Catching Up… June 2019 Edition

I feel like I say this every month, but how are we more than halfway through June?? The older I get, the faster time seems to go… I’ve got a lot of stuff going on this month so check out my life updates below including an upcoming trip, marathon training and working on my golf game…

Root Canal Complete

Whelp, I’ve had a root canal! Honestly, it was no where near as horrible as it sounds although it was uncomfortable. Mine wasn’t horribly painful afterwards like some people said it might be (I just took some tylenol but not often) however, I couldn’t chew on that side and it drove me crazy! I did get my crown just three days later, which actually was a bit painful but I think only because my gums and teeth were already irritated. My dentist actually did the whole crown process in one appointment (about 2.5 hours long) but at least I got to watch Netflix (aka The Great British Baking Show) while I was there? Let’s just say, I’m glad its’ all over. Here’s a quick video of how my crown was made:

I’m Off to Dallas and San Francisco!

Tomorrow I leave for Dallas to visit my friend Julie that I met in Chicago and then on Thursday evening I head to San Francisco to visit my friend Caroline that I grew up with in Kansas City. It’s going to be a whirlwind week but a lot of fun. Julie and are going to see Aladdin the Musical and hang out with her two little boys and I’m sure her family. Caroline and I are taking a road trip down to Pismo Beach with some stops on the way. We’ll see a few wineries, Hearst Castle, maybe the Monterey Bay Aquarium (P.S. I just discovered they have live cams!!) and take a surf lesson!! You know I love surfing :)

Summertime at Work

Since I work at a school and classes ended on the last day of May, campus has been very quiet. Lucky for us, however, summertime means summer hours! For two months, we get to come in and leave a little bit earlier (partly because of no air conditioning) but I must say it’s a MAJOR perk of working at a PreK-12 school. Especially since I have the option of coming in earlier and leaving earlier - so much free time in the afternoon! Definitely balances out the non-profit salary…

Marathon Training Has Officially Begun

Last week was the start of Marathon Training! If you missed my post on WHY I’m running the marathon (and my training plan) you can check it out here. I’m running with my cousins to raise money for the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation, which is a rare type of cancer that my aunt passed away from in October. If you’d like to support me and my team, please donate here (it should say Elizabeth Green, not my name). Every little bit matters!

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Lots of Family Time

I’ve gotten a lot of family time in over the past couple of weeks! At the beginning of June, I went up to my brother’s house to watch my two nieces for a few hours on both a Saturday and Sunday. It was so fun to just hang out with the two of them! Luckily they have opposite nap schedules so I had each one individually for most of the time…

Working On My Golf Game

Summertime means golf season! I grew up golfing and was even on the golf team in high school but once I left for college I barely played at all. Over the past few years, however, I’ve been playing more and more. It’s partially incentivized by the fact that I’ve played in a charity tournament with my boss so I can’t be horrible… Not to mention putting on a golf tournament myself as a school fundraiser! I’ve only been to the driving range twice so far this year but I’m hoping to play 9 holes here and there at a course right by my apartment.

Do you golf?

Have you ever ran a race to raise money?

Any fun plans this summer?