Chicago Marathon 2019 Training Update

Yesterday, I ran EIGHTEEN MILES, which means we’re officially 5 weeks out from the marathon!

Part of me feels like this has lasted forever and part of me cannot believe I’m only a few weeks away from the marathon. It’s like one of my favorite podcasters (and fellow Kansas City native), Gretchen Rubin, says: “The days are long but the years are short.” Anyone else agree?

I’ve done so much traveling this summer, which means I’ve also run in a lot of different places: Colorado Springs, San Francisco, Dallas, Kansas City, Mequon, and of course all around Denver! I even have gotten almost to the end of each direction on the trail right next to my apartment - I had no idea where it went before and now I sure do!

As for the actual running, training is going fairly well. It has not been amazing but not bad either. Below is my training plan and, as for the runs, I’ve stuck to it fairly well. Although I switched out some runs in the first several weeks with HIIT workouts or Cycle classes (I needed the transition), I’m really hitting them all well right now.

However, my ambitious plans of keeping up strength training and HIIT work have not gone so well… I think I overestimated my mental and physical capacity to keep up with so much energy and time spent working out. Plus, with traveling, it made it very hard to stick to a real schedule. I’ve certainly made an effort to get in strength training 1-2 times per week, throwing in abs here and there, but I definitely did not get in what I had hoped. I cannot remember the last time I did leg strength for running… which I know is important!

I guess it can’t hurt to do it now as long as I don’t go crazy with it, right?

My other current struggle is that work is back to regular hours (7:30-4, leaving at 7:08 on the dot…) so I have considerably less time in the morning to fit things in, not to mention it’s pitch black until 6 am. I’ve been doing a lot of running in the dark! I’ve also consigned myself to the fact that I will simply be late on Wednesdays for the next few weeks… Good thing my job is a little flexible on that front. I would consider running in the evening but 1) I hate running in the evening and 2) it’s still so HOT!

I have to say though, taking in consideration that I had major surgery last Fall and wasn’t even running consistently before then, let alone in the months after (i.e. not at all), I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve come and been able to accomplish thus far.

In a perfect world, I would have done a LOT more strength training, done some speed work, and eaten a lot better… but this summer has been more about survival with training and saying yes to fun life experiences. I just have to be okay with that! I know, barring any injuries or something crazy (everyone, knock on wood), I’m capable of at least crossing the finish line and that was my main running goal from the start.

P.S. If you’d like to know WHY I’m running the marathon, check out THIS POST. If you’d like to donate to Team Julie and support my cousins and me, click HERE!

Are you training for anything?

What’s the longest distance you’ve ever ran?