novel in this trilogy clearly did not improve my view of the series. While, again, I appreciated new characters and the general plot, I felt that a lot of it was distracting such as Finley with a supposed new power that we never actual discover as well as the whole world that Veridan discovers in his cloud of darkness, if you will. Not my favorite.

Hiding a Secret on Seattle's Billionaire Bachelor by Christene Houston- 2.5 stars

I thought this would be entertaining since I love the Bachelor but it was quite disappointing. I guess I should have expected it but it was one of those books where the leads fall in love in less than a minute and everything ends perfectly with very little real drama. While it was was cute and quick, which I wanted at the time, I felt like I was just watching an episode of the Bachelor with a small twist. It didn't feel original. Also, the ending was very unrealistic.

A Sinful Duke She Can’t Refuse by Olivia Bennett - 2 Stars

I literally could not type this tile without laughing. While I appreciated the mystery aspect and solving a long ago crime, the rest of the novel was just too much. Of course, the main characters fall in love immediately and of course there is a damsel in distress. It was just too much and horribly unrealistic.

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover - 2 Stars

I decided to read Ugly Love because I know Colleen Hoover has quite a following so I felt like I should read more of her books after liking one or two previously. This novel, however, was very hard for me to get into. I think part of the problem was that I listened to the audiobook and hated the voice for Miles. I also think it took a very long time to get to anything deep between Miles and Tate or find out what happened in Miles's past so I kept getting bored. While I do appreciate the actual topic of this novel and the importance of continuing to be vulnerable and to love despite the pain that can come with it, we didn't actually get that topic until the last few chapters.

Any book suggestions?

What have you read lately?